Kanimozhi lying about knowing Hindi? Niira Radia tapes expose that she is a fan of Pakistan singer Fateh Ali Khan

Kanimozhi has been caught on a blatant lie - she knows not only Hindi but Urdu. Listen to the audio in the link

Kanimozhi has been caught on a blatant lie - she knows not only Hindi but Urdu. Listen to the audio in the link
Kanimozhi has been caught on a blatant lie - she knows not only Hindi but Urdu. Listen to the audio in the link

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Member of Parliament (MP) Kanimozhi on Sunday created a flutter by picking up a fight with the Chennai Airport security staff by accusing them of mistreating her for not speaking in Hindi. Kanimozhi, who is caught for taking 2G Scam bribe money of more than Rs.200 crore through her TV Channel Kalaignar TV from North Indians like Shahid Balwa, Karim Morani and Vinod Goenka in 2G Scam claimed that she knew only Tamil and English and accused the Central Government of imposing Hindi.

Here Kanimozhi is telling a blatant lie as she knows Hindi and even purchased music CDs of Fateh Ali Khan. The Infamous Niira Radia tapes expose the fact that Kanimozhi loves music CDs of Fateh Ali Khan. During her conversation with Radia, Kanimozhi says in May 2009 that she is currently in a Mall to purchase of music CDs of Fateh Ali Khan, the famous Pakistani singer. So, it is evident that Kanimozhi knows Hindi and Urdu well[1].

Currently, the 2G Scam involving more than Rs.200 crores kickback to Kanimozhi is pending before the Delhi High Court. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in its appeal and charge sheet clearly state how 2G scam money from Hindi-speaking-other-accused persons landed at Kanimozhi’s side. Many lawyers of Kanimozhi are North Indians including the late Ram Jethmalani.

Kanimozhi is lying when she says doesn’t know Hindi. She has been in Delhi politics since 2005. Niira Radia tapes exposes her that she was in regular touch with many scamsters from North India. Moreover, her son’s name is Aditya (a Sanskritised name) and even her late father DMK’s supremo’s name Karunanidhi is a Sanskritised word. Karunanidhi’s actual name Dakshinamurthy is also a Sanskritised word.


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  1. The issue is not whether or not Kanimozhi knows Hindi but the hegemonistic attitudes of votaries of Hindi. BTW, what are the odds that 99% of north Indians cannot pronounce her name to save their lives?

  2. It’s not a matter of whether she knows or doesn’t know Hindi. I wonder even why this issue is being focussed on. The principal issue is- which PGurus is not focussing on is the high handedness of the CISF personnel in questioning the nationality of someone on the basis of not knowing Hindi. That is extremely unfortunate. Also listening to songs of any particular language doesn’t necessarily mean that the person knows the language. Also every person has a right to be served in his/her language in his/her place. The CiSF personnel should have known atleast English which I am quite sure he knew else he couldn’t have passed the qualifying job exam.

  3. I don’t understand why Kanimozhi made it a fuss. Nobody knows what went between Kanimozhi and CISF staff. It is taken for granted that a customer is always right even if he/she may be wrong. Moreover she is an MP. Most of the MPs act as if they were from heaven. She is no exception and she is good at spreading rumours as she and her party did in the case of Sterlite. Generally TN people are emotional when the linguistic jingoism is provoked. As a responsible MP she should not play on words and it is her duty to be sensible to maintain law order in the state. Let the truth be revealed and let us not bother whether she knows Hindi or not. But these people were good at 2G scam with Hindi people which medias exposed much to the disgust.

  4. Kanimozhi who is an accused in 2G scam and whose case is still pending in the High Court has been living in Delhi for several years as an MP. After having lived in Delhi for so many years, it is impossible that she does not understand Hindi. She may not speak fluently but certainly like the other TN MP Chidambaram who too has been in jail, pretends not to know the language. Airports are manned by CISF jawans and they are constantly on transfer from one part of the country to another. They cannot master all the Indian languages. They are trained to speak Hindi and English and that is enough. DMK want their members to become central ministers but are not willing to learn Hindi. When they visit northern part of the country, are they going to converse in Tamil with the local population?

  5. Kanimozhi listening to Fateh Ali Khan need not lead to conclusion that she knows hindi or urdu. But the discussions are taking place on what the MP tweeted. What is the security officer’s version. Will she be allowed to tell what exactly happened? Will that be accepted as truth? Any incidence narrated by the two, is bound to have distortions.

