Who are behind the termination of IT Commissioner S K Srivastava who exposed NDTV and Chidambaram frauds?

At whose instigation was the name of S K Srivastava added to the list of corrupt IT Officers?

At whose instigation was the name of S K Srivastava added to the list of corrupt IT Officers?
At whose instigation was the name of S K Srivastava added to the list of corrupt IT Officers?

Ye jo hua, accha nahi hua!” These were the words that came to my mind when I saw the list of Income Tax Officers being sent into forced retirement. Income Tax Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Srivastava, who exposed the 1000s of crores-worth tax violation and money laundering of NDTV and their links with the corrupt former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, was terminated by the Central Government on fake cases of sexual abuse in the garb of the arbitrary Provision Rule 56(J) of Fundamental Rules. This Rule was generally used to terminate the services of persons who crossed the age of 50 years and were caught for serious cases like corruption and those who were not working (considered dead wood).

As and when S K Srivastava found tax evasions and money laundering in the corrupt TV channel NDTV owned by money launderer Prannoy Roy in 2006, the maverick Income Tax Commissioner was under the radar of the then corrupt Finance Minister P Chidambaram, who used to launder his bribe money through NDTV. For the interest of readers, we are bringing out the exact timeline of the expose of Srivastava and the hardships he faced from the corrupt people.

  1. In 2006, Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava started smelling tax evasion and frauds in NDTV. He found that NDTV’s Assessing Officer Sumana Sen IRS was in connivance with NDTV and her husband Abhisar Sharma was working in NDTV. Those days Sharma, a junior anchor was getting a dream salary of Rs.1.4 lakhs per month from NDTV, while many known journalists were getting only Rs.40,000 per month. Sumana Sen, as an Assessing Officer never declared to the Income Tax Department that her husband was working in a firm under her Assessing Circle of Income Tax. Sumana and Husband were enjoying many foreign trips also at the expense of NDTV. This gross violation was reported by S K Srivastava. This reporting made Srivastava to come under the radar of the then corrupt Finance Minister Chidambaram who started bullying the honest Income Tax officer. To wreak vengeance on Srivastava, Sumana Sen filed a department complaint that Srivastava harassed her sexually. Her complaint was that Srivastava used to speak ill about her to colleagues and pass lewd comments and wrote sexually abusive comments in file. But none of these complaints found merit in the departmental inquiry.
  2. In 2008, Srivastava found another lady IRS officer Ashima Neb, working in the foreign tax division of Income Tax also favouring NDTV. He reported to higher authorities as to how she saved NDTV from money laundering through foreign firms. Srivastava also reported the doubtful purchase of a flat in Delhi by Ashima Neb, accusing her of taking bribes from NDTV and her frequent foreign trips to Dubai and a long stay of 10 days in Mauritius. Ashima Neb was also close to Chidambaram and many higher officials. Ashima, also like Sumana Sen filed allegations of sexual harassment and the complaint was on the same lines as Sen’s – that Srivastava used abusive words against her in official files and documents, etc. This complaint also did not file any merit in the departmental inquiry.
  3. Within a few weeks, Chidambaram who had then become the Home Minister, forced Delhi Police to register FIRs against SK Srivastava on the complaints (which already lost merit in departmental inquiry) filed by Ashima Neb and Sumana Sen. Meanwhile using this, when Chidambaram got back to the Finance Ministry suspends S K Srivastava and unleashes a series of departmental inquiries. Srivastava approaches the court and during a heated argument in Delhi High Court, the HC surprisingly orders to send him 15 days to a Mental Hospital in January 2014.  Why the High Court passed such an order is another question. Then the Mental Hospital reports back to High Court that Srivastava is mentally sound. During this period, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, activist, and writer S Gurumurthy, noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani, BJP leader Yashwant Sinha, top cop KPS Gill, activist Madhu Kishwar intervened in many forums seeking justice for the honest officer SK Srivastava. Meanwhile, in many forums, Srivastava started winning cases.
  4. In mid-2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi orders reinstating of SK Srivastava. But the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, a known buddy of Chidambaram, was objecting to Srivastava’s posting in Delhi and posted him in the nearby Noida region. From 2015, SK Srivastava was eligible for promotion as Principal Commissioner and Jaitley, due to his proximity with Chidambaram, was holding the file.
  5. The interesting thing was that till last year (2018), Srivastava’s Annual Confidential Records show meritorious grades of more than 90 percent as he has achieved more than his targets.
  6. The trial court discharged SK Srivastava in early-2018 on the sexual harassment case filed by Ashima Neb. The case filed by Sumana Sen is still in the preliminary stages.

