Security agencies air displeasure on non-concerned Ministers expressing opinions to media on Pakistan-related operations

An off-the-cuff remark by a senior minister dashed security agencies' plan to get rid of a gangster?

An off-the-cuff remark by a senior minister dashed security agencies' plan to get rid of a gangster?
An off-the-cuff remark by a senior minister dashed security agencies' plan to get rid of a gangster?

Many Intelligence and Security agencies have expressed their displeasure on the unwarranted and out-of-turn comments by Union Ministers especially the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on the ongoing issues concerning Pakistan operations. The trigger point of displeasure was the unexpected statement from Jaitley on the capabilities of Indian forces to act in Pakistan soil like that of the US Special Forces’ eliminating Osama Bin Laden. The security and top brass have told the National Security Advisor that Jaitely’s unwarranted comments in this regard had alerted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim living in Karachi and have led the strengthening of his security in Karachi.

Out of the blue, at a River Ganga cleaning function, Jaitley started interacting with media and said that India is now capable of doing an American-style operation on Osama Bin Laden.  Referring to the US operation in Abbottabad, Jaitley said, “Cannot we do it? This used to be only an imagination, a wish. There was frustration and disappointment. It is possible today.” Jaitley also reiterated that if the US can do such things, why can’t India? As Jaitley enjoys huge clout in the media world, all channels started flashing that Indian forces are capable of landing in Pakistan and pick enemies like the US did to Osama Bin Laden[1]. Other Ministers who attended the function also wondered why Jaitley was talking about Osama-like-operation by Indian forces during a River Ganga Rejuvenation Programme.

Security officials are unhappy about Jaitley’s announcement. The Security top brass is upset that this could alert Dawood Ibrahim, who lives in a known address in Karachi. Immediately upon Arun Jaitley’s disclosure, Pakistan vastly increased his security in Karachi. The top brass questioned the need for the Finance Minister to go out of his way to disclose this possibility and wrecked one of their (possible) plans for teaching Pakistan a lesson.

On the evening of February 27, Pakistan blacked out Karachi and several other border towns against possible air strike areas[2].

It is learned that after this reporting by security top brass to NSA Ajit Doval, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cautioned all non-concerned Ministers to refrain from talking about Pakistan related issues.


[1] India can do what US did to Osama in Pakistan, says Arun JaitleyFeb 27,2019, The Economic Times

[2] PAK SPOOKED: Emergency Declared in Karachi After All-night Blackout, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa On High AlertFeb 28, 2019,

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  1. Big Talker, part of the Delhi Lutyens Mafia, adept in the art of collecting Retainer fees for just opening his mouth over anything when it is not his forte and most times uttering nonsense as though he knows everything. It is unfortunate that RSS and Modi Caucus relied on Arun J. too much; he was the brain behind wrong decisions [Demonetization, GST bungling, RBI, CBI fiascos] besides stalling FM submission of papers to courts. Enough evidence has been generated to book/arrest Rahul-Sonia-Vadra/PC.-Karti C-Nalini C but AJ has been the guy who messed up stalling the movement of papers at the levels of SEBI, RBI, CBI, ED, IT Dept. He should be sent out of the cabinet before the election. A Smooth Operator bound to would cause a lot of damage to BJP getting enough seats in 2019. It is unfortunate S. Gurumurthy does not the drawbacks of BJP rule.

  2. When things look up, all the credit goes to Modiji. When something goes wrong, all the blame goes to Jetleyji. Nobody ever talks of BJP cadre or RSS discipline, or collective responsibility in such situations.

    Perhaps Congress is just as good in how they do things.

  3. Time to shunt AJ out.Undoing all the good work done by Modi and dr.Swamy.Protecting all the corrupt such as SG,PC,KC etc.

  4. Perhaps this need not have been said at this particular time and by this particular person given his position. But seriously, why make such a big fuss about it? This is what has been aid by so many Indians, time again, ever since Abbottabad happened. And people are saying so on the ground too. So it does not need AJ’s words for Pakistan to also arrive at the same conclusion. I can well understand your criticism of this person, but please restrict it to valid and serious ones, which you have done quite admirably now and then. Otherwise you will make yourself irrelevant and undo all the good you have done.

  5. This may not be out of Context comment by Shakuni.Shakuni surely has some motives naturally Ulterior in blabbering stupid things.Beware Mr Modi.

  6. Is AJ doing a pre-warning to Dawood? His past dealings on the cricket scene could be intertwined with the D-company. Sometimes one wonders how such crooks escape the ire of the PM to enjoy an esteem position in the GOI.

  7. These “out of the blue” utterances are intentional and not really out of the blue. It is the strategy to scuttle success and please his bosses across the benches. He is doing his job. It is for those who still have him to ponder if they will ever succeed by continuing to keep this mole amongst them.

  8. AJ is a real burden to the Govt. and the people of India. He should be asked to attend to only attend relating to his ministry even if it means sleeping over the files and he would thus be rendering a great service to the security of this country. A non functional AJ is better than a functional one.

  9. I do not know when this AJ will die. Can we give him free to Pak? Send him as a messenger of peace, have daewood kill him and act on them. Many birds in 1 stone. Shall we market him as “Messenger of Peace”?

  10. It is a shame that this GOVT is still having him.
    He is a burden to the Party.
    One of the traitors with in the Govt.
    Wish the party gets rid of him at the earliest.
    Where ever i talk to sensible people, they talk about him and are unhappy with his work.
    It is a shame for BJP to have him in the party.
    If it lost credibility in certain area, Arun Jaitley is one of the major cause.

    • AJ is a good man but works for the benefit of Cong-I, its chelas and elite chums and the Lutyens club. PM seems to have rewarded him with FM portfolio and occasionally DM, because he speaks English fluently and Hindi too. PM continued with Cong-I and Leftist admin staff.
      Wherever I participate in mini discussions on politics, people comment on AJ badly due to DeMo taking one year to remonitize the system and GST implemented without practical trials. DeMo and GST are commendable.
      Everyday Modi/Shah bring 1000 votes into BJP’s kitty while AJ dwindles its vote bank by 750. BJP MPs or MLAs or ministers cut its vote bank BRANCH on which it is sitting !!! AJ does not bring votes for his party. Few nonentities who are ministers too do not bring votes but uses a language to keep talent and good people not to become ministers. Hence, PM is now desperate and started to dole out with different nomenclatures to come back to power since he does not have guts to drop AJ!! Why BJP with 282 historic LS Seats given in 2014 squandered it, only Modi and Shah knows much better than us.Both closed door for the South Indian leaders dominance in the corridors of power hence NDA Government lost talent, good advisors and nationalists. BJP has now become a corporate culture party while Cong-I a big anti-national party.
      AJ should not have spoken about the Indian defense forces plans to root out terrorists. Modi and Shah are smart. AJ is smarter too!!

  11. 1.Talk less and do more should be the policy of Leaders.When you talk more you are liable to open up secrets and get exposed.I am told the basic lesson taught by Singapore Govt to their officers posted abroad is to talk less and listen more.
    Our politicians like to talk on anything and every thing.
    Let them adopt a policy “Maunam Vidwanu Bhooshanam”. {Silence is a virtue for wise men}

  12. Arun Jaitley is a burden to Modi Govt. This crooked Jaitley always a hurdle for to achieve the mandate of people given to Modi in Lok Sabha 2014


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