The Grand Strategy of Rain Man

A unique individual in the Indian political circuit, this Rain Man is capable of making money rain by conjuring various schemes to loot public money and is on his latest caper

A unique individual in the Indian political circuit, this Rain Man is capable of making money rain by conjuring various schemes to loot public money and is on his latest caper
A unique individual in the Indian political circuit, this Rain Man is capable of making money rain by conjuring various schemes to loot public money and is on his latest caper

A native of the Land of Vedas (LOV), this immaculately-clad-in-white politician with leftist leanings in his early years and then pivoting to greedy-as-heck-capitalism, is known to be one of the best fundraisers for the party he associates himself with. Now all the politicians from this land of Vedas, located where the three seas meet wear only white so I will be more specific – this politician has a suave exterior for the most part, uses this to charm many a lady journalist (who are perhaps turned off by the crude exertions of the Ganges belt politicians) into a web of intrigue from which there is no escape. Riches are periodically showered only for glowing encomiums to be written as a quid-pro-quo.

Potential revealed in 1996 elections

Another day, another new three-letter party with the letter M as the middle letter took birth in the LOV. Many a disgruntled politician from the Grand Old Party (GOP) of India left to join this new entity. Formed barely weeks before the 1996 elections, the party needed massive finances to compete against the entrenched rivals. The leader of the party was well respected as a GOP troubleshooter and was now venturing out on his own. But money was tight and GOP was squeezing him hard.  Enter the Rain Man. For those unfamiliar with the phrase Rain Man, it means a man who can make it rain – not those who can sing Megh Malhar or Amrutavarshini but an individual who can make it rain money.

Rain Man promised this ex-GOP Thalaivar that he will get him Rs.5000 crores in a year (that was a large sum in 1996-7) and to prove his seriousness, gave Rs.400 crores to contest the 1996 elections. How did Rain Man make Rs.400 crores? It is widely believed that a certain LOV based bank was squeezed of its capital (yes the hard earned money of the long-suffering Indian denizen) and used for “better” purposes.

1996 elections threw up a hung verdict. The GOP, unable to shake off a wily Chanakya decided to commit hara-kiri, just to ensure his downfall, despite a stellar economic performance. The GOP which is essentially a party of touts was starved of its oxygen when Chanakya dismantled the license raj and was only too happy to see his back. With no clear leader in sight and an aborted 13-day dalliance with power by the largest party, it was time for creating a coalition government. LOV had another party (also with M as its middle initial) whose head honcho knew that he could not become the Prime Minister (PM) of this motley assemblage. But he did enough to ensure that his LOV rival, the ex-GOP Thalaivar did not become the PM either, casting his lot with a neighbor who suddenly found himself in the PM chair with just a handful of MPs!

Back to Rain Man and his promise of Rs.5000 crores in one year – The new PM was “persuaded” to part with a “Money making” Ministry to the Rain Man and he did indeed deliver on his promise! A new template was being created that would carry on for several more years…

An unexpected win in 2004

Rain Man did not think that the GOP would storm back to power in 2004 and therefore contributed just a few hundred crores to the coffers of GOP for fighting elections. Rain Man, thanks to his reputation, was quick to re-join the new dispensation but not before swallowing his pride and coming to the unfortunate reality that he had to pay obeisance to the first family of the GOP. The name, as they say, goes a long way in India’s emotion-filled politics.

Midas touch

The next four years can be considered as a golden era in the art of making it rain. Rain Man was given carte blanche and he made full use of this opportunity to not just fill the party’s coffers but his own too. No deal was too small and no sector sacrosanct. All that could be looted was and then some – not just banks but even profitable public institutions were plundered. Officials who stood in the way were brushed aside – some even foisted with false cases. The goal was to enrich and get enriched.

2009 elections and the need for money

Most of GOP’s performance in the 2004-09 period was more due to the good work done by the previous government (of 1999-2004) and therefore GOP was not sure it would come back to power. The party treasurer sounded the alarm and said that mammoth amounts of money were needed to “convince” partners and keep the coalition intact and get it over the line. Rain Man chipped in with a cool 12,000 crores and win the GOP did (although many cried foul over alleged tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)). The deed was done and GOP based coalition was in for another five years. Then all the scams started coming out, making the populace furious with the ruling dispensation. The writing was on the wall – the GOP was going to lose in 2014. So what did Rain Man do?

