Who is behind this flawed idea of importing US-based people into the Indian economy and policy-making?

Has India benefited from the import of US-trained financial experts? Or were their ideas too radical?

Has India benefited from the import of US-trained financial experts? Or were their ideas too radical?
Has India benefited from the import of US-trained financial experts? Or were their ideas too radical?

With the resignation of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Deputy Governor Viral Acharya, one question that must be asked is, “whose brainchild was this flawed idea of importing economists and bankers from the United States into India’s system?” A follow-up would be if it was a flawed idea or did India bow to the tricks of US lobbies to infiltrate their men in India’s crucial decision-making systems by the US-fancied political leadership in India?

This US import syndrome started with Raghuram Rajan (R3) as the Chief Economic Advisor during corrupt Chidambaram’s tenure in the Finance Ministry in 2012 and elevation as the RBI Governor in 2013. Huge public relations machinery was put in place to boost the image of Rajan. Even some socialite ladies and cheer girls in the media world wrote and tweeted orgasmic pieces on how sexy the RBI Governor looked[1].

Rajan’s singular “achievement” was the destruction of India’s Small Scale and Medium Scale industry (MSME) by keeping the interest rates high. Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Economics Professor Subramanian Swamy had to put his foot down and expose Rajan’s flawed policies to ensure that his term was not renewed. Till the last moment, MSM kept singing praises of their adorable Rajan.

Modi fell for it too…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also carried away by these US imports. One of the worst appointments was the posting of Arvind Subramanian as the Chief Economic Advisor (CEA). It is a known fact that Modi was bowing to the pressure of the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, a buddy of the corrupt Chidambaram. Arvind Subramanian, during the UPA regime, was writing articles critical of Modi in the garb of an Economist[2]. He even wrote that Modi is mediocre and his Gujarat model development was a sham and that the best was Nitish Kumar’s Bihar Model. Yet such a person became the Chief Economic Advisor of the Modi Government. Can someone explain this?

Later Arvind Subramanian was caught by Subramanian Swamy for advocating against India at the US Senate Committee for his then-employer, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. His speech is now viral on YouTube arguing how the United States should pressurise India for the benefit of US pharma-firms[3]. Fortunately, after some time later Modi realised the frauds of Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian and denied them extensions, ignoring Jaitley’s recommendations. Now both are Modi haters and ridicule and talk against Modi like the old fox Amartya Sen, who looted Nalanda University.

The Modi Government again erred in appointing another import Urjit Patel as the RBI Governor after Rajan’s exit. He too left without completing the tenure. The fact of the matter is that these foreign imports found themselves out of sync with the grand Indian Economic system, that caters to 130 crores people.

The worst was the import of Arvind Panagariya as the Chief of Niti Aayog. He was really a fish out of water in the Niti Aayog with non-practical ideas that drew chuckles in several Cabinet meetings.

Rajiv Gandhi had nixed R3’s father’s role in RAW

R3 was PC’s good friend, an Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer Govind Rajan’s son. Govind Rajan was terminated by Rajiv Gandhi from the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) when he was the acting Chief of RAW. There were allegations that the RAW officer’s son Rajan’s US admission was sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1987. Veterans say that Rajiv Gandhi was alerted of Govind Rajans’ son’s admission by the then IB chief M K Narayanan by producing the US education institutes’ fees receipts.

Anyway, in 2012, PC brought back his discredited friend’s son as the CEA after 26 years.

Why? Why? Why?

Here the billion dollars question why Indian political leadership is so enamored about the imported economists and bankers, mainly from the United States. It is time for Indian political leadership to steer the economy properly, using models that will work for India, a savings based economy. We hope the much fancied lateral recruitment in Government services is implemented correctly and not a posting of some corporate infiltration or of nepotism.


[1] The ‘sexy’ central banker who’s causing a stirOct 10, 2013, CNBC.com

[2] Arvind Subramanian: Is the Modi miracle overrated? Jan 29, 2013, Business Standard

[3] India pressured by U S Congressional committee, Pfizer, over drug patentsMar 26, 2013, KEIonline.org

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  1. Post 1991 Liberalization,India is yet to have its own economic Model,Front line Economists etc Going by Popular Approach Of Outsourcing practiced by US ,Probably Govt. of India is reciprocating by Importing US Trained Economists with an Hope of US model may wipe out all the woes of Indian Economy. Its the same Nehru-Gandhi Approach but Slightly Sophisticated one.
    Also Present Governor of RBI is MA(History) is a explosive mixture.

  2. This post is not new to people like me. We have had such articles in Panchajanya and Organizer in late 80s and 90s thus Swadeshi Jagaran Manch too was floated in 80s. Lo and behold certain provisions in our “constitution” itself were imported from many countries!!

    In our unfortunate nation, Import of men and material to Govern is NOT NEW!

    In early 60s and 70s we used to hear that Nahari/Nehru used to import butter from London! Iron pressed clothes form Swiss!! Nehru’s wife was cremated in Switzerland!! Nehru used to import toys for his children /grandchildren from England! Late PM Indira Khan Gandhi used to have Pupul Jayakar and Maragatam Chandrasekhar et al as her personal (dressing) secretaries on her on foreign trips!!

    What is the distance between a “bail” and a “jail”!! Are not Majboot Sarkar Surgical PM Modi and his team helplessly or is it shamelessly pussy footing on Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka-Robert-PC et al corrupt cases?

