The nation wants to know why TV is so small

Why is Goswami's logo downplaying the letters TV?

The nation wants to know why TV is so small!
The nation wants to know why TV is so small!

Arnab didn’t even start relaxing after completing his first recording on Republic TV before the first salvo was fired by Senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy. In a tweet that has ominous portent, Dr. Swamy tweeted that the logo did not show the letters TV prominently and also that the announcers were calling it as Republic instead of Republic TV.
Swamy39 comment on Republic logo
Readers can see for themselves what he means when you see the logo, displayed below:
Republic logo

Hold on to your seats! This is going to be interesting.

Why is there an elephant in this cartoon

While brainstorming for ideas, Team PGurus thought that the way the logo was structured reminds one of the trick Krishna played in Mahabharata to kill Drona. Here are a couple of tweeples who guessed it correctly:
Why's there an elephant in this cartoon?

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  1. It is really silly of Mr. Subramanian Swamy to stir up such small things. No doubt, he is a great crusader against corruption but Arnab Goswami is neither a corrupt journo like many ‘Padma Awardee’ journos nor has he committed any scandalous act. Then why a Harvard professor uses the word ‘Fraud’ to pinpoint the microscopic representation of TV in the channels logo..? Doesn’t make sense. Get over it Mr. Swamy and get one fact straight: JUST LIKE THE WAY WE ADMIRE AND SUPPORT YOUR FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION; IN EQUAL MEASURE, WE ALSO SUPPORT ARNAB AS A NATIONALIST JOURNALIST WHO NEVER HESITATES TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE. Period.
    Now, Pgurus, stop acting as if you are the unofficial spokies of Mr. Subramanian Swamy and write without prejudice. Don’t take sides without applying thought. Of all the channels and journos, it’s only ARNAB GOSWAMI who showed the daring to call for the investigation and prosecution of journos irrespective of their positions. So, start doing some introspection and write the facts in an unbiased way. Whether Microscopic or Macroscopic, we will support Republic TV and Arnab’s brand of journalism.

  2. To my mind ,the thought which must has into the minds of founders ( read Arnab Goswami ) of this newly launched channel behind its name Republic tv is that it ( the channel ) will belong to the people , is for the people and with the people .That is a noble thought.
    Why then are Superguru / PGurus / Mr.Subramanyam Swami being critical ?
    Do they feel threatened ? No need .
    There is ample vacant space for well meaning mainstream or other types of honest channels .
    What happens when Arnab is gone ?
    The answer is simple. There will come up many more Arnabs.
    Indian media is evolving to the next level !

  3. Several questions arise that someone can think of if they want to :
    1. Isn’t it ironic that Swamy criticizes Arnab (who is simply a career journo) as hire-gun of some politician while he himself being one for Modi/RSS ?
    2.What for should Arnab do that ? Was Swamy a politically heavyweight in TN or was he holding any office of power/RS member at that time when Arnab as claimed by Swamy lied on TV show? Swamy was known at that time only as a anti-corruption crusader having played a good role in getting cancellation of 2G licenses corruption issue. Not to take away any credit from him or to degrade him but point is there is absolutely nothing so striking to do a hit job on him as he claims. Swamy is simply exaggerating/spinning stories as usual perhaps he is only creating publicity to his channel.

  4. So what ? At least I do not want to know why TV on the logo of newly launched channel Republic is so small in size . It is not important .
    Arnab’s intentions are big and that is what matters .
    Let us encourage him and wish REPUBLIC tv well instead of finding faults at the outset Mr.Swamy.
    Spare a good man and a good cause at least ?

    • What happens when Arnab is gone? Or if he starts acting more a hired gun. Not good to do with a name so synonymous with the government of modern day India.

      • 1.Is Swamy not a hired gun for Modi/RSS? Just providing a cover/legal assistance from outside for Modi Govt in all issues..
        2. What big reputation does Swamy has that he claims Arnab did a hit job on him on TV? He was only recognized after brave whistleblowers and most importantly SC judges Singhvi,Ganguly etc passed cancellation of licenses. Swamy did play a role but only when things came on a plate for him to do court work even out of which his wife Roxna must be given fair credit. Overall Swamy is a much hyped person by few hardliners of BJP/RSS who get cheered by his exaggerations,conspiracy theories etc but not much of general public for whom he is a lightwt person esp in TN.
        Answer this question properly and i would answer your hundred queries…

        • 1. Whether Swamy is a hired gun or not is irrelevant, imo. He is not creating a channel or party name that is part of the name of the current government/country known as modern India.

          2. The Swamy-Arnab grievances are not essential to the issue of the name Republic. The words Republic and India belong to all citizens of India because they are of the country called commonly the Republic of India. If they collectively own it then no one person can claim ownership or exclusively use this name/notation. If one is going to use these names as a commercial trade mark they need to make it clear that it is a separate name. For example India TV clearly has the letters TV clearly shown next to it. The politics of Arnab’s show should be kept separate from the name Republic of India. The name of a country is sacred and paramount to the Identity of a nation. It should not be dirtied by partisanship. Some people may agree with Arnab’s views and he is not infallible, and his mistakes should not be associated with the name of the country.

          • 1. It is relevant because Swamy is misusing social media freedom and that too being a RS member now should air his views very sensibly and not with his own concoctions,confabulations via his typical exaggerations,fake drama often suited to drive his political agenda .Several times in past he is known to instigate people with an intention to polarize,instigate people so as to agitate people with gross exaggeration of facts. On one end his official party BJP ministers take a stand/view on onething he goes on extreme other end as if like a stock marker hedge fund manager. This is highly unacceptable given the sensitivities of issues he is dealing so carelessly and recklessly in social media platform.

            2. Who the heck he is to talk on name of a TV channel. if the newly launched TV channel violates laws the officials will take action or respective I&B ministry or some other. If he is genuinely interested he can file a PIL and take it in courts which he typically does often to the point of wasting taxpayers money in the end only . I clearly say wasting taxpayers money, courts time because our courts in India are not televised and no one knows what he argues inside. May be he does a double dealing to let many culprits escape if the culpirt does a political deal with BJP. Let us take the eg: of Ram mandir case in which Hon’ble SC judge made it clear that he does not like Swamy taking such matters of faith to court and wants to settle outside amicably. Even after being told clearly by none other than SC CJI Swamy wastes taxpayers money, courts time in again raking matters of faith in courts only to do a make-believe for his RSS/BJP as part of Saffron agenda. It would be little harsh if i say so but i have no choice of words seeing his reckless jugglery and carless attitude esp he became so compromised after merging his old good janata party with BJP in 2013. He is a sophisticated conman (much like he accuses Arvind Kejriwal of AAP) with a difference of being cheered by Saffron folks.

          • Kishore, some of your comments on the site are bordering on the offensive – The name of a TV channel, if it is a Reserved word, cannot be used as it is. That is what the constitution mandates. Instead of using facts to substantiate your stand, you are asking Who the heck he is… Well, no one is stopping you from writing / tweeting to I&B ministry and report your progress on the matter. This particular rant of yours betrays the fact that you have a problem with Dr. Swamy the person rather than the stands he is taking. Your comments are welcome as long as they are based on facts.


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