#WeekdayNewsCapsule Episode 41 US Elections – lawsuits filed by Sidney Powell tamped down by SM

#WeekdayNewsCapsule #Episode41 US Elections - lawsuits filed by Sidney Powell tamped down by SM

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel, I am your host Sree Iyer.  Today is episode number 41, it’s a very very hot news session. We have some unfolding news items that are going to come today. First of all, let us welcome Sridhar ChityalaJi. SridharJi  Namaskar and welcome to PGurus Channel.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar, good morning to you on this wonderful Friday. It’s black Friday, beginning of the shopping season.

Sree Iyer: Yes. Yes, and you may want to take your eyeball the way from Amazon and other sites which are offering black Friday specials, to watch this particular hangout because we have some explosive news. To start off with, Trump has said that he may use an executive order to take out the section 230 that is governing some of the rules by which the social media companies are operating. Let us start with that SridharJi, what can you tell us about this action that Trump is mulling?

Sridhar Chityala: I think that is very important, around 11:15 PM, we had some data coming from a tweet, which is to say, section 230 is a threat to National Security, so, therefore, it should be terminated, those were his words. It is possible; he could use his executive power to terminate section 230.  And what could be the reason? The reasons are what has been happening in the past two to three days, Mastriano, the Pennsylvanian senator who initiated, he got banned from Twitter, so there have been activities have taken place, even we ourselves have seen, number of activities which we try to tweet either gets blocked or thrown out. We also find that when we try to tweet Sidney Powell’s depositions or filing in Georgia and Michigan, we have those tweets getting blocked. So, there seems to be exercising power, these are legal cases, which are filed in the courts. So, therefore it would be the reason, I’m not suggesting that is, but, the tweet is very relevant within the context of the battle that is going on between the tech platforms, and generally, even the people, leave alone the government.

Sree Iyer: Sir, I also tried tweeting out one of the links, this was just a case deposition by Sidney Powell in Court in Georgia, and this particular link was denied. So, what I ended up doing was, I took a snapshot of what was being denied to me by Twitter and I posted it out as a tweet on my timeline. So, similarly, deposition also has been done in Michigan, but there are two lawsuits in play. Can it quickly walk us through these two lawsuits, what is that it’s alleging? Because I read through the first one of Georgia and evidence that is being submitted looks quite compelling sir.

Sree Iyer:  Yes, Georgia suite comprises of 30 specific points as it relates to potentially fraudulent or alleged fraudulent activity. One that relates to the use of dominion and Dominion software basically in the counting and reallocation of the votes, that’s number one. Number two, it relates to this alleged incident, which is namely, there was breakage in the pipe and so the voting needed to be stopped to investigate that matter and recounting will commence once that is done. There are two things, one, there was no breakage, number two, apparently, the vote-counting continued when Republican observers not present. All these activities relate to, from the day the elections finished till date. And the third one is, relates to this security paper and ballot paper. And then the other thing is related to whether appropriate procedures were followed when there was more than one marking in the ballet paper and whether they should have been allowed kind off redo the posting of the ballet. Like this, we will cover in the detailed in a separate session, but there are 30 specific instances where they have listed in Georgia.

As far as Michigan concerned, Michigan is kind of very specific which is namely the reposting of some of the ballots that seem to have occurred. They have most of Michigan relates to affidavits filed by various people in terms of observing, if certain events they believe is mollified. Also, I think there was backdating of the date for certain categories of votes. Also,  some missing ballots, which seems to have resurfaced. So, Michigan is little smaller but very specific as it relates to 12 specific points as cited in filing in Michigan. So, they believe both Georgia and Michigan is president’s election rather than Biden’s win as is stated right now.

As we speak, I just saw you a message flash by that, Dominion is now contesting the Sidney Powell assessment and allegation that the votes can be switched and the software can be manipulated as it was done in Venezuela. And that is how the Venezuelan elections have been conducted and Mr Hugo Chavez has repeatedly won the elections in the past, so these were some of the stuff that is cited as to the Dominion software. One more thing about the dominion software which came up last night is, under the cyberinfrastructure security structure Association, Chris Krebs was fired, if you recall who said everything hanky-dory. There is a small Standards group and standards group generally endorses and assesses and passes of saying that everything is hunky-dory or terms and conditions are met and we can proceed.

