Jhoot bole rafale kaate…

Jhoot bole rafale kaate...

Jhoot bole rafale kaate...
Jhoot bole rafale kaate...


  1. It is amazing that when people utter lies & media echoes them 24 x 7, judiciary is blind, Election Commission is deaf & dumb, with no one to “bell” the cat, what sort of democracy are we into i.e. are we a banana republic….
    Can you keep telling lies – say against Chief Justice & go unnoticed or warned ?
    Is telling lies a birth right ??
    Is there no punishment without going to 100 years of running around the court fighting the case ?

  2. Jhoot bole rafale kaate…Dynasty is a wolf in sheep clothes, even questioning SC conclusive verdict on Rafael.
    RaHu is emboldened by three election results. While Kharge blames HAL for lack of Tejas supplies!!!

    • Congress has well understood intellect of masses and psychology of hate. There are very huge percentage of masses who do not understand thin line between lie and truth like in Rafael. Point any big deal, infuse emotions like mixing farmers distress with deal, repeat lie over a period of time. This becomes truth to many in distress. And second thing is psychology of humans. Say something bad about a person whom you hate. Hatred makes that person to deem it as truth. This is what happening among people in states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and kerala where there are large number of anti Modi, anti BJP people. They do not bother about nation. All they want is satisfy ego of hatred.


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