I hope the readers have read the timeline carefully. So how did S K Srivastava’s name come in the list of corrupt officers facing charges? How unproven charges of sexual harassment, that too filed by the lady IRS officers caught for accepting benefits (in simple language it is bribing) from NDTV became an issue?

It is learnt that Arun Jaitley, in the early weeks of May, approved this list by covertly including Srivastava’s name. And the current Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman agrees to this list already approved by Arun Jaitley and the PMO’s Additional Principal Secretary P K Mishra initiates all file movements to terminate S K Srivastava who exposed the NDTV’s frauds and tax evasion and the parking of bribe money by Chidambaram. The billion dollar question is – who do you work for?  Why act and follow up on the fake cases initiated by Chidambaram?

It is high time Prime Minister Narendra Modi intervened and secure justice to S K Srivastava, who fought against the mighty and the corrupt.

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  1. Is sk srivastava acquitted from all the charges and also therr was raid in srivastavas house in 2019
    Why bjp trying to protect ndtv why dont they expose them with the help of srivastava

  2. You have posted a link by NDTV, he was investigating the same company for money laundering and tax frauds. I feel sorry for you.

  3. Chidambaram himself and his family faces money laundering charges in court . Arun Jaitley is shortly on his way up to meet God.
    Karma catches up sooner or later . Trust me

  4. Shree Ayer Sir, I feel depressed with the news of sacking Shreevastav. However, I, a regular reader of your column feel confused. During Verma vs Asthana took the side of verma but when vema was also found to be corrupt and sacked you never cleared your position. whatever you have written here is your side of the story. as a reader I would like to know the Govt side of the story as well. Therefore I would request you to directly ask the present finance minister the questions you have raised and publish the interview in your columnand let the reader have the views from both the side and form their independent opinion on the issue. hope you will oblige your readers by indulging a direct conversatation with the Finance Minister.

  5. Hindus like us who have been betrayed by Modi have only one solution. We should insist Modi appoint ONLY muslims as his bodyguards. When he is playing religion based politics calling it ”empowerment of muslims” he HAS to prove his earnestness by replacing all Hindus with muslims to give him 24/7 protection wherever he goes.

    When modi the dubious chowkidaar is checkmated thus I shall say ” Hua Tho Hua”.

    • You are the one distinguishing between Hindu and Muslim. Not modi. Hindu or Muslim bodyguard are same. Nothing to prove to people with thinking like you

  6. It goes without saying that Subbramanya Swamy is uncompromising when it comes to exposing truth. Modiji should give due weight to what he say’s with regard to retired honest officer Srivatsava SK. Modiji must use Swamy jee talent and brains for the country. Similarly Modiji should use the talent of Capt Ajit Vadakayil. They both are country first type. We are unable to understand how or why in 5 years the GOI HAS FAILED TO BRING BACK SWISS MONEY WHY THEY COULD NOT TO BOOK SONIA, RAHUL CHIDAMBARAM Co and suspect foreign pressures. May be the Sangh has to give advice Modijee. Nobel prizes are not our goals. Corruption free development for all, integration of Kashmir, Uniform civil code, Ayodhya, Mathura Kasi—Safety and Security –STRANGE when ever a HIndu mentions Hindu term he is branded as divisive forgetting that Hindu is the term Muslims have used to describe us living in athwart Sindh River flowing areas
    We are followers of Veda or Bharatiya and we all must stand for Bharat of 40000 yrs culture unlike Congress which stands for Constitutional Patriotism from 1947. Action oriented policies sir

    • The above is from the Court records … so you mean to say that your books are true and the court records and orders are false?