Surprise surprise amongst those the people who are in that particular group includes Microsoft, Amazon, Dominion, Skittle, Smart Tech all these companies who are supposed to self-audit themselves seem to be part of that specific group.  So, they all have self-audited themselves and said everything is great. So, we prompted Chris to say, hey you know the elections are fair and square and everything. While we know that there is a report which says which Sidney Powell herself has stated is that president Trump was watching fraud real-time happening in the elections. This is where the data scientists have come in and established the fact that the way these vote patterns switched is mathematically algorithmically not possible.

Sree Iyer:  Yes, sir and viewers we are going to add a link of a three-plus minute video of OANN network, which actually talks about this.  About a statistician’s observation as to how this is statistically impossible.  Also before I go to the next topic, I want to show you something, this is the name of a book. I hope you can see it, sir, it’s called the People’s House by David Pepper. So, viewers, this was a book of fiction that came out after the 2016 election came,  that Russia meddled in the United States election. You read this book and then you read the allegations that are contained in the state of Georgia filings, I’m sure something similar will be filed in Michigan as well, you will see an eerie similarity. Now, the takeaway here is the writer David Pepper is actually a democrat from Ohio, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on.  I leave it to your viewers to decide what exactly is happening but there is something that is doesn’t smell right, so we will just leave it at that, we will see how things play out.

So, the next question for you sir is, Trump has signed an executive order, banning 89 American companies from selling into Chinese corporations run by the PLA and China has retorted by recognizing Biden’s victory. Sir, what exactly is this that America is trying to prevent PLA from buying?

Sridhar Chityala: I think Huawei was the first one, which is namely to say that the ban in Huawei is because of security features and security things that potentially can compromise National sovereignty because of the founder of Huawei as you know XPLA and probably the company itself have links to PLA and that’s one of the theories, and this is not just Trump, this has been there for quite some time going back even 20 – 25 years. So here, the specific ban is applied to the aerospace companies of China which buy into certain materials and equipment and parts from US manufacturers. So they don’t want US manufacturers aiding and abetting some of the potential and alleged activities that could compromise US and US allies’ interest. So he’s imposing a ban on 89 companies which are currently suppliers to Chinese. So, therefore, that ban is being applied. So until this thing came in an executive order that is coming into effect which was announced just last night. Yesterday again when Xi was on the border, now Xi has welcomed and announced Mr Biden and he said we will be able to re-establish partnerships and have an open policy in terms of addressing our differences and so on. So you can see Xi wants to be covered on this, he wants to enter CPTPP, he is having a dialogue with Japan and he is soon going to have a meeting under the pretext of North Korea meeting with South Korea. So he is trying to make his moves as a reciprocal counter without being so explicit the Trump programs.

Sree Iyer: A lot of things are happening on the RCEP front also. For our viewers’ interest, I think Sridharji, can you walk back from the origins of where the idea of RCEP started, because India was one of the signatories to this thing in 2011, isn’t it?

Sridhar Chityala: Correct, I think the genesis of RCEP goes way back and Obama was one of the prime drivers of the whole RCEP as well as the TPP initiative, which is to say how do you create a pacific forum which brings together the Asian and Pacific economies and then extends itself into the western coast of the United States so the origins go back and China was never ever part of it. China was viewed with great scepticism at that point in time. The first foray of China was a bilateral between the ASEAN and then they inducted them into ASEAN but other than that RCEP and TPP, China was never part of it and they were also the origins of the genesis of the South China Sea. So China was always like the big bully in the room. India was invited as an observant and also at that point of time, India was always looked as the buffer to combat the Chinese by virtue of the geographic location as well as the population and a lot of strategic kind of realignment. So that’s where it goes back to and China has nothing to do with RCEP and of course less to do with anything to do with TPP at all.

