The benefits of studying in your Mother Tongue with Ranjith Vadiyala – P2

In this part, Ranjith Vadiyala shares empirical data of all countries over the population of 1 million and shares the findings of how these countries did - their medium of instruction, their religious background, and their historical background.

Part 1 Can be Watched at – Benefits of Education in your Mother tongue – with Ranjith Vadiyala


  1. I wish all Hindu activits stop using the word mother toungue. Instead, use the state language. As we all know, we have thousand of languages. If you insist on mother toungue, the the first one who has resources and intent to do so, is church. For example, Tulu language ins Mangalore. It is not a state language. So is Kodava language in Coorg. State will never create education content for primary school in these languages.
    Let us have clarity on what we want to achieve in the end.

    Start using the word state language. It is more actionable.


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