  7. Didn’t the Finance Secretary and the Revenue Secretary write their views on the official note regarding forced retirement of Mr Srivastava? If not, why not? If they did express their views, what was it? It would be interesting to know. As it stands, the exclusion of these top two official on Mr Srivastava’s dismissal is strange. By the way, why doesn’t PGURUS confront Arun Jaitley with a face to face interview on this allegation against him? Similarly, why not a face-to-face with Ms Nirmala Sitharaman asking her as to whether she conducted some indepemdent inquiry or did she blindly accept Mr Jaitley’s view?

    • Nirmala mam mother-in-law has been in congress… N from Andhra..n joined only in 2008.
      If in congress there is a fair chance of becoming converts….
      Nimmi was the first one to rush in to talk with the pastors during cyclones..

      Didn’t even bother to visit Meenakshi temple after the fire incident..
      There are a lot of Brahmin converts like Kamal Haasan n she is a safe person for modi for she is a modi bhakth n has reached great levels within few years…
      Might be a convert too..

      No action will be taken against any of the Gandhi family or the most corrupt DMK by modi Shah duo.
      They use it only for elections…
      Just like Ram Mandir issue..

      Remember once Raul Vinci mentioned BhagwanShiva name n asked modi something which I forgot…
      Mamta also once said does modi know any of the Pooja slogan of Hindus ?
      They all in politics might be knowing things which we might not…

      Just like Nehru is being criticized after many years, truth will come out…
      Some day or the other…

      I definitely suspect evm hacking in favour of DMK by BJP… They have links …

      Atleast from now, BJP heads should change thinking that future will definitely reveal truth… And in order that people respect you, you should work accordingly…

    • Arvind Lavakare ji, during first term PM Modi had a bad AG!! How can Srivastava allegedly having unsound mind able to unearth such big scams of PC and NDTV? Tomorrow every possibilities are on cards that UPA 1 & 2 mega scams were the handy works of unsound minds in the country or certain groups and such cases may be dismissed! 2G case gone. MMS coal scam? DMKs Kanimozhi was the best parliamentarian under BJP lead Majboot Sarkar. SG and Pappu may get it in 2022 and 2023!

      It was reported that PM Modi under his Centralized Governance employed 150 to 190 people in PMO and how can there be a view of Finance Secretary and the Revenue Secretary on Srivastava’s dismissal issue can be taken? Majority of the ministers are dummies!!

      Confronting former FM and present FM is of no use because BJP views UPA 1 & 2 mega scams as ‘peanuts and exaggerated” and tax payers/voters forgot them and only Pgurus rakes them up! Voters voted BJP for development and not on corruption issues!

      It’s Dr.S.Swamy’s hobby to pursue case after case and BJP has nothing to do with corruption cases! Cases are Dr.Swamy’s babies! Country had ZERO LOSS from 2004 to 2014! Kapil Sibal will remind us in 2024 elections!!

    • @Arvind Lavakare,

      I am sure Sree Iyer would not risk asking for ”face to face interview” with Jaitley and / or NS.
      They are over smart & would turn vindictive. Which aam janata like us cannot risk.
      What Malar has written is very important.

      Tamil Nadu is full of crypto christians. In fact bjp was very keen on bringing in lecherous crypto christian kamalhassan of kollywood into their own party. Even now they remain close. Modi is out & out UNSCRUPULOUS . Keeps screaming jaishrrrrerrram but campaigned for bollywood bimbo hemamalini a surpanakha husband stealer.

      Do NOT trust modi.

  8. Obviously your reply will not be liked.
    Our respect for Swamy remains intact but for the political battle Swamy is not right person. He has lost his credibility as politician and Amit shah and Modi has zoomed from somewhere and shown to bjp and India what it takes to perform

    Rather than making a common aim with them Swamy interested in showing them their “level” is bad and I don’t think anybody with this attitude will be part of any team

    What seem to be bad decision may not be that bad and there must be some more information which PM has..including a possibility that a collateral damage to party people may be in there !!! Whether AJ is friends with PC or not is not question …but just because Swamy and his friends were not listened to does not make it bad.. if they are convinced they should go and talk to pm

  9. Leader is as good as his team. Current FM is just a puppet to earlier FM. If a person blindly signs on what earlier FM has drafted, what good is she for the country? Modi Govt got a puppet FM. Another 5 yrs, no corruption case will be solved. Jaitley has got the strings and he will still appoint the folks that work for him (PC). Ache din tab aayega jab team majboot ho.

