Prof RV on why Petrol crossing 100 will hurt BJP badly in Poll-bound states and the solution

Elections are all about perception & not statistics and BJP is losing it. Govt needs to act on a war-footing as Prof RV warns of a huge price hike in commodities in April when several polls are going to be around the corner. What is the way out? Watch this

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  1. Hey Prof I thought you were a very good cowboy and could ride out anything that Modi asks you to ride.
    Mark my words, soon you will be riding a Rs200/- contraption. Unless of course you have been assigned a Govt car with petrol gratis.
    As you have hitched your wagon to a cow whose master is trying to milch you , you have been forewarned.

  2. I strongly recommend Yashwant Sinha’s book. He quit the BJP when Modi and Jaitley contumaciously increased taxes on fuel when oil prices fell and have kept this ad valorem taxes the same over sky rocketing crude prices to fund Modi’s unconscionable multi appeasement profligacy wrecking the economy: Employment has collapsed under Modi since 2014.
    (1) Appeasing with doles, increments and pampering of Moslems, Christians, SC, ST, BC, OBC, Judges, Bureaucrats, Police, Politicians, Public Sector and Crony (election bond) Capitalists at the cost of the rest of the Nation
    (2) Bribe diplomacy of giving doles and aid to countries in competition with a far wealthier and more powerful China at the cost of Non VIP Indian citizens and India
    (3) Appeasing China by running up a trade deficit with China larger than India’s defense budget and taking advantage of India’s woeful lack of indigenous ability and capacities in governance, science, technology, integrity, quality and engineering to purchase arms from the remaining four Permanent Members of the UN Security Council with scant regard for India’s best interests in terms of economy, value for money, military strategy, tactics and readiness, and,
    (4) Most importantly bolstering and formalizing the Corruption established by the very first Prime Minister with the following measures:
    (a) His Government has created “Election Bonds” to foment political corruption without any accountability and with invisibility.
    (b) His Government has made an “anti corruption law” that criminalizes the victim of extortion, the so call “bribe giver” which will ensure that those who are forced to pay sums of hard earned money to Government employees to receive timely services and entitlements from Government Departments and PSUs dare not even complain about it lest they be sent to jail for seven years on “own confession”
    (c) His Government retrospectively amended the Foreign Currency Regulation Act to legitimize money laundering by Political Parties.
    (d) His Government exempted lawyers from GST so that there may be no obstruction to Judicial corruption”
    (e) Exempting Agricultural income form Income Tax to feaciliatet money laundering by Judges, Bureaucrats, Police and Politicians who, ostensibly and for the record own unbelievably productive farm land through the simple expedient of purchasing crops from genuine farmers and selling it to marketing organizations as the produce of their own fallow land!


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