Arun Jaitley-run Finance Ministry delays Sanction for Prosecution again of five officers, co-accused of Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis case

What is the reason for Arun Jaitley to continue to hold back Sanction for Prosecution against corrupt officers who aided Chidambaram? What is he afraid of?

What is the reason for Arun Jaitley to continue to hold back Sanction for Prosecution against corrupt officers who aided Chidambaram? What is he afraid of?
What is the reason for Arun Jaitley to continue to hold back Sanction for Prosecution against corrupt officers who aided Chidambaram? What is he afraid of?

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley again is doing double-dealing to save his close friend and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram. The Sanction for Prosecution of five officers in Aircel-Maxis case has been delayed once again. This led to a further postponement of the case to January 11, 2019, and interim protection of the tainted Chidambaram, the main accused in the case.

On November 26, under instructions from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was able to save face in the court by providing Sanction for Prosecution (SP) against the main accused former Finance Minister Chidambaram. The CBI promised that by the next sitting, i. e. December 18, they would provide SP against the following five officers who are co-accused with Chidambaram of illegally approving FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) clearance to Malaysian firm Maxis to take over Aircel.

  1. Ashok Jha, former Finance Secretary
  2. Ashok Chawla, former Finance Secretary
  3. Kumar Sanjay Krishnan IAS, currently in Assam cadre
  4. Deepak Kumar Singh IAS, currently in Bihar cadre
  5. Ram Saran, retired Under Secretary in FIPB

Before filing the Chargesheet on July 19, CBI had filed its request for Sanction for Prosecution to Finance Ministry through Department of Personnel in the second week of July. The agency’s request is still pending with the Finance Ministry. It is easy to see that Arun Jaitley is protecting his close friend Chidambaram.

Is Chidambaram blackmailing Arun Jaitley? Chidambaram might be threatening to expose Jaitley by releasing the illegal amassment of wealth by son Rohan, daughter Sonali and her husband Jayesh Bakshi who are minting money from Corporates through the so-called legal retainership fee. None can be blamed for doubting this aspect[1].

Whatever the reason behind Jaitley’s pussyfooting in providing Sanction for Prosecution against the co-accused five officers, it is high time Prime Minister Narendra Modi rap his knuckles and give him marching orders, for working against the mandate of his Government.


[1] Aircel-Maxis Sanction for Prosecution: Is Accused Chidambaram blackmailing Finance Minister Arun Jaitley? Nov 17, 2018,

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  1. ArunJaitley roared in the Parliament on March 2, 2016: “Nobody will be spared in Aircel-Maxis deal:ED and CBI have incriminating documents” AJ more than 32 months have gone by. The culprits are out maiming, taunting qand ridiculing BJP. Is the Crook holding an ACE card and keeping you at bay? Time to come clean and accept defeat and failure to deliver.

  2. Well Wishers and Patriotic Nationalists like Mr. S. Gurumurthy should be GUTSY to bring out the fault lines in the current BJP Ruling Caucus in weeding out Corruption at the TOP. SG writes a lot about the DMK vs. ADMK misrule as the Editor of Tamil Magazine Tuklak. Then why can’t he write his unbiased views in his own Tamil magazine outlining where BJP has not performed or contribute a column in Self analysis and criticism is vital for development and progress.

  3. Did the Freedom Fighter, V.O. Chidamabaram in the pre-idependent India toiled languishing in Tamilnadu prisons losing all his hard earned wealth to HELP this P. Chidambaram and his Clan of Karti Chidambaram to carry out their Big HEIST and LOOT India in the post-independent era? Did Bhagat Singh give up his life to bring freedom for India to put up Mr. Arun Jaitley who stalls the TOP Swindlers going to Jail in the post-independent India? Both AJ and PC clans should have a one-on-one Chat with their Conscience. PC and AJ have truly and miserably failed India in their own ways. This is the question they should ask themselves before setting up their steps on the Parliament House again or hoist the Indian National Flag or sing the national anthem or shout Jai Hind. May be true, both may be eminent lawyers, good talkers in Parliament debates but have the delivered their results for India? – Nay. We saw what Modi got in Karnataka and his speeches will not inspire any more. BJP has NOT walked the 2014 talk over the last five years of getting rid off Corrupts at the TOP in theBureaucracy and political parties.

