They catch them young

The Leftists have permeated deeply into every facet of India

The Leftists have permeated deeply into every facet of India
The Leftists have permeated deeply into every facet of India

Recently, a girl student in a law college was to receive the top honor. The chief guest to bestow the honor was the current Chief Justice of India.

The girl refused to receive the honor because, according to her, the sexual harassment case against the CJI was not properly investigated.

That is the way the Leftists:

1. Control our educational institutions

2. Can poison the minds of the students.

What are the merits of the case against the CJI we don’t know? The official position is that he has been cleared after an inquiry and we have to respect the official position if we hope to survive. Otherwise, no institution can function in the country.

So, how could the girl decide otherwise? She kept her personal opinion, formed on the basis of reports in “likeminded” publications, above the official position and insulted the CJI. And likes of her will eventually become judges. They will always keep their personal opinions above law and the facts before them.

Leftists control our legal education also. A sharia advocate is a VC in one of our top law colleges. We are producing revolutionaries, dhimmis, and jihadis, not legal minds.

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  1. Left permeates even our families. Indian families have been destroyed by Lunatics feminism, the same loony femiPolpots keep their all holes shut when talking of Burqa, Halala, muttah, Twinkle Sharma, Zeesha, Mini Mathur, and host of girls raped, gang raped, killed OR even on Shashi Tharoor wife, the DALIT girls being raped in MP and RAJASTHAN. These so called feminists are just a pack of illiterate English speaking filthy rich class with boy cut hair, who are more interested in filling their glasses of free wine in some 7 start hotel on Tax PAYER or ISI, CIA, Vatican money.UNEARNED pelf

  2. One more , kanupriya! Spotted with khalistanis advocating for tukde tukde of india. She claims in her biodata as leftist yet a hindu!!?
    Her father a highway contractor, no cheating no plundering? ?
    Her mother a nurse , no tip no forcible grip??
    Yet a

  3. Now the CJI seems to be realized man after this episode and understood the color of these gang. My worry is the next in line of 2 of the CJI who is going to have longer stint. The same judge who was the part of the Sabarimala issue.


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