Vairamuthu and his lies exposed

This vilest comment has served to unify Hindus across the spectrum in Tamil Nadu and they are beginning to register their protest in various places.

In recent days, Tamil Hindus and particularly Vaishnavaites have been up in arms. It finally looks like the Hindu patience is beginning to wear. Hinduism and its various streams have been a perpetual attack from the past at least 1000 years. If the Islamic invasion brutally attacked and physically exterminated Hindus in their bloody 800-year reign, colonialism was more insidious and stealthy in the way they targeted Hindu faith.

Indology, the discipline started during colonial times for the westerner to study India using a missionary/Marxist/Abrahamic lens is still alive and kicking today. The havoc Indological theories have caused in India are visible in the rampant deracination of Hindus thereby making them ready for harvest by soul vultures or desert cultures. Hindu gods, seers, sages, customs, traditions and rituals have been under sustained attack by these Indological experts and Hindus have been more or less either ignoring them or getting co-opted into their narrative.

It looks like finally there is change blowing in the wind. The insults have been one too many and Hindus in Tamil Nadu are finally beginning to say enough is enough.

The proverbial last straw which broke the camel’s back seems to have been the proclamation by noted Tamil film music lyricist Sri. Vairamuthu that the revered Vaishnavaite saint Andal was a prostitute (devadasi).

This most vile comment has served to unify Hindus across the spectrum in Tamil Nadu and they are beginning to register their protest in various places. The prominent gurus and matthadipatis have also registered their strong protest against this unfair portrayal of a revered and venerated figure and in fact are leading the peaceful protests in various places.

Vairamuthu, when confronted for this most offensive and disgraceful comment quickly, shifted the onus on to academia stating that he was only reiterating what was stated in a book from “Indiana University” in the US. Indiana University has put out a statement saying that they have never written on the subject. It has come to the notice of many that the work Vairamuthu was referring to is an Edited volume from Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla. Despite the disclaimer from Indiana University, there has been no retraction of the statement Vairamuthu made.

In a very recent video, a bhakta has decided to delve deeper into this book that Vairamuthu is referring to. The book referred to by Vairamuthu is Indian Movements: Some Aspects of Dissent Protest and Reform edited by S C Malik and published by Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. This book calls Andal as a devadasi in a paper titled Bhakti Movement in South India written by Prof. M G S Narayanan and Prof. Veluthat Kesavan, professors at Calicut University, Kerala. These authors have in turn claimed in the paper that they have referred to another older writing for this calling of Andal a “devadasi”. The work that they say they have got their reference from is an article named The History of Sri Vaishnavas written by one T A Gopinatha Rao in 1923. When one searches for the said book, it seems that this book is available in the University of Chicago library. In this article, Gopinatha Rao states that Andal refused to marry anyone except the god Ranganatha at Srirangam temple when she reached a marriageable age and that her father Periyalwar acquiesced to her wishes. At no place has Gopinatha Rao mentioned the word “devadasi”. It is the handwork of the two professors from Calicut University to have translated the above to mean that Andal was a devadasi. This in turn has been picked up by Vairamuthu to make his very offensive statement.

Hope this is a turning point in the psyche of the Tamil Hindu and that from here onwards, Hindus will actively work to protect their artifacts from distortion by globally led vested interests interested in breaking the spine of Hindus.

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  1. Supposing I am asked to speak about Mr C N Annadurai, who is generally referred to as ‘Peraraignar Anna’ by his followers, on his birthday. I should speak about his good qualities like leadership, humility, etc. and avoid controversial remarks. I should not use the occasion to denigrate the person by quoting an article about him written by his close friend, and to some extent his mentor, Poet Bharathithasan. In that article, Bharathithasan had written very bad words about Anna’s mother and sister and also had made a disparaging remark about Anna’s caste, his dishonest politicking, etc. If I indulge in such act, however authentic my source and what is written in it, my motive is clearly ulterior, viz., settle a score with the dravidian leader. That I can always do on other platforms but not on that day.

    Mr Vairamuthu has done precisely the same. Not only that, he quotes the source as a research publication of Indiana University to make it credible, esoteric. This utter lie by Vairamuthu confirms his motive: to use the opportunity to denigrate Aandal and through that to hurt the feelings of those who rever Aandal and stir up needless controversy.

    Whether Aandal was really born in a devadasi family, whether ‘devadasi’ is a bad word or not, etc., are beside the point.

  2. Please continue your good work. All the best ?. We need whistle-blowers like you.
    These converted Parasites – yes, parasites need a check.

  3. A strong advice to the secular Hindus..Please boycott and Ignore Thagaramuthu’s name and literature .Never ever take his name or his literature in any of your discourses and narratives.. He is not even fit to be a normal human being..

