Turkey sheltered Al-Baghdadi and it is the Kurds who helped the US: Prof M D Nalapat

ISIS was aided, abetted and funded without realizing the setup, says Prof Nalapat. ISIS was an amorphous group where the soldiers went in and out of ISIS. How ISIS gained land in Iraq and then ran a.roaring crude oil business. A must watch!

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  1. ground-breaking: pappu & bottle were born in Z+ security

    How did drugs & alcohol reach the two???No drug peddler or wine shop owner (irrespective of how big a lieutenant of dawood he is) would dare sell his goods to the two without risking incurring the official wrath of the Indian state

    How did pappu become a drug addict and bottle become a hardcore alcoholic?

    tdk didn’t just sell her soul, her husband and the nation to the devil but also the life and well-being of her own children.

  2. The world now knows why the fanatic Erdogan wants to kill all Zoroastrians. The world must take note of such dangerous religious senseless destructive hotheads.


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