Was it Anti-BJP or Anti-incumbency that caused the BJP to lose the election?

At least in MP and 36garh, Prof. RV feels that the younger generation has not seen any other CM and therefore, the change may be to see what the other party has to offer


  1. It proved that BJP is run by UN-elected political leaders after 2014 election by blackmailing MODI.In 2014 MODI started well with his style of canvassing.He started Video Van and appeared online on stages through internet.BJP van moved from village to Village in 2014 election all over India.BJP leaders worked hard with no ego.Now all are full of ego and over confidence .BJP lost the confidence of voters and Voters lost faith and trust on BJP.
    BJP betrayed Its own core voters whereas Congress started appeasement of Muslims and Christians.Secular have supported them as they knows BJP is Hindu party.Muslim Christians are feeling panicked by rising popularity of BJP and MODI and they thinks that IF Modi get re-elected as PM in 2019 they have n place in a Hindu India.
    Congress enticed many greedy selfish and saleable Hindu sadhu saints who sold their mothers sisters daughters to Congress sex perverts and worked for Congress like slaves on payments of cash.Devki Nandan Thakur is one among them who sold his conscience to Congress ON payments of cost.
    BJP failed to show to voters that it is a responsible party who wont forgive the looters plunderers of country national wealth in 10 years of UPA govt.
    Arun Jaitely is blackmailing MODI and sabotaging BJP MODI AMI

  2. only one solution for BJP to come to power is that they should come out how his FM along with his higher ups delayed the prosecution of corrupt ex FM and remove or oust the present FM immediately as new year gift for country men who voted for BJP to come to power,

  3. Sree, Prof RV is the most distinguished of all the pguru guests. Criticises BJP reasonably.
    BTW, what does NITA stand for? ( I mean the acronym )


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