The ‘Dollar’ Manual – What’s TTD planning?

Is the TTD contemplating changing any Ritual or Seva against Vaikhanasa Agama and the Ramanuja Sampradaya?

Is the TTD contemplating changing any Ritual or Seva?
Is the TTD contemplating changing any Ritual or Seva?

Proposal to bring in a new manual pertaining to Sevas and Rituals of the Temple

Bhagawan Balaji. Kaliyuga Pratyaksha Deivam. Millions throng to His Mandir to seek relief from the effects of Kali Purusha.

But, the Bhagawan alone can save Himself from the impact of the people affected by the Kalipurusha. As also from the Honourable Purushas of the Government and the Administration.

The Tirupati Balaji Mandir follows the Vaikhanasa Agama. Sri Bhagawad Ramanuja codified the Seva rituals. Over years, the introduction of the V.I.P, Protocol Darshan, Paid Sevas, Paid Darshans, Paid Utsavams etc., have all been with the singular aim of monetizing the Bhakti of the devout. Or to pander to the powerful. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is a Trust. A Trust that is existent with the express purpose of administration of the Temple. TTD is not the owner of the Temple. The Bhagawan is.

There is now a proposal to bring in a new manual pertaining to Sevas and Rituals of the Tirumala Tirupati Mandir. TTD has issued proceedings (attached as TTD Committee file below) and has formed a committee for this purpose. The committee has both the Jeeyars of Tirumala Tirupati, the TTD pliant Agama Advisor (who passed away this week), two Archakas who are its “employees” and more of the handpicked yes-men.

TTD Committee file
TTD Committee file

It is pertinent to note that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India while upholding the Sec 34 of Act 30/87 has shown concern for the customary practice and Sampradayams of the Mandir. It has thus ordained the Hereditary Mirasi Archaka families to render the required Kainkaryams to safeguard the customary practice and the Sampradayam of the Temple. Part 5 of my article why is TTD against Mirasi Archakas? The protectors of Rituals and Customs – deal with this [1]. My 6 Part series of articles can be accessed here [2].

The author of the manual of Sevas and Rituals is Sri P.Seshadri, popularly known as Dollar Seshadri. Currently, after extensions post-retirement age, he continues as Officer on Special Duty.

The author of the proposed Manual of Sevas and Rituals as per the proceedings issued by the TTD is Sri P Seshadri, popularly known as Dollar Seshadri. Currently, after extensions post-retirement age, he continues as Officer on Special Duty. He is neither a hereditary Archaka nor an Agama Pundit. There are serious apprehensions created in the minds of devotees on the competence of Dollar Seshadri to rewrite the Manual of Sevas and Rituals

TTD hasn’t furnished a copy of the proposed Manual of Sevas and Rituals to the erstwhile hereditary Archaka Kainkaryakarthas, who have been illegally retired. I understand that their letters to the E.O. in this regard have gone unanswered. The TTD or the Government has chosen not to make the proposed Manual available in the Public Domain for reasons best known to them.

Tirumala Tirupati has two Jeeyars. The religious heads. In this context, it is right to say that it is their bounden duty to ensure that the Mandir follows the Vaikhanasa Agama and the Bhagawad Ramanuja ordained Sevas and Rituals in the right way. Without any deviations. The TTD uses their services selectively. Most times to its convenience. At times it makes me wonder how the Jeeyars forget that before the TTD came into existence, it is they along with the Mahant of Hathiramji Matham as Vicharanakartha, the Hereditary Archakas, Gamekars and various hereditary families that administered the Mandir’s Sevas and rituals. They forget that the Government through TTD has taken away the rights of Sevas & Rituals that belonged to this group. And that when the Government has to vacate someday, it is this group and its successors that have the right to stake the claim first, the right to offer Kainkaryam to the Bhagawan with no interference from any Board, be it Government/court-appointed in some cases or Private.

At times it makes devotees like me wonder if the Jeeyars are not paying enough attention to how TTD has usurped the rights which erstwhile belonged to this group of Kainkaryakarthas. It is painful to the minds of many devotees like me how the Jeeyars are allowing rewriting of an established manual of Sevas and Rituals. The two Jeeyars are paid a Sambhavana by the TTD each of Rs.1.5 Crores and Rs.1.09 Crores per annum with a 5% increase every year, to take care of the Matham and ensure Mandir’s Sevas and Rituals. You can see a copy of the decision of increasing the remuneration/Sambhavana of the Jeeyars by the TTD (at the end of this article). The Jeeyars are honourable servants of Bhagawad Ramanuja. Not of the TTD. Any conflict of interest is always best avoided.

I understand that a former Executive Officer, an administrator and a Sanatani who I respect, had advised Dollar Seshadri not to get into such a Seva & Ritual Manual adventurism. Sane voices are rare. And not heeded to in the Kaliyuga.

Why is the ‘Dollar Manual’ secretive? What is the express need for a new Manual on Sevas and Rituals? Is the TTD tampering with the age-old customary Sevas and Rituals? Is the TTD contemplating changing any Seva or Ritual? Is any committee competent to change existing Sevas and Rituals based on Vaikhanasa Agamas and as ordained by Bhagawad Ramanuja? One doesn’t even need to question the competence of the author.

These are some of the apprehensions that many devotees of the Bhagawan Venkateshwara including me have. I had also written to the E.O. sharing my apprehensions and requesting him not to tinker with the Manual of Sevas and Rituals.

Will the TTD provide answers to the satisfaction of the devotees?

TTD has “asked” the committee for its consent in the proceedings issued. The committee will no doubt “give” its consent.

Kaliyuga has multiple Kalipurushas. In our society, the Government and the Administration. Only the Bhagawan can vaccinate Himself from the ill-effects of the multiple Kalipurushas.

Om Namo Venkatesaya.

PDFs of TTD’s committee files are as below

  1. Jeeyar Sambhavana

Jeeyar Sambhavana by PGurus on Scribd

2. Archaka Letters

Archaka Letters by PGurus on Scribd

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] Part 5 – Why is TTD against the MirasiArchakas? The Protectors of Rituals and CustomsJun 18, 2020,

[2] Mirasi Archakas –

S. V. Badri was former VP-Marketing of a Bayer Organization. A Gaurakshak, Anti-conversion field activist involved in the renovation of Mandirs in Dalit Colonies of Tamil Nadu. One of the founding members of Temple Worshippers Society, Chennai. Currently, lives in Mumbai.
S V Badri


  1. I also have several apprehensions about $Seshadri.

    Incidentally, his $ has a Buffalo (Erumai maadu) in it – why?? -;)

  2. I wonder if God even visits a temple administered by crooks and inhabited by people who try and share their loot with him and make him an accessory to their crimes.

    No wonder our real rishi’s of yore meditated only in forests in an air of tranquility

  3. I have know Shri Seshadri for a long time and he is not what the author deems him to be. I have attended both his marriage and his Sons Upanayanam which was conducted in naganallur in a simple manner on the terrace of his late Shri Gopala Chakravarthy. I think his services are required only because he is the only one who is well aware of the rituals over the ages. he never imposes himself on others and even though I know him personally not once he allowed that to ensure short cut darshan for me. Prersonal grudges should not come in the way of writing articles


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