Time is running out for Modi to jail VVIPs involved in Stock Market rigging and NSEL scam Conversation with M D Nalapat

Chidambaram wanted to help himself and his cronies to easy money by rigging the Stock Markets. In the NSEL scam, SEBI wants to go after 300 defaulters when the top 30 have most of the money. Is SEBI action a farce?


  1. I work with large number with migrants from Bihar and UP. As a fun, i keep on asking every now and then how is BJP doing and about 2019 in their area? They are all agitated on the petrol price and total joblessness in their region.The common answer they all give is “Is baar BJP aana muskil he”

  2. Rupee has fallen due to global factors . That is called eurodollar problem. Same
    was true in 2011 and 2013 also.. but I don’t think profesor nalapat. Has any clue about it.but bad part is we have made our country dependent on foreign capital due to wrong understanding of fiscal defecit.reducing fiscal defecit in current account defecit nation is recepie for disaster.reducing fiscal defecit has reduce saving in the economy and had laid to rise of intrest rate because of which bond prices have fallen which has laid to exodus of money from debt market which in turn has lead to fall in rupee
    Please note exactly opposite has happen during vajpayee era when he raised fiscal defecit. Govt money which is debt plus cash in circulations was 120% during vajpayee period has fallen down to 60%of gdp during modi era and that is what is causing all the crisis.reducing fiscal defecit has made india dependent on foreign captaill and now same has become burdensome for the nation.prof nalapat must understand this is real conspiracy and warfare which is called financial.warafare.this is how west have kept emerging market nation growth under control by teaching half truth about fiscal defecit concept.sbi 45000crore bailout of financial companies is just trailer whole picture is yet to unfold.

  3. By saving IL & FS at the price of SBI our financial situation made a narrow escape.but what about the 90000cr.
    Center is quite sure the effect will come out only after election, meanwhile they can do another jumlas.
    But to be frank just count down its not far the bubbles will break before they think.

  4. Time is running out for many other important things if he is really willing to have a comeback in 2019 as nothing is under control neither petrol/diesel prices nor slumping dollar.Still in his lectures he says we are working for poor…Is he really thinking that people are fool than I would say it is his own ideology the way congress was uprooted to just 44 they would also have to face a major setback.

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