Government issues notice to Herald House to vacate by November 15. Congress leadership rushes to Court

More trouble for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as the UDM issues eviction notice to Herald House

More trouble for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as the UDM issues eviction notice to Herald House
More trouble for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as the UDM issues eviction notice to Herald House

Step-by-step, drip-by-drip, the long arm of the law has started catching up with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald fraud. The Urban Development Ministry issued notice to the defunct National Herald newspaper publishing company Associated Journals Limited (AJL) to vacate Herald House in Delhi by November 15, citing violations in the allotment and illegal usage of the building. In the evening Congress leadership rushed to Delhi High Court and the case is posted for tomorrow (November 13).

Covert acquisition by Shell companies

AJL had stopped publishing the newspaper National Herald and other two papers in Hindi and Urdu in 2008 and the public limited company is now covertly acquired in 2010 by a shell firm called Young Indian, floated by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi with 76 percent share ownership. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in 2016, filed a complaint to Urban Development Ministry to take over the Herald House, citing the blatant violations and illegalities in the garb of journalism[1].

From 2011, after the takeover of AJL by the shell firm floated by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, the Herald House was rented out to Passport Seva Kendra and the controllers of this prime property were getting Rs.80 lakhs per month.

The plea of AJL, challenging the Urban Development Ministry ending the lease and asking it to vacate the premises by November 15, is scheduled to come up for a hearing Tuesday before Justice Sunil Gaur.

The plea alleged that the Land and Development Office’s order was “illegal, unconstitutional, arbitrary, tainted with malafide and without authority and jurisdiction”.

The petition, filed through advocates Sunil Fernandes and Priyansha Indra Sharma, said that the Centre has warned them of action under the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, 1971 if they failed to vacate the premises. One of the grounds mentioned in the L&DO order is that no press has been functioning in the premises for last at least 10 years and that it is being used only for commercial purposes in violation of the lease deed.

After Subramanian Swamy’s case and after the bail of Sonia and Rahul in December 2015, the Congress leadership started a website of National Herald to fool the law. The Congress leadership also published once in a while some supplements of National Herald to maintain the Herald House, which is expected to be worth more than Rs.1000 crores. Some pliable journalists were also appointed to pretend as if there was newspaper activity.


[1] National Herald scam gets murkier. Urban Development Ministry’s Show Cause Notice exposes more fraudsAug 24, 2018,

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  1. Is it not possible to enact central law to make conversion from Hindu to other religions, or any help for that nonbailable offence with severe punishment .Otherwise there is possibility of Hindus disappearing in only hindu majority India as the external forces are bent upon destroying Hindu culture with the foreign funds with the help of pseudo secular commies, antinational traitors . Swamy may look into the matter and force the govt to take firm steps to safeguard Hindus.

    • Anti conversion law was proposed when Morarjidesai was PM. Congress scuttled the bill. Jayalalitha passed anti conversion law in TN but reversed the decision later. The last chance is available with Modi and RSS, but they will never enact the law. By end of century Hinduism may disappear like buddhism unless an Avatar takes birth.

  2. PM Modi should be eternally indebted to Dr Subramanian Swamy, but for his sustained efforts and perseverance with Court action, despite the non co-operative attitude of the Central Government in putting numerous hurdles in providing the requisite certified documents sought for by Dr Swamy from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the case would not have reached this stage in National Herald case involving Sonia [Maino] Gandhi and Raul [Vincie] Gandhi. It was Dr Subramanian Swamy and Dr Swamy alone who pursued the matter from the beginning till the end, despite facing road blocks / hindrances ALL THE WAY from BJP Government. But the ungrateful present BJP leadership is using Dr Swamy as a Curry patha, using him as and when required to target Congi leaders. The great Finance Minister AJ was on record to advise Congi leaders to return the loan amount lent by Congi Party and pay some token penalty and regularise the transaction with a letter of regret / apology and close the matter. What Congi goons done was a monstrous “420” action of fooling everyone and at the same time illegally cornering Rs. 5000 crores worth of prime properties in Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal etc. for the Congi prime robbers on bail gadi. Let us see how the Delhi High Court adjudicate the issue impartially in accordance with law. Hats off to Dr S Swamy. RSS MUST TAKE NOTE OF DR SWAMY’s YEOMAN SERVICE TO OUR NATION and NOT THE PRESENT GOVT LED BY SHRI NARENDRA MODI. All the corrupt deeds involving Sonia Congi family was unearthed by Dr Swamy despite facing many hurdles / resistance from his own Party BJP Govt. Dr Swamy has acted and who is acting in NATIONAL INTEREST to stop the loot of public money. Nation awaits Dr Subramanian Swamy – who ALONE can ENSURE RAM MANDIR AT AYODHYA and in BRINGING BACK BLACK MONEY stashed abroad by notorious tax evaders and he is the MOST APPROPRIATE CANDIDATE FOR PRIME MINISTERSHIP OF INDIA ON BEHALF OF BJP in the forthcoming May 2019 General Election. INDIA AWAITS DR SWAMY AS THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA in May 2019.


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