The Airline Scam, exploding now!!!

2G Scam was exposed and SC cancelled the spectrum license

Back to back 2 scams took place – the 2G scam and the Airlines scam. Both of them are closely linked to each other.

2G Scam was exposed and SC cancelled the spectrum license. The bribers started demanding their paid bribe money back. As the video above illustrates, the various bribe givers were not amused at the cancellation of 2G Spectrum licenses and were demanding their money back.

To compensate for the bribe paid in buying out the cheap spectrum, two new airlines were granted permission to operate, existing airlines were allowed to sell its stake to Middle East airlines and an Air India aircraft was sold off at a cheaper rate.

Congress granted permission to two Airlines to start a joint venture with Major Corporate House, who themselves have been a pioneer in the Indian Aviation sector way back in 1950. Later on, after the nationalization of Airlines companies the corporate house had vowed never to enter Aviation Business. Then they quietly ventured out in partnership with two International Airlines to start operation in India. This was a form of compensation to one of the 2G Scam briber.

At the same time the other briber, who had roots in the Middle East and underworld connection, was granted permission, to buy out a major stake in an existing Airlines Company operating in India. They also got a deal sanctioned along with important lucrative route of Air India.

The hearing is going on in SC and the action against Air Asia today is part of the PIL filed by Dr.Swamy.

Air India had purchased a new aircraft at a high price, later sold to Middle East Airlines at a very cheap rate. This again was a part of the deal to compensate 2G bribers.

Reliable sources say Air India paid around 13 million USD per aircraft, which was more than what GoAir & IndiGo paid during the same period. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is checking accounts & other relevant purchase documents to ascertain the crime.

Dr.Swamy who spearheaded his fight against corruption was a single hand instrument in getting the 2G scam exposed and subsequent cancelling of licenses. It was a huge victory for Swamy and a major blow to the ones indulging in bribery.

He had smelt mala fide intention in the way, then UPA Congress Govt, approved two new Airlines, selling of new aircraft of Air India and stake sell out of India-based Airlines to Middle East Airlines. He even wrote letters to then PM Manmohan Singh. In the end, he was forced to move SC with his PIL.

The hearing is going on in the Supreme Court (SC) and the action against Air Asia today is part of the PIL filed by Dr.Swamy[1].

The demand across India is speedy action against those indulging in corruption. They should be investigated, interrogated, booked, prosecuted and punished.


[1] Swamy urges CBI and ED Chiefs to speed up the probe on the FIPB violations in Air Asia approved by ChidambaramMar 4, 2018,

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. Please don’t leave them Dr Swamy. We the people are with you always. Please get them convicted and punished Sir !

  2. In rural, we are still struggling with local officials to get our own issues. even to get a paper of own property ownership, from Patwari we have to please him.
    In Macro, big birds flying easily from Government and Micro, we are still facing corruption to move our normal daily life.
    We are in same situation. isn’t?

  3. Sir, public are WITH YOU to see the criminals behind bar but some how in the end they escape like this Raja, Kanimozi , Maran etc even presently Chiddu and Son all seems to be on slippery . Then the fountain head of all Loot Sonia Miano and her upstart son in NH case. We know they are criminals but the final Goal has to be put inside the Goal post to be a Winner or a Slayer of the EVIL. That only Boost our spirit.


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