The Button War!!!

The Button War!!!

The Button War!!!
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  1. What a fantastic depiction…………. time for scientific fraternity to dissect the brain post your death to know How you are able to get such nice ideas !!!! Before that first insure yourself that your creativity stands with you till death…. The depiction has lots of maturity & humor in it….

  2. Dear Sir, On this universal at present the world has three stupid number 1.President Trump, 2.PM.Narandre Modi, 3.Kim.Why I call them stupid because they haven’t seen in there life such kind of Arms and emulation so all 3 of them gone mad they don’t know what to do but they do not realised that the instrument once used against each other country will not only DISTORY them but the whole universal will be badly effected they don’t care but they do claim that they are well civilise and we’ll known hunanbeans. They are full of shot.. Be aware of them and get them out of power.

    • At present the greatest evil in the world is radical Islam modi and trump are fully capable of destroying radical Islam so we need them as far as the north Korean joker kimjong is concerned he is certainly a mad man but this mad man is supported by china, Russia and the rogue state Pakistan it is a different thing that this mad man is now not shying from burning Russian and Chinese asses weapons are required for self defense and weapons are also used for creating terror and mass destruction modi will use weapons only for india’s defense from it’s evil neighbors for peace strength is required weakness invites only invasion

    • I am sure you are the most dimwit dung headed stupid. First learn correct English before jumping into the public domain with your nonsensical idiotic wisdom.


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