Sree Iyer: And yet now we see that they are in the front and centre of one and they are also trying to barge their way into the other one. What we are seeing is just the observations, these are facts we are not trying to extrapolate any data.

Sridhar Chityala: Now, so just to conclude that point, when China was being considered to come back into RCEP and we mentioned this in the program I think yesterday or day before, the United States insisted and the TPP nations insisted to make the rules so stringent that China has to alter its domestic policies on labour laws, patents, prefer trade protection policies, subsidies, a whole range of structural reforms they need to do to come into TPP. So, therefore, they put a barrier rather than just simply trading limits and tariff reductions on a range of products which is the basis of RCEP.

Sree Iyer: Sir, let’s take a quick look at what is happening in Europe, especially with Turkey. EU and France are mulling sanctions against Turkey. What exactly is playing out there, sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Well I think Turkey is got its toe in the water in two territories. It’s got involved in the Armenian – Azerbaijan problem. But just about less than a week ago Mr Erdogan made his visit to northern Cyprus and then entertained the thoughts that Cyprus should maintain dual identities – north and south, the south being the Greek whereas the Greeks have always said Cyprus is one and Cyprus has said Cyprus is one which is one Cyprus which is not north and south. So, therefore, he’s making noise in Cyprus and he’s also got some kind of strategic interest. But what is at the root of the issue? The root of the issue seems to be somehow he wants to hoodwink the northern Cyprians or Cypriots and dip his toe into the hydrocarbons which are located in the Mediterranean. It seems to be the energy because Turkey has always entertained that. It’s not only a passage but also a strategic passage into Europe or Russia but it’s also entertaining thoughts that it wants to be an energy power because that’s what will give it the money.

Russia has all these kind of zealots, they have hydrocarbons driving their economies which gives them the clout. So he seems to be entertaining the thoughts around that. And France and EU are saying, France is taking the leap, it’s quite amazing that Emmanuel Macaron is showing the type of leadership in driving some of this being at the front of the issues while you remember that when Turkey was moving in, he sent the army, he sent the naval, French naval ships into Greece to protect potential issues looming from this. So hydrocarbon seems to be the root cause and EU and France are saying that they are very seriously contemplating not only sanctions but personally sanctioning Erdogan which is of course refuting.

Sree Iyer: While we are on the subject of Macaron perhaps you can touch upon the new laws that France is enacting to try and curb the rise of radical Islam in their country.

I think Emmanuel Macaron has made an ultimatum, which is to say either you become part and parcel of the republic, you accept the republic as is and just like all French citizens or you cannot be part of the nation. So I think he has overnight enacted laws to reflect and many curbs have been introduced which harmonizes various religious states to operate under one single rule of law, massive raids were conducted, lots of things were seized but at the same time, he made sure that the French legislature passed resolutions which harmonize the legal infrastructure into one, which many nations would not have done, for example, Germany did not do that, of course as you know the classic problem in India they take years and years for something that they should have addressed last century, rather than this century, the same problem we have in the United States. So everything kind of takes time and the US has still not felt some of these kinds of issues, but France seems to have taken the lead for the rest of the world.

Sree Iyer: And viewers that kind of wraps up today’s program for us and before we let go, we just want to let you know that we have two very important programs coming up. One, my hangout with the former chief minister of Gujarat Shankar Singh Vaghela on Ahmed Patel that is going to start in two and a half hours time at 9 00 pm IST. The second one is a tech hangout between Sridhar Chityala and me, where we discuss the rise of Amazon that is going to be on Sunday prime time at 9:00 pm IST. Do join in for both of these. What we are going to talk about is the rise and success of Amazon, is going to blow your mind because Sridhar Chityalaji and I will bring the ringside view of how this company came from nowhere, selling books to now it is really really a big corporation and I think the way it is growing it’s just mind-boggling, the way it’s being able to conquer so many verticals, so a lot of stuff for you over the weekend and starting with a prime time hangout on Ahmed Patel with ShankerSinh Vaghela.

Sridharji as always it’s a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for joining us and we’ll be back on Monday, same time, with Weekday News Capsule. Thank you very much and Namaskar.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar and Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.

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