Time to show the Red Card to the Kerala Govt.

The inability of the Kerala Government to handle the deteriorating law and order situation could lead to change

Will Kerala Government be dismissed?
Will Kerala Government be dismissed?

This is a May Day call from Kerala, the land of Marxist Taliban. It is time the Centre showed the “red card” to the Kerala Government led by Pinarayi Vijayan in the backdrop of the breakdown in law and order in the State. Since the CPI-M led Left Front government took an oath of office in Kerala in May 2016, political murders have reached an alarming proportion. The CPI-M backed mafia is on an annihilation drive in Kerala. The target and victims are members of various Sangh Parivar organizations, their supporters, and even housewives.

Saturday night murder of RSS activist Rajesh at Thiruvananthapuram is the latest incident which shook the conscience of civilized society. But what makes matters worse is the fact that the Marxists are ignorant of the word conscience since they do not have anything by that name. Since the day he was sworn in as chief minister of the state (that was his one and only ambition in life!) Vijayan is functioning as a mafia don issuing orders to finish off his enemies and rivals. His own village Pinarayi in Kannur is described as a party village where those who do not subscribe to his way of thinking and ideology cannot stay.

The last 12 months saw at least 20 Hindu leaders getting murdered by the Comrades. The action has shifted to southern Kerala from northern Kerala as it is reported that the CPI-M is getting paranoid over the BJP establishing its presence in southern regions. Even minute dissidence against the CPI-M will lead to the death of the dissident. In God’s Own Country, the only one word which ensures safety is OMERTA, the Italian word for silence.

Even a housewife in Palakkadu was set to fire by the CPI-M leaders for her boldness to campaign for BJP candidate in the local body election. The modus operandi of the CPI-M is bringing back memories of the Liberation Struggle of 1959 when the EMS-led first Communist government in the country was dismissed by the Centre under article 352 of the Constitution for a breakdown in law and order. If the 1957-1959 Communist government had to go because of the “cell rule” in Police stations presided over by party office bearers, the same holds good now for dismissal. If people of the State, especially the Hindus, are to be saved, the only option before the governor is to dismiss the Pinarayi Vijayan led government. In 1957-59, the Communist government led by EM Sankaran Namboodirippadu (popularly known as EMS), used the police to quell even peaceful protests by the masses against the suppression and oppression by authorities. The police had resorted to firing to prevent the people from staging a peaceful march at Angamaly resulting in the death of nine persons including a pregnant woman by name Flory. This was the last straw and led the then Nehru government to throw the EMS ministry lock, stock and barrel out. Not a single drop of tear was shed over the dismissal of the government though the later years saw the Left-leaning media in Kerala throwing mud at many people for conspiring against the “pro-poor government”.

On Sunday, Governor P Sathasivam summoned both the chief minister and the state police chief to Raj Bhavan and asked them to explain the state of affairs in Kerala. Sources close to the Governor told Team PGurus that the Governor expressed his displeasure over the frequent political murders happening in the State. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh telephoned Pinarayi Vijayan and sought details about the law and order situation in Kerala. Later he tweeted that he expressed his concern over the law and order situation in the State of Kerala. “Political violence is unacceptable in a democracy. I expect that political violence in Kerala is curbed and that the perpetrators are brought to justice expeditiously”, tweeted Rajnath Singh.

Pinarayi Vijayan, on his part, claimed that all is well in the State and blamed the victims (read the BJP and RSS) for the political murders. The Police, which got a jolt when the Governor gave a dressing down to Loknath Behra, the state police chief, got their act together and arrested nine persons by late Sunday evening. Though all those arrested were hardcore Marxist criminals, the CPI-M through its network of journalists in the print and electronic media is spreading the news that some of those arrested were former RSS workers. Team PGurus may be forced to come out with names of the “paid journalists” in the near future itself if they continue this kind of trumpet blowing for the Marxists.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the warrior engaged in preserving and safeguarding democratic values has demanded that the Kerala Government led by Pinarayi Vijayan should be dismissed at once. In a message in his micro blogging site, the senior BJP leader who is also a member of Rajya Sabha, expressed his concern and apprehensions over the ever increasing political violence unleashed by the CPI-M in Kerala and said that the dismissal of the Pinarayi Vijayan government is the only option available to save Kerala from the present predicament.

How credible is a person who had the audacity to claim that T P Chandrasekharan, the rebel CPI-M leader had committed suicide by inflicting wounds on his body while the truth is that the latter was hacked to death in the most gruesome manner by the Marxist mafia in Kannur district in 2012. There were 51 cuts on his body to sync well with the number of years he had spent on earth. Similarly, Rajesh, the victim of Saturday night’s mayhem was 34 and had 41 grievous cuts on his body. The Marxist murderers had chopped away both his hands in a manner reminiscent of the style adopted by Islamic terrorists in Kerala. It strengthens the common belief that the Marxists and Mullahs are hand-in-glove with each other.

If Kerala has to be saved, Pinarayi Vijayan has to go… at least from the post of chief minister. This is a May Day call from God’s Own Country.

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  1. Yeah…why nobody is talking anything about this cold-blooded murder…
    Central government should give a strict warning in public in media to Kerala so that it is noted by all the media of the country….

  2. This has become now unbearable. The most educated state of India is wondering in shambles. What is use of such education and Sanskar if we are unable to live in hormony.

    The Khangress and commies are killing Nationalists like never before.

    Centre appears to be mere spectatotor to this grave Sin.


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