Who did Rain Man support in 2014?

Reliable sources indicate that Rain Man foresaw the result and decided to fund the opposite coalition to the tune of Rs.6,000 crores! Establishing this is going to be difficult but one can see from the reluctance of the current government that there was perhaps a tacit agreement put in place. Why else would Rain Man roam free, when most of his scams have been proved beyond doubt? More importantly was the pledge Na Khaunga Na Khaane doonga broken even before the current government started ruling?

2019 – Rain Man’s last chance?

The Demonetisation may have hurt the common man but it hurt the smaller, regional parties run by fiefdoms even more. Much of the loot was in the form of currency, which instantly became worthless on November 8, 2016. Caught with truckloads of cash, attempts to put them in Nepal’s banks with some “agreements” with willing partners in the Nepali government were scuttled, leading some cheftians to froth at the mouth at the “injustice” being done. Bottom line, even with everyone ganging up against the ruling coalition, there is no money to fight the 2019 polls. Enter the Rain Man.

Reliable sources from the capital of LOV who want to stay anonymous have said that the Rain Man has a plan of raising up to Rs.50,000 crores to fund the 2019 electioneering for the opposition, provided they agree to elect him the PM, should the motley crew get a majority. The money may not be in India now but the diabolical plan of the Rain Man is to work deals with rupee-rich brokers (many of whom are implicated in stock market scams but roam free) by trading assets abroad in exchange for hard cash at the time of elections. A reverse-hawala move. How is this possible, you ask? See the figure below:

How Rain Man will bring money in
How Rain Man will bring money in

Rain Man’s money is locked up in various places and in order to unlock it, some “harmless” events can be staged to make the whole transaction look legit –

  • Rain Man holds about 30% stake in Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and about 40% in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) through benamis. Say NSE is merged with MCX or
  • MCX is merged with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

If either of the above events happen, then Rain Man can book the money. Money will be released from Portfolio Management Services (PMS) abroad into Global Brokers based out of either Mauritius or Cyprus / Cayman Islands/ Singapore/ St. Kitts Island. For a 30% discount, local brokers in India (who are sitting on piles of cash) will sell through Non-Banking Finance Corporations (NBFC)s. The cash will then be available for distribution to the coalition partners. There will be an upfront payment, a commitment of sorts on both sides and the remaining will be done upon election of Rain Man as the Primer Ministro (PM in Spanish). Once this is set in motion, then there will be a lot of activity in the Stock Market and effecting a crash can be done almost at will.

Stock Market crash imminent?

With the use of Participatory Notes, Rain Man can cause a crash in the Stock Market, giving heads up to the brokers so they can move in for the kill to pick up the good stocks at low prices. If the crash were to be timed around Deepavali (Oct-Nov) and the middle class sees its holdings in Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) go up in smoke, it will be depressed and will look to blame the party in power. Kill two birds with one stone!

Will the government act?

The investigative agencies know who the Rain Man is… Every day he roams free, he is scheming and putting pieces in place. There are enough transgressions of law by this individual that they can throw the book at him and put him in jail, and take their sweet time unearthing plot after plot. If the present Government does not take this step, it runs the risk of losing the 2019 election with disastrous consequences for its top leadership. Will they? Only time will tell.

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  1. Very interesting. Couched in riddles, yet no secrets. Easy to guess who the ‘Rain Man’ is given the graphic description. It suits only one, who has become far too vocal of late.

  2. Every one knows story of rain industries share price manipulation to get augusta money back to India. Stock and profits are bleeding now after the retailers are trapped and money transferred. I request mr.ayyar to look into price manipulation in HEG on similar lines as its promoter is now contesting on Congress ticket from Ajamer constituency. Stock went up crazily, money transferred, retailers trapped and now in continuous downfall

  3. The amount of money being talked about makes me believe that this man should not be called a Rain Man but a Flood Man (FM). No wonder he has been a Finance Minister (FM) multiple times. The Flood Man has a complex web of shell companies in various tax havens and has a variety of ways to move money in and out of the country – Participatory Notes is just one of those mechanisms.

