Where are the Hindu warriors?

Hindu was proud & valiant warrior till 1857, but with the rise of British empire the downfall began

Hindu was proud & valiant warrior till 1857, but with the rise of British empire the downfall began
Hindu was proud & valiant warrior till 1857, but with the rise of British empire the downfall began

The year 1857: Rise of British crown and downfall of Hindu kings

Hindu was proud warrior till 1857. Fierce, impossible to subdue. Till then, if the invaders got better of one kingdom, another rose against them. Villagers would abandon the villages and relocate into hills and forests and continue to fight.

In 1857, the British crown took over and guaranteed stability to the Hindu kings in lieu of peace. And our downfall began.

Hindu kings became like zoo animals: food security, no struggle, no danger; and as a result, fight drained out of them. Instead, they became supplicants to the British. Brother princes would lobby with the British for the throne after the death of the king.

This culture soon percolated to the masses. Riches lay not in work, but in ingratiating oneself to those in power. Power itself was a means not to better a lot of those one “ruled” on the authority of the British, but to skin them alive to enrich oneself.

The culture lives on. We remain the best bootlickers, spineless, expert supplicants, and whatever power, bureaucratic or political, we get, it is used only to loot the exchequer and the public and to enrich oneself.

Safety is not necessarily good. If it is outsourced and not earned by your own arms, it will infantilize you.

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  1. After the British came in, they introduced this business of writing a WILL. Prior to this, succession was automatic. Strong families, United families facilitated people to fight. If one member died there were others who took care of the children. We have only LITIGATION in Courts amongst family members for PRPERTY RIGHTS. When will they get time to think about society?

    Today with nuclear families, if the head is targeted by the so called “DEMOCRATIC” Government, where will all the others of the small family of 4 end up? There was a strong societal bonding because of strong families. Strong friendships, honesty with integrity (Amartya Rakshasa was given shelter by his friend to protect from Arya Chanakya. It is another matter Chanakya never wanted to kill Rakshasa.

    Even in small families, if the head of the family lost life, the children and wife lived with support from TEMPLES. There was “DHARMA” everywhere. All “Artha” only through DHARMA. Now everything revolves around “ARTHA”

    Even the British dared not to touch “MARRIAGE” fearing backlash. Divorce was brought in post independence. Men & women followed DHARMA, people never lied under OATH in Courts, lawyers had to plead with clients to give FALSE TESTIMONY to win cases.

    We have been hacked, our culture systematically hacked to comply with western thoughts. I really don’t know the statistics of divorce/families Many children are waiting for fathers to die, some are killing them to get right on Properties, like what the Islam followers did.

    High time to spread DHARMA – Way of life. The word Religion or Matam are not equal. Dharayati Iti Dharmah

    Jai Hind


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