  4. PC to AJ: “Get me more Vaidaas and see Karti, Nalini and do not get into either Tihar or Puzhal Jails. Stall the cases coming up until we get back our seats in June 2019 and protect our humungous palaces in Karaikudi, Chennai and across the globe for Karti and his kid to have their Majaa.
    AJ to PC: OK, Chetty Ji – do what ever you want, ensure that I continue to run my little Kingdom and live the great daddy life looking after my offsprings and get around having fun in Cricket stadiums and Delhi SC, HC lobbies. I will shift the blame on FM Bureaucrats, ED, I-T, CBI boys and cause havoc in top echelons of the BJP/RSS cadre. See I get back into Rajya Sabha again to keep fooling the Aam Admi and BJP/RSS top guns. You know I talk better than you. I will never ever be the BJP Marg-Darshak but indeed a King-Maker who continue to Confuse India. Let’s laugh together at Dr. S. Swamy, Arun Shourie and Y. Sinha. Who cares about Aam Admi of India? Certainly not you and me.

  5. Anyone who watched the campaign of Dr.Swamy before the 2014 elections would be shocked to see Mr.Jaitley leading the Finance Ministry. Despite all the inefficiencies and blatant support for corrupt people, Mr.Jaitely is allowed a free run! As much as I want Modi and the BJP to be back in power in 2019, this FM coming back again does not sound like good news for India. Thanks to Sree Iyer for exposing this government’s economic policies and support of the former FM. On the lighter side we should request the election commission to include a separate category for electing the FM after elections in the EVM so that people can vote for the BJP provided someone honest like Dr.Swamy is given the opportunity

  6. Modi should not have given or taken corrupt people in his govt and now he faces the music. If at all Modi loses this election because of FM who colludes with previous FM and his corrupt officials. Let Modi loses this election then only the real BJP will get re organised with sincere uncorrupt politicians.

  7. Can a PIL be filed in a court with pleas to

    (a) direct the Finance Ministry to accord sanction Chidambaram & his Gang Members

    (b) Issue directives to the CBI Court to refrain from delivering the verdict in Chidambaram case till the PIL is disposed

    Anybody conversant with Legal Procedure can advise me on :
    (1) Which Court needs to be approached?
    (2) Name & Contacts of any lawyer (s) who can handle this PIL

    You can respond through this forum or to my email (

  8. We have no option left but start a movement to sack Jai Italy from the cabinet.As long as he is there SG,PC,Vadra etc. etc. are well protected.Even after four and half years of Modi rule there is no single high profile man is put behind the bars.Crooks like PC,Kc are enjoying inspite of so much evidence against them.Our blood is boiling just thinkking about the corruption done by the crooks.Can BJP explain? Khangree will be ruthless against all the BJP netas if the come to power again.

  9. Oh we have been saying this for months but no result. AJ the boss of BJP. I pity Swamy. But what one person can do against the cabal in his own govt? Modi said Na khaoonga na khane doonga. he never said khane wale ko jail bhejoonga. So, Modi has stood by his words.
    Anyway, we public are left like fools. Pay huge tax money and allow people like AJ, PC and his family to eat that money.

  10. Chidambaram is blacmailing Jaitely. Is jaitely blackmailing Modi? NA KHAUNGA NA KHANE DUNGA slogan appears hollow. I do not have nay political alliance. I did vote BJP believing Modi that coming to power he will eradicate corruption and punish the corrupted. I do not see that happening. So I am not sure whether I will vote for BJP in 2019.