  4. from what you have written it appears that the pm and party will be affected adversely if whatever you said happens. pm has everything to gain to stop the rain man, why he is not doing it… pl clarify

  5. ATTN DR SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY – IMMEDIATELY RAISE YOUR VOICE TO OPPOSE THE PROVISION OF FIIs INVESTING IN STOCK MARKETS using PARTICIPATORY NOTES ROUTE without disclosing their identity, from r Mauritius or Cyprus / Cayman Islands/ Singapore/ St. Kitts Island and withdraw all Tax concessions extended to such investments by FIIs from these countries. They will destablise the Indian Stock Market making the Country and small investors poorers in lakhs of crores of rupees. It is happening periodically and the policy makers are turning the blind eye to the OPEN LOOT of small investors. so, PUT COMPLETE BAN ON INVESTMENTS IN STOCK MARKETS THROUGH PARTICIPATORY NOTES [ PP ]. All patriotic people should bring PRESSURE on the Government to implement this FORTHWITH in the financial stability and interest of our Country. IF the FM / Modi Govt is not imposing immediate ban on investments in indian stock markets thru PP, then I request Dr Swamy to move SC and file a PIL in the interest of our Countrymen.

  6. For PM Narendra Modi to come back to power in 2019, he needs to discard AJ and rely on Dr Subramanian Swamy, who is having clean image, hard working, incorruptible, manifest competence on managing economics, politics and he alone can handle this Rain Man PC properly and put him in his RIGHT Place. Will the great RSS-BJP combine has the stamina to take the right decision in the interest of our Country. Need of the hour is bring Dr Swamy inside the Government, otherwise repeat of 2004 is inescapable. It is time for Modi to take a quick and right decision in the interest of our Country – For readers, who may find it difficult to decipher the characters involved. Here are the explanation for the code words used in the above article :
    Land of Vedas [ LOV ] = TAMIL NADU
    Grand Old Party = CONGRESS -INDIRA.
    New Party started in 1996 = TMC
    Another Party in LOV with M middle initial = DMK headed by M Karunanidhi, who has BLOCKED the Chance of G Karupaiah Mooppanam [ GK Moppana ] becoming PM after the fall of Deve Gowda Govt and Inder Kumar Gujral was selected as PM by motely crowd of 3rd front headed by Harikishensing surjit.
    Rain Man PC allegedly funded the rival coalition in 2014 is NDA lead by BJP, that is the reason why it is widely believed he is roaming free, extension after extension of ban on arrest by Courts.

    The only hope for the people of India and particularly for Hindus is BRING DR SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY and make him the PM candidate in 2019 in the interest of our Country. No matter what the shenanighans in inside BJP do, Dr Subramanian Swamy is emerging as Prime Minister in 2019 is unstoppable, as he never runs after power and pelf, rather it is other way round POWER AND POSITION WILL CHASE DR SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY as ordained by SAGE of Kanchi Maha Swamigals – 68th Pontiff Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy Swamigal.

  7. Rain Man and his cronies have deeply infiltrated the Modi government. I was wondering why NaMo Sabh was giving a long rope to corrupt UPA ministers; BJP has taken money from these crooks, if this article has to be believed.

    Going forward, NaMo has to decide whether he wants another term as PM or end up in political wilderness. Collaboration with UPA crooks will destroy ‘Party with a difference’ and India.

    The unelectable rich lawyer in the cabinet will comfortably walk away if the ship sinks, NaMo sabh should realize that.

  8. Very good mathematics. There has been an element of x in the growth of Modi since he became General secretary of BJP. At every step of ladder, he was punched but he kept climbing. Except for A Shaw, Modi may not trust anyone, but at the same time he knows he has to play the match with a team and I am confident he has a game plan.

