Chidambaram amplifies Kanimozhi’s lies. Videos emerge speaking in Hindi urging Hindi to be the National Language

Chidambaram tries to build a castle of lies, only to see it blown away by the wind

Chidambaram tries to build a castle of lies, only to see it blown away by the wind
Chidambaram tries to build a castle of lies, only to see it blown away by the wind

Lies officers insisted he speak in Hindi

Even lying is an art. Especially when to cover one lie, one has to lie some more. And then remember which lie was uttered to whom! Corrupt former Finance and Home Minister P Chidambaram is known for his lies. The latest is on Monday, amplifying DMK MP Kanimozhi’s lies on the Hindi speaking issue. Crooked P Chidambaram popularly known as PC (rivals term PC means Pucca Chor) said that many north-Indians officials insisted to him for speaking in Hindi. This is a blatant lie by Chidambaram who also lied to Courts that he is having a rare disease called as Crohn’s disease which may lead to heart attack and even Cancer to get bail from Tihar jail.

See the utter lie tweeted by Chidambaram:

During his heydays as Finance Minister and Home Minister, it is well known that no officer will dare Chidambaram to speak in Hindi. Chidambaram even wrote on file about the bad English of Government Secretaries who communicated to him in “bad English”. Once in February 2014, Urban Development Secretary Sudhir Krishna wrote to his Minister Kamal Nath about the humiliations he faced from Finance Minister Chidambaram. According to his complaint, Chidambaram at a meeting shouted to the senior IAS officer that “Can’t you understand English?”[1]

Now the crook Chidambaram lies officers insisted him to speak in Hindi. Here comes another twist – in 2010, as Home Minister Chidambaram inaugurated annual ‘Hindi Divas’ function and spoke in Hindi and even said in Hindi that Hindi should be the national language of India. See the video of uncouth liar Chidambaram speaking in Hindi in 2010:

Kanimozhi and Chidambaram are now playing politics on Hindi as their state Tamil Nadu is going for elections in May 2021. PGurus have reported that Kanimozhi talking to controversial lobbyist Niira Radia on her purchases about Music CDs of Pakistani singer Fateh Ali Khan[2].

Chidambaram is now facing CBI and ED cases along with son Karti for corruption cases. Famous Advocate late Ram Jethmalani who always calls Chidambaram as “Friend, Philosopher, and Guide of Black Money” joked that Chidambaram one day will lie to Court that Karti is not his son to save himself from the charges of abusing power for his son under Prevention of Corruption Act. At this level of frequent lies by Chidambaram, Ram Jethmalani may be proved right.


[1] P. Chidambaram humiliated me, UD Secy Sudhir Krishna tells Kamal NathFeb 13, 2014, Financial Express

[2] Kanimozhi lying about knowing Hindi? Niira Radia tapes expose that she is a fan of Pakistan singer Fateh Ali KhanAug 9, 2020,

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  1. Who ever lies, that is different. But we don’t need the present new education policy of this stupid present rulers. India is not U S. We have to depend for everything ( from medicine to military hardwares) to western countries. Therefore all Sany persons will accept two language policy ( English and own mother tongue ) will be sufficient for our survival.

  2. This is another diversionary tactic. The main question is did an Airport official ask Kanimozhi if she is an Indian.
    I do not know a word of Hindi. Have been through most airports from J&K to Madurai. No airport official ever bothered me for not knowing Hindi.
    These fake incidents seem to be following a standard template. Some guy asking a North Easterner if he or she is an Indian. Where, who, any evidence?

  3. Show one individual in politics who has not told lies. It is not to justify the lies told by anyone, but lying is a professional hazard and there are NO exceptions to this rule till date! God save the unsuspecting, gullible public!

  4. Chidambaram is a master crook; financial fraudster and scamster. Money seems to be his main pursuit in life apart from a few others that may not be appropriate to talk here. People like him know their political extinction is almost over; it’s time for them to start counting the plunder ripped off the nation. The loot is enough to last a a few centuries; alas, life time is rather much too short.

    • He was minister for more than 20 years in Central Govt. So you want to say the voters and other senior leadership who chosen were all Crooks and Fraudster ? please don’t make any jokes.

  5. Telling lies is a part of Indian culture. Who is not a lier, biased or corrupt very few indeed.Now, it is very common to say anything to anyone in uncevilised manner.

  6. In a country where people lie just like that, the point is not whether they lied or not. The question is whether a person becomes non Indian, if he or she do not know, or speak in Hindi? where Hindi is made a Rajya Bhasha, and there are clear cut rules and guidelines for implementing it across the country.

  7. During PC regime not only” Hindi Divas ” was celebrated in govt.offices but also the officers/staff were encouraged to write their notings in the file in Hindi and monetary incentives were offered for doing so….PC an hypocrite and liar to the core….

  8. Any one, any body, any region embracing a national language must be a free choice but should not be thrust upon them by others. You can have 1 or 25 national languages. UPA or P.Chidambaramji only spoke for it. They never forced it on others. They may have recommended or opposed. But did not judge if you are a true indian or not based on this? Under UPA non-hindi speaking people are Indians only. But Hindutva tries to portray them as anti- nationals which is deplorable and destructive.


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