  10. Reinstating a honest n upright officer send correct signals to the public who gave massive mandate. Modi should not hold any body but himself if looters we’re given an upper hand. Time to show a tip from words NA KABUNGA NA KANE DUNGA as one main bottle neck is rooted out, but don’t allow the shadow to rule.

  11. BJP had true Hindu leaders once..but now it has a Christian convert mr.modi for its leader…
    Who acts like his fellow Christians to fool Hindus…
    By going to Ganga (Hindu sentiment) n washing the legs of workers (Christian peace making)
    Goes to Kedarnath (appease Hindu ) but wear a robe like a Christian pastor (appease his group)
    Has he done anything for Hindus…?

    It was yogi who renamed prayagraj…
    Watch out modi will soon do something to take out yogi too…(to appease his Christian groups)

    Don’t be fooled blindly..
    Modi or shah have always had connections with Christian groups in Kerala n Gujarat…

    Who knows ? Might have given support to pinarayi Vijayan too…

    Ajit doval a keralite….who might have given the idea to surgical strikes at 3.30 might have helped in giving ideas in taking those girls to Sabarimala at 3.30…

    In both cases…
    Two days before they misguided Pakistan..
    Two days back they misguided devotees by — police telling we won’t give protection to ladies …
    By that some girls wall…

    Wake up Hindus..
    Think over on what modi has done for Hindus?
    While he used the sentiments of Hindus..
    Might have been the plan of Vatican too…
    Since they couldn’t control effectively n convert India using Sonia and Raul..
    They might have used up a Hindu party n got a Christian convert to manage it from the leader position..

    • You are a idiot and it is very visible.. Your statement AJIT DOVAL is a Keralite.. AND THE TRUTH HE IS A UTTARAKHANDI 3000 kms from Kerala. And being a UKD person I know and he is from RANIKHET, Nainital distt. His SURNAME IS pronounced DOBHAL its written as DOVAL

      • I don’t mind being called idiot as long as my other sentences make atleast one person think…

        Well… I was wrong in writing that he was a keralite.. I think he was working in Kerala or something…
        I could see a similar pattern in both executions …

      • @Anupam SCB,

        You have no substantive points at all save calling Malar ”idiot”. Just because she called him a keralite does not make her an ”idiot”.

        Frankly why should we bother about his birthplace etc etc ? Those are impertinent in this thread.

    • Thank you Sree Iyer for this detailed article.

      It is time Hindus like us stop wallowing in self deception that Modi is Mr.Perfect & it is the ecosystem & bureaucracy to be blamed. Enough has been written about Jaitley- Chidambaram . We all know Nirmala Seetharaman is very close to Jaitley. I am sure what we the aam janata know Modi the Mr.Perfect ALSO is also quite abreast of.

      Modi does not CARE. Period. He is NOT anti corruption. Define corruption. If it is money being looted what has modi done so far to stop siphoning off resources from Hindu Temples ? Nothing at all.
      Modi the other day we all saw him fondly hugging jagan reddy the crypto christian crook cum thief cum chief minister assuring of all possible help offering some plum post ( deputy speaker blah blah) . Went to
      Thirupathy Temple accompanied by the crypto christian jagan reddy cum Temple thief.

      RSS itself is clueless about Hindu Dharmam. Keep blabbering all muslims are hindus , all christians are hindus…..Modi is from RSS. That explains his hiiiighly asinine ”sab ka saath ……” policy.

      Republic tv bragged about doing an investigative report on mulayam singh yadav killing ALL Hindu Kar Sevaks & the very next day in parliament the same Hindu KILLER mulayam said he wanted modi to come back to power & modi at once did one unctuous namaste & the rest unfolding we all know.

      Modi has turned out to be the WORST of all. Treacherous whose mantra is ”muslimka saath christian ka vikas Hindus ka Khallas”.

      The buck stops with modi. Time to stop apotheosizing modi the mullah appeaser. His mentors mk. gandhi & hajpayee all were of similar dubious character.

