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While world battle pandemic, Pakistan and China resort to devious games

Questions have been raised on the behaviour of China and Pakistan — all-weather friends. While the world is focussed on combating the Coronavirus pandemic which...

On pandemic, China must be held accountable

The US hit by Coronavirus pandemic the most. The US State of Missouri has sued China on COVID-19 mishandling. US President Donald Trump might have...

India and United Nations: Need for a review

Appointment of Indian doctor as Deputy Director-General, Dr Soumya Swaminathan. Two news about the World Health Organisation (WHO) hogged the headlines in India over the...

COVID-19: An opportunity to drastically reform India’s healthcare system

If the pandemic has been allowed to spread, our creaky healthcare infrastructure would have simply collapsed under the weight of the challenge. Every crisis creates...

Corona Virus: Answers that China and WHO must give

China eventually acknowledged the crisis and permitted an advance team from the WHO to enter the country in mid-February. Once the world emerges from the...
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