What India needs to do to become a $5 Trillion economy in 5 years

How India can reach 5 Trillion economy in next 5 years. Sree Iyer suggests some ways by which economy can be boosted and foreign investments can rise


  1. # Foreign Economists ! They may not understand, the problems of the laymen in India. The wheels of ndian Economy keeps moving, due to the middle-class and the lower middle-class. They will not be lent money, by the banks and financial institutions. The Creamy would borrow in millions, and fly off to safe Havens.Foreign Economists, may not suit India. I am not an Economist. The Public may be good educators, to the planners.Corruption, is the basic issue.

  2. First things first
    1) Standardize post office, police office, utlity office i.e. building should be distinct & easily recognizable
    2) Have something like modern office furniture & not sitting on tons of paper files
    3) Make the municipal schools look good where Children can have pride of their school building
    4) Digitize & improve the municipality office with modern office infrastructure & not though the filty urinary smell all around.


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