What is wrong with Sleeping SEBI? When is SEBI going to wake up from its slumber?

SEBI's inaction and inadequate action is ruining the stock market as the guilty continue to roam free. When is it going to wake up and act?


  1. I have started feeling that Prof MDN has lost it. In the other video he came across as openly pro Congress.
    If Modi had trained all his guns at the corrupt, of which many are in BJP in addition to congress, the whole ecosystem would have imploded on him. He took a measured approach. Development agenda first, and the corrupt people later. This argument of ‘Modi should have arrested PC in 2014 December’ is bullshit.

    At this point in time, rather than over-criticising Modi, we must support him. For all we know, he is clean. All of us have our own wishlist for Modi, I have mine too. That he has not checked any one of them does not mean that he is bad, or that Pappu would have done a better job.

    This is the time Modi needs our support, India needs our support….

    Modi sarkar bar bar!!


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