Tirumala becoming a political rehabilitation center – Politics are replacing Spirituality in Hindu Spiritual System

The way out of this situation is to minimize government interference in Hindu Dharmic places.

Tirumala becoming a political rehabilitation center - Politics are replacing Spirituality in Hindu Spiritual System
Tirumala becoming a political rehabilitation center - Politics are replacing Spirituality in Hindu Spiritual System

There is a hidden business world in Tirumala, its annual turnover runs in several thousand crores. Most of this business continues with political support

The recently elected Andhra Chief minister has appointed his Uncle Y. V. Subba Reddy as the new Chairman of Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD). There was a huge cry on Social Media that the new Chairman is a Christian. Putta Sudhakar Yadav was the previous TTD  Chairman, who was a known Christian supporter. He was appointed by Mr Chandra Babu Naidu. Soon after winning the election, the ruling party replaced the TTD board with their men and lately, it has become a new norm to do so. The present situation is critical because the cash strapped Andhra Pradesh government seems to be discreetly making moves to use Tirumala wealth. This appointment appears to be a move with that goal in mind.

The carelessness of the politicians coupled with their ignorance and selfishness is killing Hindu spirituality. This is happening not only in Andhra Pradesh but across India. The political class across India is abusing temple wealth. The current Chief Minister of Andhra has announced many schemes to the public, which require lots of funds. The present financial situation of Andhra Pradesh is in a critical condition and there is no money in the treasury. Under these circumstances, there are fears among Hindus that he will use Tirumala wealth and endowment funds to fulfil his promises. In 2016, the then Chief Minister Mr Naidu’s tried to use the temple funds for his political gains[1]. These temple funds are meant to be spent for Hindu religious propagation, building Vedic schools, reviving old temples and such Hindu religious activities.

There are many Hindu Gurus who follow very strict Sadhanas, Tapas and Niyamas to attain the Samadhi state. Niyama may sound simple but, it is very difficult to practice.

Who should be administering temples?

Realistically Tirumala temple should be administered by Vaishnava Gurus, Archakas, Pandits and by practising Hindus who have mastered in Vedas and Hindu Scriptures. Instead, it is being administered by ruling party members who did not get an election ticket in previous elections, or by people related to the ruling party leader, or his/her caste members or by members of the ruling party who contested and lost the election. This is all making Tirumala a political rehabilitation centre of the ruling party.  Politicians have mastered the art of abusing Tirumala and other Hindu endowment wealth.

N.T. Rama Rao’s regime implemented Justice Challa Kondaiah commission’s recommendations[15]. This gave politicians a stronghold on Endowment wealth in United Andhra Pradesh. The temples are supposed to be the centres of Hindu Education and Samskruti. This is also where the research on Vedas and Sastras should progress. Presently these are done for namesake.

Because of political interference spirituality is declining at a rapid pace in Hindu dharmic places in both Telugu States and across Bharat. In the past temples were serving the poor and were giving free education[2]. Present day in the name of the poor the politicians are doing Bhakti business. The selfish and ignorant politicians are directing or forcing the Archakas (priests) to alter certain rituals and practices and in some cases stopping them altogether. The authenticity of some of the spiritual practices is being tampered to suit the political agendas. This irresponsibility of our politicians will show their effect on the coming generations.

These politicians and bureaucrats do not care about the poor. TTD administration is very much busy in worshipping the VIP’s while ignoring the poor. The endowment department is spending crores of rupees on salaries and other benefits to the employees. To add to this misery, the government increases the bus charges during Hindu festivals but gives gifts to Muslims and Christians during their festivals. It is well known that the endowment money is diverted to the states common good funds and that will be used for the political gains of the ruling party. Anti-corruption bureau confiscated hundreds of crores worth wealth from many endowment employees[3] [4].

A common man with great devotion donates his hard-earned money into temple Hundi, thinking that the money will be used for Hindu Dharmic causes. But that’s not happening. The money is supposed to be used for propagating Sanatana Dharma, spreading Vedic knowledge and for maintaining Hindu temples, is being misused. Tirumala temple has so much wealth that it could revive the Hindu Education system which is presently on its death bed with emergency oxygen.