  4. I don’t know , where the article writer come across that Devadasi means prostitute…..if the authour can show us the evidence in any Tamil literature where The word Devadasi used to mention Prostitute…

    • Devadasis were accomplished artists passing on artistic worship tradition to generation after generation. It is the western “reformers” that bad mouthed devadasis. If Devadasis are of questionable character, then what are this who name themselves Ramdas, Krishnadas, Devdas, Bhagvan Das, Purushottam Das, Keshav Das, Hari Das (whole bhakti pants is called Hair Dasas), Tulsi Das, Ghanshyam Das, Durga Das, and so on.

      • you are correct, seshaadri daas, I was blind on this issue, later when this cropped up, i saw the news channels, I have not found any bad expressions of vairamuththu, i was on the custom of those days, as you mentioned, that too, these people say he lied, may be he lied of indiyana university, or not, but now certainly your people, made this word as bad, and brought out the two books, written long back, that too , brahmins themselves.Now every body is aware of these two books, thanks to the publicity given by these fellows, later stage these brahmins made these word as bad, making tamil girls as devadaasi and not intersted in scrapping the system, the then chief minister saththyamoorthy declared in the assembly that he will abide by sasthras and will not abide by law

  5. Very strange all these liberals who claimed to have rights to criticize Hinduism today protested strongly against Da vinci code (Film was totally banned), ensured Taslima Nasrin is driven out of this country. On the presumption that Vishwaroopam decries their community we saw the violence unleashed by them on the Chennai main roads. It is surprising that the very people who all opposed these when it was against their community criticize Hindus. First of all, it is our right to defend from any foreign forces (non-Hindu) to speak false stories about us. I am a practicing Vaishnavaite who firmly believes in my path but respect other faiths and beliefs. Namazhvar proclaims “Avar avar iraiyavar kuraivilar niraiavar” (Everyone’s god is no less they are supreme to their followers).

  6. It is believed in thousands of years that Andal is an incarnation of Boomadevi.
    In all Perumal temples there is there is a separate sannathi for Andal like Mahalakshmi.
    Like Padmavati is incarnation of Mahalakshmi, born as daughter of Karvetti King.
    and Meenakshi ,an incarnation of Parvathi and born as daughter of Pandya King.
    It is entirely a matter of faith and belief of Hindus.
    Vairamuthu has insulted millions of Hindus by his comments on Andal.
    I have worshiped in 105 Divya Desams on earth except Muktinath and is it possible to express
    my agony on his comment on Andal.
    This may be the case of millions of Hindus.
    It is time to stop any nonsense against Hindu faiths.

  7. Father Jothiprakasham you are right we should not be afraid of the 10000 people coming to street for protest against vairamuthu. Hinduism is religions of gods who are prostitutes and devils. During last days they will know. Alleluyah

    • If you apply Thagaramuthu’s logic to your Mother Mary your foundation shakes. The fear has already gripped the DMK camp. Yesterday one such person Prasanna was kicked out of a meeting. DMK supported by the ranks of Christians and Muslims have lost deposit in a constituency. A person who spoke ill of Andal in Pudhiya thalaimurai died within 12 hrs. The likes of Vairamuthu, Kanimozhi will suffer a similar fate.

      • Actor Vivek who was always criticising Hindu customs never did the same to other religions…
        sishupal was forgiven by Krishna every time he spoke ill of Krishna but was finally punished ….
        And Vivek was punished finally….by the death of his son……
        God’s calculations are different from humans…
        Let’s wait and watch.

        • one famous karnatic singer husband committed suicide by jumping into coovam river, is it also the same, we feel sorry for all persons who suffer, you say you are refined, etc, but you write like this, if you believe god, or believe in what you said, then wait and see, do not write like this, sometimes it become poomarung, on god,s wish

  8. Mooditu pongada dai. I feel no offense. If H Raja claims to be a Hindu, I regret to be called a born Hindu. Nothing will happen. Don’t worry. Modi has long list of states to take care and Amit has long list of judges to take care in his own way.

  9. There is nothing such a protest aganist Vairamuthu as shown in media. It is small brahmin group shouting and they want to show that they are the Hindu followers. They say Hindu Tamils, Christian Tamil and Muslim Tamil.We Tamils are one and there is no such Division..We are United. In rural areas no one talk about Hindu Munnani. They should not think that people going to temples are aganist Dravidian principle.One Should not think BJP is getting more influence.People are aganist BJP because of its attitude towards Tamil nadu and now it is exposed lot. Vairamuthu is respectable person. Some Brahmins are shouting it does not mean that whole Tamilnadu supporting them. People in Tamilnadu very well who support for Tamils. Media should not mislead.

    • Yes, yes you tamils are all one. BC Tamils, OBC Tamils, MBC Tamils, SC Tamils, etc etc. Even your name is not Tamil. Change it first.

