‘The Hindu’ newspaper family members tussle over Modi regime. Ram says undeclared emergency. Malini says country is growing

Over the past two decades, Malini and Ram have been engaged in a power struggle to control the newspaper

Over the past two decades, Malini and Ram have been engaged in a power struggle to control the newspaper
Over the past two decades, Malini and Ram have been engaged in a power struggle to control the newspaper

N Ram Vs Malini Parthasarathy

The Hindu’ newspaper group’s family members for the past 15 years tussled in the public domain which is always centered on the power or ego tussle with former Editors N Ram and Malini Parthasarathy. The very latest sparring in the public domain happened is on Saturday (November 11) after ‘The Hindu’ newspaper published its Director N Murali‘s speech terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime for an undeclared emergency. Murali was speaking on Friday at The Hindu employees’ union’s function.

Former Editor Malini objected to ‘The Hindu’ publishing the anti-Modi statement of her cousin and Director Murali. Meanwhile, former Editor Ram supported the statement and said “India & its media industry facing an undeclared Emergency”.

Malini said ‘The Hindu’ newspaper is now degraded by a small coterie with a warped and prejudiced view. She praised the Modi regime saying that India is demonstrating growth. “It’s deeply concerning that The Hindu, a cherished national legacy of 145 years is being misappropriated by a small coterie with a warped & prejudiced view of India’s political trends. This country is registering demonstrable growth & progress in many aspects which needs to be noted. A newspaper’s primary purpose is to serve news to its readers and not to purvey partisan political propaganda. The sacred trust placed in this great paper by countless readers is being betrayed at this crucial national juncture,” she posted in X.

Both Malini and Ram were pro-Communists. But they were enemies and always engaged in power tussle to gain control of the newspaper for the past two decades. Ram is always open in its political stands in anti-Modi and favouring Communist ideologies. He even attended the Congress party’s meeting to protest against the arrest of corrupt former Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Ram was even caught in a land-grabbing scam in 2012 during Jayalalithaa regime.

Malini became a fan or supporter of Modi when he became Prime Minister in mid-2014. Before that, she was making anti-Modi comments in the public domain and when he was declared as Prime Minister candidate, she even made comments doubting Modi’s proficiency in English. But somehow she managed to get an early appointment with Prime Minister Modi and praised (buttered?) the Prime Minister’s fluency in the English language. This shows that the majority of Editors are such pliable characters.

Malini is claiming on ‘The Hindu’ newspapers’ so-called long cherished legacy. People will laugh when they come to know 2G Scam accused and DMK MP Kanimozhi is the President of the one and only employees union of the newspaper. The union’s name is The Hindu and National Press Employees’ Union and Kanimozhi was selected as President in 2016, when she was accused of 2G Scam and now facing an appeal of CBI and ED in Delhi High Court. Before her, DMK MP T R Baalu was President of the union and this union is totally controlled by DMK.

In 2013, Malini and N Ravi had accused N Ram of publishing supportive articles on 2G scamster former Telecom Minister A Raja. Both Editors of The Hindu even said these articles supporting the corrupt Minister are nothing but Paid News.

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  1. MURALI IS PLAYING THE RAMDHUN. Bofors was sought to be recreated, but the fundamentals were wrong so it back fired and if someone were to get vicious the RAMDHUN could have played from inside the Jail, so much for the undeclared emergency.


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