आज की पार्टी मेरी तरफ से

आज की पार्टी मेरी तरफ से

आज की पार्टी मेरी तरफ से
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  1. This is unique and most legit way to beg from own supporters. The level of stoop shown by Arvind Kejriwal and his Corporate Firm Aam Aadmi Party is out of anyone’s mind and character. He is Hardik Patel (or vice versa) in matured form. India has witnessed so many poltician (from Criminal to Educated) and their party and abusing each other. But this person is one in itself and such level whose cannot be measured, because measuring him is insult to measurement itself, a garbage mind of collecting funds on not calling for inauguration and publically.

    It reminiscent me of my friend that in young age when we all play cricket and that particular friend who owns bat is bowled in first ball. He demands another chance or run away from the game. Such pschycopathic friend we used to call him. And always to laugh at his behaviour and narturing and teaching of this family was questioned. So at my family I was being taught to accept the defeat and failure with france and that you have to behave sensibly and should know what is right, by giving that idiots friends example. Though, he became sensible at age when he was ready to get married. We other friends came to conclusion that friend was, may be, his environment or surrounded by sycophants that he didn’t realise the idiot and mindless creature he behaved entire childhood time.

    Aha, seen such after ages making mess of state and deleting the word governance from his own goverment. Sole reason could be may be…. (Stated supra)


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