Who is behind the campaign for the removal of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar?

Swift action by Khattar stopped the violence in Panchkula despite causing a few deaths

Why is Congress trying to make Khattar to quit?
Why is Congress trying to make Khattar to quit?

Within hours of the verdict of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim violence erupted, a campaign was launched in the media for the resignation of the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. A similar kind of violence erupted in nearby Punjab also. But no one asked for the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh! Haryana Chief Minister’s shoot at sight order which resulted in the deaths of more than 30 violent protesters, brought the situation back under control and is one of the fastest in the recent history of mob violence.

The following morning, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) central leadership came forward and rejected the call for the removal of Khattar. On Friday evening, after riots broke out following the verdict, many in the pliant Delhi media were parroting the Congress top leadership’s desire for the resignation of Haryana Chief Minister. This is not the first time that the media has campaigned for Khattar’s resignation. They have planted many a story to suggest that the Haryana Chief Minister is weak.

The reason is simple. M L Khattar is the first BJP Chief Minister who booked Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra for land grabbing case and initiated the National Herald case and promptly ordered a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe, saying the matter merits a wider probe. In every violent protest in Haryana, be it the Jat agitation, Rampal crackdown or the Dera violence, one can see the footprints of Congress Dirty Tricks Department.

Within hours of the eruption of violence after the conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief, the Haryana Government acted and from the following morning, the situation came totally under control. There is a question, as to why the Haryana Government did not block the entry of over two lakh Dera followers. This is a tricky area. Majority of the followers landed from the nearby state of Punjab. While everybody wants to know why Haryana didn’t, nobody asked the Punjab Government as to why they did not prevent this mass outflow of Dera followers.

After the judgment was delivered. violence also erupted in many parts of Punjab. But there was no shoot at sight order against the violent protestors, even after 64 incidents of arson, torching of government offices including railway stations. The BJP Central leadership should be appreciated for nipping the media propaganda (aided by Congress) in the bud. Sonia Gandhi and family wanted to malign and remove Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for taking action against Robert Vadra and National Herald’s Panchkula land scam. Many media houses are parroting what Congress wants. It is good that BJP has identified this dirty trick.

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  1. Remove Mr.Khattar , the CM of Haryana because he is weak ?
    You mean weak like Mr.Manmohan Singh of Congress ?
    But Mr.Khattar has a background of RSS culture ,a Karmyogi who
    has been trained not to run away from action no matter how difficult the situation is.
    The result was that there were no serious incidents on 28th or subsequently following the announcement of sentences to Ram Rahim.

  2. Most articles here seem to have been well researched, but the writer is hopelessly trying to defend an weak and inefficient chief minister who in my opinion deliberately didn’t act in time and allowed situation to arise such that more than 30 lives were lost. While I support BJP, this was one case where the accused has so many such crimes in his name and thanks to the judiciary that some sort of justice has been delivered even though after so many years. It would bode the BJP and its supporters to make sure that they stay away from fraudsters such as this so-called and self-styled Godman. And you guys pls stick to publishing articles that are not influenced by anyone and not of this kind, it would lead to loss of your own reputation too !!

  3. The Congress government in Punjab is responsible for the incidents of arson and violence against which it took little action. Also it also should have clamped down on the Dera followers from Punjab who spilled over into Haryana. What does the Cong think? If the followers from a neighbouring state create trouble in Haryana their state government is not accountable for it? There is a Vadra angle to it no doubt though granted the fact that if Khattar had quit his successor would follow up on the investigation. Khattar has been pursuing the probe and it is a fact.

  4. What a bunch of crap arguments. Khattar and Ram Bilas Sharma publicly stated that the followers are peaceful and that section 144 can NOT be implemented on them. Now they say they did their best to control a “violent” mob that they themselves said was “peaceful” a day back! What a peculiar U-turn in the name of damage control! How can you guys ignore these facts?

  5. Why Congress has to do something. Khattar proved inept and inefficient. What makes you think that if
    Khattar is removed cases filed filed against Vadhra by BJP Govt. will be revoked. Cannot the next CM
    continue the cases. And you Pgurus why are you writing as a Team in this instance and what a nice
    story you have come up with. Why blame Congress for mismanaging affairs by BJP. And you Busty Vinod
    and Josh don’t have holier than thou attitude. If it has happened in Congress Rule it should not happen
    in BJP because BJP is a party with a difference. Dont try to find excuse or justify when it cannot be
    justified at. Even last year when Haryana burned during Jat agitation Khattar was a silent spectator and
    everyone blamed Congress. The same can be true of BJP when Congress was in power. Be balanced
    and apportion blame where it belongs.

  6. All the Dirty Tricks Department is guided by one person and we all know who that person is! Neither that person nor there proteges are interested in the progress, prosperity and development of this country, than their own progress and prosperity!

  7. Everything looked like a knee jerk reaction. Why did he give interviews saying these are peaceful protestors. This was a lovely opportunity to get rid of all political opponents which he didn’t use so why cry now? Unlike the Congress CM who was on top of the situation or it looked like that, CM of Haryana portrayed as if nothing is wrong?? this was weird

  8. For a moment, reenact the scenario in Kashmir valley, where the rioters and stone pelters would have been fired upon by police and 35 killed. The same congress, pseudo liberal chatteriti would be singing a different tune of govt high handedness and harsh reaction on innocent protesters. Remember, how the then great administrator and governor of J&K Shri Jagmohan was removed when he took a prompt action and ordered firing on rabidly anti India irate mob of protestors and armed terrorists in Srinagar on Feb 1990. People who complain of police inaction and administrative lapse should look into history of riots in India and then make judgements. These opportunistic political chamelions will keep barking to feed confusion and unrest amount the people. Don’t give much weight age to them and remain assured that time it up for all fakes, be it Gandhi’s or any Babes.

  9. This is nothing new. Even though Haryana CM did more than any Congress CM did during riots in their states in past 30-40 years still he is at fault. Remember Narendra Modi did more than any Congress CM did in previous numerous racial riots in India (and in Gujarat) still he did not do enough. Mr. Modi immediately asked for help from neighboring states to handle 2002 riots, but Congress CMs of those states did not help. Such help was never sought before during any previous riots.

    • Yes you are right. As usual Congress is upto the same old dirty tricks. Hope the public undesrstands this and is not swayed by the sensational pro Congress Media. Glad to see Pgurus bringing it up.


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