  6. DMK is loosing ground in Tamilnadu for being Anti Hindu in their ideology. With election round the corner this MP is creating a platform to fight the election with. The most emotional aspect that can trigger a nerve in the state is the language and she is at it. She is such a criminal like her dad in manipulation of the public sentiment that she has managed to garner a huge public opinion on the subject…
    You would notice all tainted MPs and the hurt liberals jumping on to her band wagon and standing by her…

  7. Though you are pointing out some facts regarding buying of CDs Of Fateh Ali khan on 2009 and stating some conclusions, that doesn’t mean you are correct.
    The main issue is “Can anybody ask a person whether he is Indian or Not for not knowing Hindi” and you are completely deviating the point and getting into a point whether she lies on her statement or not.
    But still coming to your points :
    1- If a person purchases 10 music CDs of different languages, that doesn’t mean he will know all those 10 languages. This is completely senseless.
    2- If a lawyer is from any state, that doesn’t mean victim/perpetrator should learn that state language too. What is this.
    3- Jhonty Rodes (He don’t know any Indian language, but he loves Indian music & culture) named his daughter India Jeanne Rhodes. This inspiration came from India’s rich mix of culture, heritage, and tradition. So, don’t mix up languages and names.
    I am not a DMK supporter or Hater.

  8. I am not a supporter of DMK, and they have not done anything for Tamil language or Tamilians.. But, the point of this article that just bcoz she listened to Hindi and Urdu song that she must have been knowing these languages is wrong.. I listened songs of languages that I don’t know, viz. Hindi, Telugu… Weak argument.

  9. It is really a thrill to make a mountain out of a mole hill. While politics knows no shame, politicians always feel that they ‘know a hawk from a handsaw’.

  10. The crux of this article is about whether Kanimozhi lied about not knowing Hindi.
    But, the issue she brought out about CRPF in Chennai airport speaking to passengers in Hindi is true and CRPF should train its cadres in speak in local language or English when that airport is in a non-Hindi speaking state.
    That Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman’s name tag displayed only in Hindi during past press conferences is another case in point. The GOI needs to tread cautiously and they need to respect the rights of states; While I agree that a common national language is in the interest of nation – but, forcing it will not achieve it.

    • Mr. Raghavan,
      Your Suggestion (CRPF should train its cadres in speak in local language or English when that airport is in a non-Hindi speaking state) is not practical.

      It is impractical to train the CRPF cadres to speak in all local Languages – since the CRPF personnel are often transferred to several locations in quick succession.

      Even if the CRPF personnel are trained to speak English, What if the passenger can’t speak or follow English.

      That is where the need for a LINK LANGUAGE is felt. In India, Hindi is the most aptest language to act as LINK LANGUAGE.

      We all Indians should learn Hindi without making it a Political Issue or Publicity Stunt

      • Reasons given by you do not and should not justify “forcing” someone learn a language to suit your needs. CRPF serves the people and it has to change not the other way around. In fact that would be easier given the lower cadre strength when compared to population of TN as well as motivation as a job requirement. As much as I like the idea of common link language, people /GOI arguing for Hindi appears to be authoritarian without a meaningful justification.

  11. If a security officer asks a question, either answer it or say I don’t understand, I need an English translator politely! If you are boarding a plane, you are a passenger and behave according to those rules. Get it!!

  12. The whole thing is made up. I go through Chennai airport many times. Do not know Hindi. No one chastised me for not knowing Hindi either at Chennai or any other airport in India.

  13. In TN, there are visiting French nationals whose ancestors belong to in and around Pondicherry, but have settled in France more than 100 years ago. Their women very much dress like Tamils complete with saree and kumkum, but can speak only French. They don’t know even Tamil let alone Hindi. They do visit TN and P’chery once in a while out of their affection for their ancestral land culture. Perfectly ok for the CISF officer to have asked Kanimozhi, if she was Indian.

    • Out of affection? Every one of these tourists I have seen are interested in the French ‘legacy’.

      Here’s a tip, check out Alexander Pilot videos on India on YouTube. One backpack is undoing billions of dollars worth of tourism spending. The videos are in Russian but they reach all Russian speakers and shape their perceptions of India. You will be horrified how effective 1 backpacker and his camera is.

    • Mme Kanimozhi is absolutely right in highlighting the issue of tacit imposition of Hindi not only by the ruling Party but also by various machineries of the Government through their staff . I have had personal experience being a South Indian living in North India. Many people are appalled that I cannot speak Hindi..I am appalled that they are appalled!!
      Its sheer silliness to say she bought Urdu gazals..I can not understand Urdu for nuts nor the ragas. But I love listening to gazals. I think low brows cannot understand this.
      Many politicians send their children abroad for education where there is no Hindi as first,second or third language !! So its easy for them to harp on link language ,official language, national language etc.
      There are several non Hindi speaking states including North Eastern states. It should be voluntary for anyone to learn Hindi as it is a beautiful language as any other language. These are highly emotive issues. Government should tread carefully.
      I.fully support Mme Kanimozhi in her complaint against the man who asked her unacceptable question.


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