Aditya Satsangi President Americans4Hindus on CAIR Seattle Minnesota resolutions

Aditya Satsangi, a founder of Americans4Hindus, a SuperPAC organization that represents the interests of Hindus and Sanatanis in the US, talks about the role of CAIR in getting Anti-CAA resolutions passed in Seattle and Twin Cities of Minnesota. A must watch!


  1. Combat seekers generated Conflicts:
    These adventurers, self proclaimed ‘Do Gooders’ must be held liable for their mischiefs.
    If lawsuit is a way to put them against the wall, I am willing to contribute towards funds.
    In a situation of occupation ; the dominant power [(A) & (B)] has to justify what it is doing. In this case the powers to be decided to blame the victim.
    Once you have become a raving racist in self-defense, you have lost your capacity (C) to understand what is happening. (§§§)
    Kashama Sawant (from Mumbai) became a US citizen in 2010 when she was 37.
    She said, »I was not happy in India ».Now through her conduct’she is neither happy in USA’.
    Mischiefmongers, Misfits find it hard to asimilate in to any civil society.
    Kashama Sawant is an unreliable ally.
    Her ‘papered over’ resume is a proof.
    So she could unload her ‘baggage’ on others, she is looking for Scapegoats, underdogs.
    Her rhetoric « development after destruction » is indicative of her goals, e.g. enslavement.
    Her newly concocted ‘socialism’ would face the same fate as her promise to contribute towards welfare of people who provided for her education. She would do the same, once she moves up the rung in social ladder. She has been thankless to God (goodwill minded Americans hero) for the opportunity she got. She usually invests her resources to install barriers, thus deprive others a similar opportunity, be in USA or in the place she was born.
    The ‘Socialism’ front she is using to advance her career is classic WMD.
    The last time, WMD rhetoric was advanced and pushed forward, USA fell backwards immediately by 20 Plus years.
    USA may soon find facing ‘no friends here’ space.
    Would USA be able to digest, absorb consequences due this brat’s use of WMD-Weapon of Mass Delusion ?
    When a person is dependent upon, addicted to ‘attention’ for survival, and finds it not coming ; strips one’s clothes up and shouts rape.
    She pigged on hospitality of her new hosts is thankless for an illuminated stage provided especially for her with ‘Socialism’ lights.
    Actually the only assurance is that she would betray her allies, for some loose change.
    Of course, she is neither a light-house, nor a bulb, but a post with only sticker of a lamp, no oil and no fire. This ambitious daily wager is hell bent upon (coercion if needed) leading innocents on a path waiting to be lit by generator of her dreams, naturally to doom, gloom.
    Does she have an autorisation to conduct such experiments, own a laboratory ? (§)
    Her partners own a ‘Salami’ fabrication fatory. The characteristics of this overly advertised priced ‘Salami’ is the complete loss of identity of constituents, basic starting material (§)
    In communism, you (people) get a chance to vote, but only ‘once’.
    She chose her finger-thin political plank between ‘Communism’ and Nazism. Do you know why ? Because of her fear of loosing US citizenship if exposed for her links to these extremist ideologies.
    A communist has ‘Nothing’ and assertive communist wants to share it (Nothing) with rest of the world.
    Her hooliganism is reminicent of early days of Adolf.
    She pontificates peace, the delivery of her vision of peace has been impressive, her model of peace is verbatim dictated by her allies in Islam. Islamists make no space for co-existence, Islamists concept of peace has been ‘graveyard peace’ with a little-paint job of modernity here and there.
    W.M.D. = Strip & Tease
    Their rhetoric ‘Stop Genocide in India’ ; WMD-2020 is re-formed, remodelled after 2000.
    WMD-2020 :
    Owners venting their own frustrations, solving their personal problems at public’s cost.
    Value loaded terms.
    Valueless ; When mind is like a Mathematical Beehive of pure mathematical objectivity, No unthinkable act of terror (non imaginable included) is impossible.
    What is your job, profession ?
    Criticise ?
    Why did you move to USA ? What difference did USA bring in to your life ?
    Reform your self first.
    Exemplary model ?
    Dear USA,
    Atleast you could shed a bright light on the dark labyrinth character of Kashama Sawant, her partners at Equality Labs (Refubrished Nazis Social Engineering cum human- destruction laboratory) and like-minded cohorts.