    Though mathematics favoured Ravana, Sisupala, hiranyakasipa,Duryodhana, they lost due to X factor. Rain man is playing in rain due to his time and rain has to stop one day.

  9. If what you have written is true,then it explains why 56″ is leeched on to the unelectable.If what you have written is true,then,Zamindars at nagpur appears to be a bunch of weaklings and pusillanimous fools fooling hindus on honesty and morality.It is time DrSwamy takes a deep hard look at himself,his approach and decide what is the best way to scuttle plans of all the crooked jokers. No wonder GOD ensured he holds no position of substance.A fierce knowledgeable independent brahmin brooks no dishonesty and upon his curse the king and his minions will get decimated

  10. The Rain Man is a past master in the art of sabotaging criminal cases filed against him. An electing petition filed by his rival challenging the results of the 2009 Lok sabha election results in which Rain Man was declared the winner is still pending in the Madras High Court. The Rain Man succeeded in delaying the case by deploying all the tricks in his criminal brain. So, there is no chance of him getting punished in the seres of cases filed against him.

    Kumar Chellappan

  11. P. Chidambaran… most cunning politician belonging to powerful chettiar banking community…. his ancestors did very good services to temple rennovations… but sadly he went on to have leftist ideology…. went against hindus….. pseudosecularist. He should be face judiciary

  12. Can we get together & file a collection action suit against the individual who has left no stone unturned in looting public money . Its high time the indian citizen takes responsibility and goes after the corrupt.

  13. Why pgurus went to a low level 4 the grade rated magazines like netrikkan, nakkeeran, tarasu, junior vikatan. You could very well write that its p chidambaram, Tamil Manila Congress, GK Mooppanar, Indian bank capital squeeze… But the main joke is just Rs 50000 crores will change the election results and not modi or manmohan’s governance.

    If bjp or Cong or commun spend Rs 25000 crores in Tamilnadu , will they come into power. Never ever.

    Or take a small state Kerala. I bet even if bjp spends Rs 100000 crores, it can’t come to power there.

    • na,,you are way too ignorant,naive and idiotic.You have eyes but don’t see anything,you have brains but don’t understand what is going on.Please reconsider

    • 2 things- First, 50k crore rupees may not ensure the win of a party but it can ensure the loss of another- and resulting winning fragments can form a coalition.
      Second, all these things told here are in the realm of speculations and grapevine which, of course, has no proof and can even lead to legal action. Hence the need for lowering the writing levels.

    • A tool in the hands of master craftsman can do magic. The same tool in the hands of a fool can damage a lot of things. Money is a tool in the hands of Rain Man, he showed everyone how he can better handle this tool. He is still roaming free clearly shows us his mastery over the tool. So don’t be a fool, recognise the tool.

  14. Rain man – PC ??
    India has to be saved from congress n dmk right but what strict action has been taken against these party ministers (in all their scams n loots – 2g,Aircel, bsnl exchange etc ) by the ruling BJP is really a big question.
    India should not be harmed at any cost.

  15. It was known that J as a non performer pressure is on from very reliable foreign sources that Chaddi Lungi has a water tight plan with like minded forces outside India to topple the apple cart. As a small investor we are aware that we will be wiped out. Cosa Nostra is up our tail. Na Mo we are with you and if ordered we can go to any extent. Avoid that situation and without fear just do what Xi does.

  16. All is fair in love and war. 6k. C is inconsequential in the face of elections. Bring on the Sardar who was in disguise to replace the Sardar who claims to be one. One Stop Solution.

  17. I hope Modi will shed his ego and realize who is real friends of India and for him too. Take help from those people and punish crooks ASAP, unfortunately India will lose permanently.

    • It is naive of you to think that a man who is actually part of the problem can be a solution ..In real life,it doesn’t happen that way.If the above article is factual,then BJP is least of the solution to collar corrupt in this country.I think a new virat hindu organisation has to emerge to address current situation.BJP,RSS are all waste of hindus time

  18. Brilliant. All patterns prevailing suggests this to be true. Sad that rain man goes free and the present govt is also as much venal despite chanting patriotism day in and day out.


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