    • Absolutely. There is no doubt Modi is under BLACK MAIL from Jaitley – for some ‘ misdeed / transgression’ by Modi in the past

      It is inconceivable the vicious Jaitley will so brazenly allow ‘deliberate & daylight’ dilution of prosecution cases in mega scams

      If RSS is really contemplating installing Shivraj Singh Chauhan as the PM that will be best decision ever

      Modi may be clean & dynamic but he has miserably failed to arraign the UPA Mafia is UNPARDONABLE & makes the public suspect Modi’s own intentions


      We need a PM who can covert INDIA into BHARAT

      We need a PM – like Pawan Chamling of Sikkim – who can boldly implement COW BASED ORGANIC FARMING by banning NOXIOUS FARM CHEMIALS – resisting pressure from Meat Mafia’s & Chemical Lobby

      Many of Modi’s ‘coomendable schemes & actions’ unfortunately turn out to be ‘publicity stunts’ & ‘self promotions’
      While creation of INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY is commendable, the natural follow-up should have been IMPLEMENTATION OF YOGA IN SCHOOLS & COLLEGES AS PART OF CURRICULUM
      Yoga PREVENTS almost all diseases – even if performed for 20-30 minutes a day

      Modi exploited the GORAKSHA for political gain but did nothing proactive to prevent Cow/Nandi slaughter which till date is continuing pushing India every day towards ecological, economical calamity


    • If Congis are Corrupt, Modi and Arun Jaitley are EMPTY Talkers. No Top Bureaucrats and Netas have been put behind bars. Leave alone lapses in implementing demonetization, GST, bringing back black money stashed abroad. Note” BJP has failed MISERABLY to punish the TOP Corrupt Netas and the Bureaucrats and have not fulfilled what was well within their reach to gain the confidence. The Modi/Arun Jutley duos do not deserve a second term. BJP is Fooling India and floating on Hindutva Fanaticism misguiding the Aam Admi. BJP is the other side of the same Congi Coin! Wake up RSS/BJP Core Caucus. India will be going into coalition Govt., and the shouting in Parliament will continue for perpetual chaos and lack of productivity. Aam Admi gets what they deserve. Modi has not delivered the 2014 key poll promise. He has to EXIT and carry his bundle. AJ, with him.

  11. Lets call a spade a spade, PM started his tenure being PM of Gujarat for three years. After criticism slowly shifted his position as PM of India!! Amit Shah and Modi were concentrating winning state after state for three years while their appointed CMs started average performance, non-performance from respective MLAs and MPs………less said the better. Shah Modi started insulting elders having experience with better admin experience. Arun Jaitley has been looking after Gujarat for two decades now and under him BJP have had 123 MLAs came down to 99 now due to PMs last minute efforts, otherwise Cong-I would have bagged it in 2017!

    MP state Ex-CM Shivraj and cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari are seen as LK Advani loyalists!! RSS intends to make Shivraj or Gadkari as PM in place of Modi in 2019 and Modi started ignoring RSS it seems. Nobody knows the chemistry/secret understanding between AJ and Modi. What’s evident, Modi started investigation on all mega UPA scams during his 4th year no doubt pile of files and missing files is a daunting task. Where is the guarantee that all investigating agencies are in full strength!! PM Modi intentions are to complete his term and showcase how he has been taking decisions.

    After 54 months it’s clear that PM lacks pan Indian administration skills and he trusts his Gujarati cadre IAS officers or his team when he was CM of the state. Ajit Doval can not be faulted. This gentlemen came up with aces and did commendable job at the right time.

    In 2014 with 282 MPs, we thought Modi would give us a good FM having economics background, DM portfolio for the most deserving but the DM has been punctured twice due to reasons more than one, HM portfolio given to a soft person. EAM has been superb performer. Ministry making was a lackluster. Some minsters hold too many portfolios. PM himself preformed exceedingly well. Modi having 18 hours a day working style failed to notice what’s happening in his own backyard! Why he has been slow on corruption issues especially on high profile one? It seems somebody is blackmailing him and his writ do not cross beyond his nose. It is evident that SG and RG seems to have extended their intelligence bureau antenna in PMO itself.

    It seems un-elected so called leaders in BJP who have become ministers have been calling the shots in NDA government sending uneasiness in the majority community at the time of elections!

  12. BJP promised finance ministry to DR. Swamy. No wonder, it’s obvious now why they are not keen to hand over the FM ministry to DR. Swamy. What is that BJP is afraid of? They don’t have the intention of bringing the culprits to book. It’s just a shoot and scoot drama for which Modi will pay dearly after the coming elections.