Back to Hindu education system

India was under foreign rule for 800 years. During this period of foreign rule, the Indian education system declined rapidly. And finally, with the coming of the British to the subcontinent, Indian education was virtually exterminated. Now we have a golden opportunity to revive the native Hindu education which invented great things. Due to the greed of these politicians we are losing this great opportunity. The temple wealth can alone revive the Vedic education and knowledge systems which are unique to India. For the past 200 years, the western Christian civilization has been slowly appropriating Vedic and Indian knowledge [5] [6]. We can use temple money to preserve Hindu knowledge. Also, we can take the necessary precautions to get this authentic knowledge passed down to the coming generations.

The current CM of Andhra Pradesh, Y. S. Jagan Reddy is a Christian and his father Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy was a great supporter of Christian Missionaries. During his regime as Andhra chief Minister, YSR tried to separate 5 hills from Tirumala saying that Tirumala has only 2 hills. When there was a huge cry from the Hindu community across the world he backed off and issued an order declaring the seven hills belong to Bhagavan Shri Venkateshwara. There are rumours that during his regime a treasure was removed from Tirumala Pushkarini and transported in 108 ambulances. During YSR’s administration, many Christian evangelists tried to proselytize in Tirumala [7] and many Schedule and Backward Caste people were converted to Christianity on a large scale across the state (about 20% of united Andhra population)[8]. Many Christians were also given jobs in Hindu Dharmic administration. There was news in 2012 that Radar scanners were used to check the temple structures. What was not said in the news was that with these scanners it is possible to check for treasures hidden underground. [9]

After YSR came N. Chandrababu Naidu. During his regime, the main Archaka of Bhagavan Shri Venkateshwara accused the administration of digging in the temple kitchen for treasure. There were news reports that the temple gold was tampered with[10]. The main Archaka also accused the administration of stealing Bhagavan Venkateshwara’s gold. In 2018, in the name of Maha Samprokshana Naidu’s administration closed the temple, and there were allegations that this closure was to remove treasure from the temple premise. During the 2019 elections, about 1400 kg gold that belonged to TTD was found in Chennai. This raised suspicions[11].

Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy openly practices Christianity and his family supports evangelical missionaries. With this background what moral or ethical right has he, to meddle in Hindu temples? Does it not constitute a conflict of interest? How are Hindus supposed to understand this double-crossing? British leased lots of land to Churches in India. In many places, these leases have ended. But these politicians do not dare touch these lands.

There is a hidden business world in Tirumala, its annual turnover runs in several thousand crores. Most of this business continues with political support. TTD announces their hundi collection every day, But not the gold collection. There are allegations that 60% of the donated gold disappears in the form of impurity during the minting process. There is no account of valuable stones and gems in those ornaments.  There are many allegations that TTD cash is virtual. With the help of the bankers, these politicians are allegedly using temple cash. During an audit, they somehow arrange the cash but most of the time this cash is serving the interest of politicians. Thousands of acres of temple lands are being sold or leased to benamis of politicians[12] [13] [14]. Most importantly, let any party’s govt come to power – the auditing of the temple’s wealth does not happen as it should be, and there is no transparency.

There are many Hindu Gurus who follow very strict Sadhanas, Tapas and Niyamas to attain the Samadhi state. Niyama may sound simple but, it is very difficult to practice. Yet, Gurus like Shri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamy, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, Shri Vibhudeswara Maha Swamy are following this strict lifestyle. Gurus like them are the leaders of Hindu Spirituality and have no blot on their character. No other religion in the world has this difficult sadhana which is unique to Hinduism. It is these kinds of Gurus who should be heading or administering Tirumala and other temples across Bharat. Politicians and their boot-licking bureaucrats are only serving their own self-interest and not that of the poor Hindus.

The way out of this situation is to minimize government interference in Hindu Dharmic places. The present central government should enact a law freeing temples from the clutches of greedy politicians across Bharat. Subsequently, the administration must be handed over to Devout Hindu Gurus, who are well reputed and respected in Hindu Society. By doing so we will get the opportunity to revive the spiritual and Hindu education system. If we do not correct this mess now, the future generations can never forgive us.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. I share your concern about tirumala, mam…
    It’s a war which we Hindus voluntarily sought by being unreactive — when government took away temples, we were silent,
    When non believers entered temples we were least bothered…
    When Hindu traditions were mocked at in movies we were laughing with them…

    This resembles yudhistra who went n fell in the trap of Duryodhan…

    We Hindus (Pandavas) were looted of our temples, traditions, customs, our rituals of which we were the pride owners …(like Pandavas who lost Indraprastha, land, people etc) — now all missionary groups are copying our music, our dance, our rituals, our festivals, our divine collections ….