  12. Add this too to the list…
    Modi has changed the rose/red colour of lotus to white…
    You very well know whom the white colour represents in our flag…
    BJP true Hindu leaders should keep a watch on all major decisions taken by the government…

    • Modi is for Vikas. he never said i will work for hindus alone. We need Modi, else other leader will work for christians. For hindu rights, we need to fight our own battle.

      • Sir… I fully agree.. he has told sabka sath ..
        But for this equality..I demand that minority institutions are not funded by government. Let them manage on their own … Why distinguish between minority and majority when all are equal?
        Why temples should be run by government n churches or mosques can have their own administration…
        If minority ministry is there why not a majority ministry?
        What about Hindus in North east n Jammu Kashmir? They are minority there..do we have any rights at all there?
        If he does all these then I am okay..
        Sabka sath means taking everyone along and not just minorities funding and looting majority …

  13. Naidu is corrupt fine…
    But what is the need to help Jagan Reddy with Prashant Kishore?
    That too he says 3 MPs which Naidu took from us now he has only three ..
    The number of MLA he took some 23 or so..he has got that much MLA only…
    Don’t you think it’s too odd..?
    I doubt the EVM machine..
    Was it manipulated to give Jagan Mohan Reddy a chance to continue conversion by BJP head…
    So about DMK win too…
    BJP has secret links with dmk in Tamil Nadu n they have never attempted any raids against them till now…we’re saving them always because with their help they can aid churches in their conversions business…
    I guess all true Hindu leaders of BJP have been sidelined or given unimportant posts while the plum posts are given to secret converts..?
    People ought to think…
    Whenever Christian fishermen were in trouble modi took the extra care to save them.
    But temples are still under government control…
    RTE act which is there to suppress small Hindu schools is still present…
    Ayodhya has taken a back seat…
    Loyalo college could have been punished for its anti Hindu exhibition but was let free…
    Again Mohan lassarus was not even punished for his bad sayings about temples but h.raja was asked to be in court for a silly thing…
    But for cow lynchings he is raising his voice…?
    What happened when so many people abuse temples as Satan’s place n get away easily?

    I used to trust Modi earlier but he has always kept my eyes open
    … So I could see a lot of things in which he could have helped Hindus but didn’t…
    Some Hindu jagruti lawyer is kept in custody by CBI… Without even any reasons…
    Hindus now have to be careful because like Kamal Hasan in the name of Hindu but actually Christian attacks Hinduism and Muslims in his movie..(Unnao pol oruvan )…
    N modi too might want to destroy Muslims in the name of a Hindu but with a Christian heart…

    Hindus should wake up n not trust blindly any person who goes to temple inspite of being a convert… Didn’t Raul Vinci do a temple run for votes inspite of being a Christian?

    Raul Vinci n his gang will always be saved by modi…n so will DMK because he has got orders from Vatican..

    He could have given minority rights to Hindus in North east n Jammu … When a case was filed courts on the order of modi didn’t consider that plea.

    I doubt modis credibility and all true Hindus should…

    • Your counter to Malar are very interesting. We are discussing based on perceptions created by media and opinions of intellectuals. Society as a whole and people’s thought process swing with time and I list certain facts on personal understanding keeping Mahabharata in mind.

      At one time S Swamy was a strong supporter of SG and Jayalalitha.
      Alok Verma ( x cbi chief ) was hero and H Adhia and R Asthana were projected as villains. H Adhia refused post retirement job.

      Regds Jagan, his father YSR Reddy was an evangelist including his brother in law born in a orthodox Brahmin Hindu family but became Star converted evangelist. All SC converts, Muslims ( 3o%)+ power hungry Reddys voted for Jagan. It is true Modi sabotaged Naidu and encouraged an evangelist. He crushed Venkaiah Naidu , supporter of CB Naidu.EVM worked perfectly in AP.
      Modi had understanding with KC Rao in telengana supported by Owaisi. Technically a Muslim fundamantalist was supporting Modi.

      RSS is NOT a hindu organisation but a nationalist organisation. Many functionaries are atheists. iUMUL and MIM are 100% Muslim parties and their candidates get 100% Muslim votes.There is no hindu political party or organisation in India. Praveen Togadia , a doctor surgeon, a true Hindu and VHP head was crushed and destroyed by RSS. He crossed swords with Modi.