  13. You are right Mr Narayan Iyer. PGurus why are you not giving reply to readers comments? We know that you are doing your best but what use?? So there is no punishment in this country for high and mighty corrupt politicians.

  14. One pseudo-creative, intensely selfish, endlessly avaricious lawyer, the Crooked Chidambaram, who lacks any tinge of true high qualities of selfless Congress tinge made his way to the Centre by rigging the poll to continue his BIG HEIST at the Centre while the second smart lawyer, Mr. Arun Jaitley, who also did not win the election in straight contests, made his way to the Top by duping the BJP camp by his fiery empty speeches and kept away other learned men [Yashwanth S, Arun Shourie, Subramanian Swamy from the BJP camp] as AJ too failed to deliver the results for the BJP led India. Both smart lawyers who did not get the mandate of the people but worked through the back doors to get their power as they know how to fool whom they work for. In the final analysis, the Aam Admi, people of India, are duped by these smart selfish lawyers who are good at collecting and clocking their times to collect their retainer fees one way or the other, . India loses either way.

  15. The Trio and Duos: Sonia-Rahul-Vadra, Karti-P. Chidambaram continue to rule at the Centre while the BJP spokesman Arun J is making fiery speeches with no substance or action who is an agent working for the Congress Top. . Modi either relied too much on Arun Jhutli, the good for nothing Delhi Lutyens Poster boy who is only good at tea partying in Cricket Pavilions, Delhi Court Circuits. Either Modi used him as a scape goat OR Arun J. failed to deliver the results for the BJP/RSS for his own private and family gains. The Tamil paper tiger, Mr. S. Gurumurthy, as well as the world Trotting Dr. Subramanain Swamy should by strong, remain unbiased to bring out the fault lines in the BJP Executive caucus. It is a shame that un-educated Vadra, Rahul and Karti could easily maim, taunt, ridicule, making fun of Modi/BJP/RSS. Modi and Arun J. have wasted 54 months of long time tenure at the Centre and have not brought to book the top Corrupts of the Congress. Modi and Arun J. have in fact miserably failed India and they do not deserve coming back to power in 2019. They are full of empty words of high decibel election speeches which mean nothing in action at the office. Kingpins who rule India are the Italian [Sonia] and Chettiar [P.C. gang] mafias. Modi and his pet boy AJ should apologize for their failures. They do not deserve to call themselves patriotic Hindus. as they have failed to walk the talk. Jai Hind and Vandhe Mataram do not resonate in action. Is Arun J working for P.C or P.C, the smart ass from the Deep South is the Don of India who can easily control the BJP/RSS top brass? Modi has in fact failed us.

  16. Narendra Modi who started his life with a Kaitely (Kettle ) will end up with Jaitley. Blood boils when a BJP Minister tried to save crooked Chidambaram. I have contempt for Modi for accommodating Lok Sabha election failed crooked fraud Jaitley. I have no sympathies for Modi now. Let him suffer for making Jaitley as Finance, Defence and Corproate Affairs where BJP’s setbacks started.

  17. Very soon the Corrupt Saini will quash the CBI charge-sheet – citing failure to obtain ‘sanction for prosecution’

    Modi may be the PM but the SUPER PM is still the ‘Ma-Beta duo commanding the UPA Mafia

    • No, the available evidence of swindle made by the past FM, P. Chidambaram-Karti duo, is indeed overwhelming than what Maa-beta duo have accomplished. It is a pity that despite water tight case presented as early as 2012-2013, the BJP Executive failed to NAIL the P.C-Karti duo. This is like a letting a big shark escape through a tight net so easily for well over six years. This can happen only in India. Arun Jaitley has messed up the Finance Ministry Admin. and Modi is no great leader. AJ and Modi should accept the failure for fixing corruption at the Top, they key poll promise made in 2014.

  18. actions like this is putting doubt in the minds of the people, if the BJP is really keen to nab the corrupt. they will pay for it in the elections.


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