    We forgot god n maintenance of temples..
    And now when they try to strip us (like Draupadi) of our Hindu saints, poets , their works we cry foul ….

    We demand justice and we seek Bhishma (modi), drona (shah) who are debted to international organisations (UNO, EU – dhirthrashtra – who remain blind to all super countries and their activities)

    Instead we should seek Krishna who can help us save our traditions…
    For the time being we are saved…(atleast we are not converted forcibly as during congress rule)

    We have to fight our own battle… To preserve Dharma and Hinduism…
    This momentum should go on… Resonate in every part of India.. and every Hindu should unitedly voice for freeing temples and to secure Hinduism…
    It’s a long way especially with secular Hindus…
    But we have to move on and spread the vibration…
    There will be a second independence war to free Hindus …

    • I guess most of the leases for minority educational institutions are over… But no one is gonna take action against these poison filled anti-national minority educational institutions… Because of international pressure.

  2. The Real clash will NOT BE between ISLAM AND HINDUISM, it is the WAR OF EXTERMINATION against the last Eastern Spiritual Religion, standing by the satans from deepest hells of netherworld, the Xtians, the incarnates of demons from deepest netherworlds, even the Satan would not match to their evil savagery and bloodthirst. ISLAM IN INDIA, has been infiltrated by the evil subversive bloodlust of Xtianity of Hell Jebus and his deviish incarnation called Stalin, both greatest evils. ISLAM IN INDIA IS BEING USED AS CANNON FODDER AGAINST HINDUS, FOR BENIFIT OF THE WHITE SUPREMACIST GOONDAISM called Xtainity, AND THE REAL EVIL IS ITALIAN SONIA BEHIND IT..SRI LANKA, BURMA, VIETNAM, PAKISTAN AND MOST OF AFRICA ARE COMPARITIVELY SAFE because all of them ASSASSINATED THE STOOGES AND TODIES PLACED BY WHITE RACIST ENSLAVERS, EXCEPT INDIA.. The difference is JUST ONE. THE EVIL WHITE SKINNED BASTARD PRD NEHRU, CONG AND MEDIA (THE RUNNING DOGS OF WHITE FASCIST, VATICAN, OPUSDEI, CIA)

    • Agree… Christian groups are more dangerous than Islamists.
      200 years of British rule destroyed Hinduism more than 800 years of Muslims ..
      There are good n bad people every where…
      Let’s pray for bad people to be exposed n good people be protected to establish Dharma.

  3. TN has been gobbled up by Dravider Draculas created by the EVIL, XTIAN SATANS. Good thing is that these Dravider Draculas will be butchered en mass by their White Xtian MAA KE YAAR as they wipe Xtian Blacks, Browns every year, for the bloodthirsty dark satanic Vatican rituals, by planting newer diseases. They will wipe when their use if finished after creating this new breed of eternal slaves whose women are ready to get f..ked by White Gods of hell in name of satan Yahoweh

  4. Xtian Church is a SERPENT, which devours entire cultured civilizations through the use of cunning, vle, guile, strife, massacre and then genocide. These Rapine, Armies of evil, in condom caps belong to the draculaine creed of blood thirsty fake god, but real Rakshas. The Rakshas of ypre were Xtians, AND THEIR BASTARD PRD COmmies. The devastation wrecked by this SATAN Dravidar Dracula Stalin , Karunanidhi famiies in TN is now complete with the xtian darcula drinking the blood. AND XTIANITY IS NOTHING BUT WHITE SUPREMACIST BARBARISM without any spirituality as IT IS NOT A RELIGION but the ideology of White barbaric Supremacy. THESE DRAVIDER DRACULAS now have to be shown their Truth ruthlessly. The Tribals from deserts of Ethopia, 100 BC arrival Nagas (Niggas, Negros) who have destroyed TN for their White masters, they destroyed Granthi language, destroyed Adi Draviders. THEIR ATTACK on TN Brahmins is because TN Brahmins are only Brahmins who saved Vedas by memorizing the entire Vedas, the same White barbaric Xtian evil bloodthirsty maniac WHO BOMBED AND KILLED 100 refugee blacks in an air strike in Libya today, lest these black Xtians reach teh White Hell hole of Europe

  5. Many of us know the malaise but none work or give a solution. There was something called free temple’s movement but I’m not sure where it is now. Its not democracy but mobocracy until n unless we are visible and loud. No god is going to help us. Smaller communities just see how well they are organised.