      • It is not a small Brahmin group that opposes. Was Ramadoss a brahmin? In fact, he strongly vouches for a particular community that was suppressed for a long time. We come from a faith established by Sri. Ramanuja who believed, preached and practiced universal love. We are not talking about BJP. We are discussing about the third rate writing of Thagaramuthu.

        • Yes… Bjp supported Hindus and Hindus will show their power during elections… Not everyone who opposes vairamuthu came to the street …. Most of them flocked to the temples…
          Stalin got scared of his deposit loss in RK Nagar and wrongly assumed that christian votes went to Dina and hence called upon Esra sargunam and to please him Kanimozhi talked about tirumala temple…poor girl she didn’t know that Rajasekar Reddy was blown to pieces by tirumala god…. And again vairamuthu was asked to defame andal….
          DMK will be punished for their acts…and the sins they have done to tamilnadu in letting christian groups grow up.

    • It is all your wish and what happens in TN is entirely different. It is clearly shown in the article that your respectable Vairamuthu has lied. You have no answer for that. He is a seller of Tamil for his livelihood and he has no business to offend the sentiments of others.

      • Comment:

        The term used by Vairamuthu “Devadasi” doesn’t mean ‘prostitute’ as depicted in this half boiled article.

        The ‘Devadasi’ which means ‘servant of god’ was a highly revered ascetic practice encouraged in hindu religion. They actually served god and patroned various art forms like dance and singing. Baratha nattiyam has continued to exist because of them.

        Where as “vesi” is the correct tamil term for prostitute, which was not used by Vairamuthu.

        1. If use of the word “devadasi” is wrong then what about the system that promoted it ?

        2. Who merged these two words ?

        3. Who insulted Andaal ? Vairamuthu or protesting actors or politicians?

        4. Historical question. Who actually converted “Devadasi to Vesi” ? Also from the same system ?

        Can anyone answer these questions without prejudice ?

        (British brought a ban on the “devadasi” system because it was misused by people from the same system)

        • Dude. He was the one who insulted Andal and Devadasi community. Vaishnavaites as such introduce each other as Bhagavat Dasas. The description of Andal as a person loaded with sexual feelings and without any proof saying that she is a devadasi is nothing but full of lies. The description in the article clearly establishes what Vairamuthu says by Devadasi. In fact, he has insulted the whole community. Kindly do not twist that we have some offense with the word Devadasi. I would like you to ponder what would happen if one extends Mr. Vairamuthu’s definition to mother Mary? What would have been the reaction of your community Will you accept? I would not have accepted such a description. Like Mary is a mother to your community, Andal is one for us. She proclaims that she is the daughter of Periazhvar in her compositions and Periazhvar proclaims that “I had a daughter, I brought her up as Mahalakshmi, the red-eyed Lord Thirumal (Ranganatha) took her to his abode. There is a clear documentation and denying all these if one claims that she is from some other community what could one infer. It is blatant attempt to twist the historical facts.

          • If you know Tamizh Kindly read “Oru magal thannai udaiyen, ulagam Niraindha Pugazhal, thirumagal pol valarthen Sengan maal dhaan kondu ponan” pasuram in Periazhvar Thirumozhi 3.8.4. We have nothing to hide as we have clearly documented that one of the Azhvars (Thondaradipodi Azhvar) who was born in a Brahmin community fell for a Devadasi and then underwent a change. Thagaramuthu’s (Sorry Vairamuthu) article lack intellectual honesty. BTW the article has many flaws beyond this point.

        • In fact thagaramauthu’s true intention of describing Andal as a devadasi is revealed in the line when he says “In contrast to the stringent practices of Buddhist and Jain discipline, the practice of such enjoyment opened the gates of the then religion (obviously he is referring to what is called as Hinduism today)”. What is the enjoyment that Thagaramuthu is talking about? He already claimed that Andal crossed barriers (Kama avesam kondu vitthadhalum) that is not acceptable for the community. This is completely false. Some may pretend or they are deliberately doing if they ignore this nasty description of Thagaramuthu. We see this article as a continued effort of an earlier attempt where they scandalously introduced a chapter titled “Nonbu” and described Andal, Periazhvar and Vallabhadevan by Daniel Selvaraj (Again surprising he has a Christian name). After systematic efforts, the topic was deleted from the curriculum. What Thagaramuthu did today was to bring that toned down version to public discourse in. THe article he cits was another handiwork of a communist Kesavan and totally ignorant MHS Narayanan. In fact, Periazhvar did not even think about who she was, instead adopted her and Andal lived as Periazhvar’s daughter till she was on this earth. If you question how come Andal can reach the holy feet of Ranganatha idol, then it would also open questions on the ideology that Christianity preaches that Jesus Christ came back alive three days after he was crucified.

    • This post gives the facts of the case. If you want to rebut, do so with facts. By deviating from the subject, you are accepting defeat.


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