    B) Equality Labs :
    Exemplary model ?
    What is owner’s job, profession ?
    Display of modules, merchandise gives the impression : Owner’s Garage Sale before quitting the town at midnight ? (*)
    It is practically impossible to ascertain if owner of Equality Labs is a Male or Male with a Double Hole or a Clueless. (**)
    Is the owner also working ‘Koolaid’ table at the Garage sale ?
    Very likely so.
    (*)Integrity of business is not coming forth and credibility of owner lacks transparency.
    (**)Before a person expects others, society to take person’s signature seriously, the person must furnish a proof of puberty. In the absence of this proof, taking the owner, owner’s statements seriously would be at one’s peril.
    Is the owner also working ‘Koolaid’ table at the Garage sale ? (***)
    (**) Mandate of Equality Labs is ambiguous about it.
    Now mix the above ‘particles’ with owner’s version/understanding of religion, cultures, MNC-Equality Labs is in the business of masquerading, promoting ‘ identitiless Salami’ as culture, religion.
    Equality Labs justifies its attack on India/ns through a link.
    The contents of the link are false, misleading. Dr Subramaniam Swami in a recently published news ( mentioned that he was planning to sue a high level UNO official for defamation.
    It parrots :
    Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan.
    The source is a website ‘Vice’ in Canada owned by a Pakistani TV
    Earlier this week, Adama Dieng who is the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide expressed his “concerns” over reports of “increasing discrimination against minorities” in India since the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act in December 2019. Interestingly, even the UN seems inept at differentiating propaganda from reality.
    He said that he will soon send a legal notice to Dieng. Adama Dieng is from Senegal, professionally a lawyer and a former registrar of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
    “I need practice so I will enjoy suing in court a United Nation official for defamatory lies”, said Swamy.
    What should we do now ?
    The malicious culprits, accused must be judged by a court and pay for damages caused.
    I shall contribute towards funding a litigation.
    Juris-prudence :
    The following is not a fiction, but a factual-murder :
    The Horman case was made into the Hollywood film Missing (1982), directed by Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras.
    The film was based on a book first published in 1978 under the title The Execution Of Charles Horman: An American Sacrifice, and written by Thomas Hauser; this book was later republished under the title Missing in 1982.
    When the film was released by Universal Studios,
    Nathaniel Davis, the United States Ambassador to Chile from 1971 to 1973, filed a US$150 million libel suit against the director and the studio, despite not having been named directly in the movie (he had been named in the book).
    A court eventually dismissed Davis’s suit.[4]
    The film was removed from the market during the lawsuit but re-released upon its dismissal.
    C) When pot calls Kettle black ?
    The Racist Bigots-Kashama Sawant, Equality Labs and their followers are ventilating personal agenda, spewing Hate at public’ cost and poisoning the society with their manufactured Hate. (§§§)
    All the accusations against people of India, especially Dharama following Hindus and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are Pure Hate.
    Of course, any sensible society would scream, when there is menace, to strangle the existence minimum resources of a nation (Until about 2010, NGO’s and their financiers in occidental west ‘Pin-pricked’ India and Pakistan bled India. Just imagine the sight of 200 Million Pakistanis crossing over the border to India.
    Dharma following Hindus have been tolerant and would stay tolerant, until someone makes a game of their tolerance. Tolerance is a SUBJECTIVE term.
    So, why do these loud-mouths deny Narendra Modi a chance, leading a transformed India (Afghanistan frontier on the west side) and Eastern borders of Bangladesh ?
    Mr Arif Aajakia is an ex-Mayor from Karachi, Pakistan and lives in exile. He lays before you (Google and YouTube search) the kind of life Muslims lead in Pakistan and the worse-infernal life of non-Muslims.


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