  6. Please tell this to our PM Mr.Modi and HM Mr.Shah. They are the ones controlling centre and Jagan. Why can’t they free the temple from govt control?

  7. It is an irony that Hindus donate wealth/cash to temples in the hope that they are effectively used for temple purposes, but it is not correct. I suggest hindus instead of donating money to temples, they can donate / help their own brethren / relatives etc with money or in the form of education / health expdr etc. so that the donee and doner are happy and it promotes unity amongs hindus.

  8. All Hindus who give suggestions that we ( who are these we) should take up this matter to the Supreme Court should realise that advice is dime a dozen. It would be good if people who suggest this start the process themselves.

  9. Chandra Babu loses election and suddenly Hinduism is in danger in AP! Wearing skull cap he virulently provoked Muslims against BJP in recent election. His official pamphlet Andhrajyothi news paper predicts that Jagan Reddy will convert all BCs into Christianity. Jagan Reddy is a Christian – no doubt about it. But it is the opportunistic politicians like Babu who are real threat to Hindus in AP. Modi and Shah know these tricks of Babu and that is the reason they tacitly supported Jagan in recent elections. So to set the record straight:
    1. Subba Reddy is a staunch Hindu
    2. There is no new threat to Hindus in AP, which didn’t exist earlier. It is for BJP to protect Hindu interests from the threats posed by wily politicians like Babu.
    3. Jagan, though a Christian, conducted several Chandi Homas, of course, to attain power. This augurs well for Hinduism. He has a lot of respect for seers, gurus, etc.
    4. Babu as CM appointed a non believer like Sudhakar Yadav as TTD chairman just for political advantage. He doesn’t remove his shoes while performing rituals during foundation laying ceremonies.
    5. Please don’t allow pgurus as a forum for Kamma Reddy fight. Let them do this elsewhere.
    PS: I am no supporter of Jagan

  10. We are headed towards Rs 5 trillion Economy, Forget the rest is the attitude of Central Govt. What can we expect from them? The ruling politicians took our votes promising Ek Naara – Jai Shri Ram, Removal of Art 35A/370 from Indian constitution, good governance, etc and whereas immediately after coming to power, they became too SICKULAR, in the process they have out beaten their predecessor & by improved sickular conduct of appeasing minorities, by announcing scholarships only for Minority community students [ and not for all deserving students, irrespective of communities they belong ]. Congress betrayed the trust of Hindus since 1947 and they are almost gone into oblivion, next the turn of BJP, for betraying the mandate 2019 of Hindus.

      • Hey Xtian subversive , get lost, lots of cryptos are active here TO TRY TO MINDWASH HINDUS, against MODI and get Inquisition raj.. You quote the Running dog of Western Xtianity, the running dog of Vatican-OpusDei, CIA, IS SHUKAR (PIG) COUPTA himself a Crypto bastard. The AUGUSTA AND FAKE COUP PLANTER WHO IS ACCUSED OF RAPE..JUST use your proper Xtian name. treacherous murderous creed of savages who commit, not massacres but genocides have to be weeded out, AND ARE RECOGNIZABLE.

  11. It’s time Hindus move to supreme court and ask their temples back because an elected govt is for all the religion and hence no business to meddle with our affairs. If so let them also regularize Xian missionaries and mosques. Why hindu temple money alone for general welfare?
    Else we should pressurize our parliamentarians to bring a new law for getting our temples back to be governed by practicing Hindus and not double cross people. Let our spiritual leaders conduct temples properly ..letcthem collect money and build hospitals, schools &colleges to educate our masses, our culture..to abreast modern life in a culturally sane way.

  12. Good news is that the SC has recently opined that the affairs of Temples / religious places should be handled by their own administrative bodies, not by the Govt.
    That has opened the doors for a suitable law to be brought in.
    One hopes that it’ll be done soon.


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