      Modi is a split personality and follower of Rama Krishna mission, which is a service org but not a hindu .org ( they pray to RK only and not hindu devatas ). They celebrate Christmas . Modi genuinely wants to develop Indian poor and perhaps he is a true communist. He made use of Yogi, Sadhvi Pragya, Sakshi Maharaj and S Swamy to woo Hindu voters. Chanakya is a midget in front of Modi. In 2024, he will win with Muslim support.

      Especially Tamil Brahmin intellectuals and journalists turned atheists and their abuses have helped Modi. Hindus should NOT expect any favours from Modi and should take care by themselves.

      For some Karna, Duryodhana and Ravana are heroes and from dharmic perspective they have not erred and acted as per karma. Hence Modi became leader by destiny having faced innumerable challenges, for some he is hero and for some villain a tag given to Krishna. He is an optimist but he may not be aware of ALL happenings in administration. Except for A Shaw he doesn’t trust any one , similar to the olden days where king used to trust and take advice from the queen.

      I do not see any Hindu awareness being ignited as money power is ruling the world which is in the hands of desert religions.May be a real Hindu ruler will come in 2029 to uplight real Hindu values.

  14. Politics is not as easy as 1-2-3. Those not even in Nursery are now suggesting to the Post graduates who spen their life politicking.

  15. Wondering whether BJP government is obliged to do some favours to Arun Jetley for his contribution during last 5 years. Jetley adding Srivastava’s name in the list raises doubts about kind of relationship Jetley having with Chidambaram, whether he too is the beneficiary of huge accumulation of wealth by later. This may also become difficult to nail Chidambaram for all his mis-deeds.

  16. Although one has great respect for Sree Iyer and his work, one thing which is hard to believe and digest is the alleged bonhomie between corrupt Chidu and Arun Jaitley.

    His kid Karti would never have been arrested, pursued by all agenciesbf there was truth to this.
    Why would AJ do this? How does it benefit him?

    It would help the public space, if there is more pertinent information regarding this aspect.

    Otherwise, Swamy for all his intellectual genius, for whom again, there is great respect, just seems a case of plan old jealousy.

    This has cost the country dear, as we hv lost out on the services of Swamy as FM, only due to his unsubstantiated abuse on AJ, calling him Shakuni, dim-witted, openly criticizing his financial knowledge etc.

    AJ is much too close to Modi/Shah, and hence Swamy is kept away.

    Instead if AJ in indeed a culprit, Swamy should put out cold verifiable evidence against him, ideally file a case in a court of law against AJ, conniving with a corrupt entity, viz Chidu.
    In the absense of this, it just appears plan old professional jealousy, which serves no purpose other than sensationalism.
    More imp, it demeans Swamy’s own position and deprives the country of his intellect and economic acumen.
    Pls put the evidence against AJ in b&w, else it is really hard for an observant citizen to believe it.
    My respect for Swamy remains undiminished, only sad that he could not get his due, due to to simple plain profesional jealousy, or as it seems.
    Or i question the public.
    Are we that naive?

  17. U all could have allowed some stupid to occupy ..y projexted gandian narender modi who never fights corruption and protects all chidambarams marans roys ..

  18. Jetlee the Shakuni was working very hard to implement his timebomb in last few weeks in office .Modi is well aware .Modi has blood on his hands looting the country.

  19. I want justice to this honest officer Mr Srivastava .PM has been demanding honesty from his officials.Let him probe and give justice to Mr Srivastava.

  20. I always understood that Sri.Subramaniam swamy and Sri Gurumurthy spoke nothing but truth They both were never scared to call a spade a spade I request Mrs Seetharaman to kindly relook and if there is a mistake kindly rectify For people like me honest officers are saviours of our country I our PM with whom our trust is highest I sincerely hope truth will prevail

  21. After getting mandate the BJP is back to its old ways of protecting Lutyens’ elite while bombarding them in public. Hindu Nationalists voted for Modi despite bad management of economy only to be fooled again. If PC still controls North Block, one needs to suspect the real intent of this government. Either Modi has no control or he is complicit.

  22. This information must b brought to the attention of the PM using all possible means if it’s not already done.


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