    Prime Ministers from Congress-I or now under the so called Hidutva BJP have been interested or take pride in “rubbing shoulders/ propose a toast” with white skins”.

    During graduation and post-graduation I used to question my professors how come US/UK wooden model on water resources or stats model on economics suit Indian topography and vast population respectively? Why we were educated with such unsuitable examples or models? Our Universities churn out only degrees!

    Congress I governments with their NGOs used to arrange brain storming meeting in five star hotels on certain topics involving youths between 19 to 32 years of creative age and used to “steal our innovations/ ideas/ solutions” and at the end used to extend 5 star food !!!!!!!!!

    Similarly in the Indian economy what is the sanctity of maintaining fiscal deficit below 3.3% in a given 130 crores population? Banking industry is in a mess for over fifteen years now. What is so great in imported intellectuals/PC/AJ/MMS and RBI? All our FMs, imported RBI Governors/CEA did well to foreign economies than to Indian economy.

    Those who left plum posts in India since 2015 under Majboot Sarkar PM Modi have only one thing in common. Their hallowed and Indian media created auras did not fit into the Indian Economic model but dared to pour brimstone on Modi and our beloved 18 hours working PM who just swallowed insults thus harming the Indian growth and economy under a law minister not a minister knowing some fundamentals in Economics!! Law ministers becoming Finance Ministers looked at the Indian Economy through Lawyers goggles only…….. Imported intellectuals just came in to show case themselves as “Global Intellects”.

    What is so great about NRIs and their educational standards? Who knows R3, Arvind, et al can predict events taking place in Indian subcontinent through astrological cannons! Native Indians knowledge is more than NRIs. Our farmers are better in predicting weather!

    Questions such as why WB/IMF/ADB and USA influence our governments by planting their Trojans in key ministries is not a mystery. If we look at Chinese influence it is mind blowing. China encircled the whole Globe with its three US$ reserves. And here we fight on GDP calculations courtesy Aravinda Subramanian!!! If we calculate Dynasty looted income with swiss accounts cum PC family incomes it may be more than our wrong or right GDP figures now under discussion in the media !! Why Indian Software companies prefer corrupt Hillary Clinton and bash up Donald Trump? One can suspect “soft corruption” we have had for 25 years! Monsanto/Bayer, Pharma is a different story. Are we evolving our Union Budgets to help MNCs or to improve our living standards? We appoint foreign educated fellows only to disrupt Parliament proceedings!

  3. The right answer to this is the so called self styled “progressives, liberals”, but actually the most vile, deranged, demented demoniac, evil ever to stride on the planet. Even calling them Satan, would be an insult to Satan himself. These White d..k crazed, white ass licking self styled “progressive Liberals”, actually the most degenerate deranged evil, for whom ANYTHING, even pigshit from West specially Italy, is “PROGRESSIVE, HUMANE..” So now since the evil Vatican Satan is trapped in pedophilia and child rape allegation, it is sought by these so called “PROGRESSIVES”and Vineet Jain, Aroon Purie like genetic lumpens to be “NORMALIZED”, and the reason “WE ACCEPT DIVERSITY”, “WE ARE LIBERAL”so now. ONLY THE SUHARTO OR FRANCO solution is a reply to these demonic LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES

  4. I like to quit but before that to say the article by Anupam SCB is not good for the minds who want to know what is going on in Indian Politics. For everything there are two sides. But you have to give the true facts to identify them. I may not be an expert in any substance but I like to understand anything which is true. You may have things that contains hate
    but bringing and making others to listen to you in a nice and loveable way is called true journalism.

    • Oh really, article by ME?? It is meant to disturb I will play not by parameters set by the barabaric, bloodthirsty Xtian Commie or Racist thugs..This is the call of the time, IF we have to survive the Xtian onslaught

  5. I don’t think you read anything about Indian struggle. Do you think you are way smarter than the people who were in Congress before independent, who were freedom fighters. If Nehru was so bad why he was The President of Indian National Congress(INC) in 1928,29,36,37 more number of time than any individual, was that a scam. He was invited to be The President of Bengal student Federation though he was NOT a Bengali. He was also invited to be head of syndicate of all Indian Political parties apart from INC. Then how was he an imported material. Those great people chose him that time (before elected as The Prime Minister), they used to know him and they made there decision. I don’t think he was imported. He was a great freedom fighters and Prime Minister. I don’t have any soft spot for Congress but defaming a great soul based on just rumours is rubbish. You should read our freedom struggle man, you should.

    • I think you read ONLY Italian Nazi Imported material about so called FREEDOM STRUGGLE. And do not advise us to read about u=your fake Commie-Congi filth narrative
      1. Did Nehru EVER go to Cellular Jail or was even ordinary jail, which most freedom fighters went to. NO HE WAS ALWAYS under 5 star and small time incarceration
      2. A small decreipt Afghanistan threw Brits out, Lock, Stock and Barrel in 1919 itself. India, Pakistan, Burma, BDeshi took another 30 years.. WHY??? making fools of Indians
      3. Its a known fact which was accepted by Clement Atlee himself that they left India, because 1. NETAJI INA 2. The return of 5 million demobilized Indian soldiers and a virtual unending supply of warriors 3. The RIN and Garhwal regiment rebellion inspired by Netaji (who conveniently disappeared)
      4. Congress was formed by A.O. Hume a British agent, scientific theory of Pressure Cooker, release the anger of people by usless sloganeering and Ahinsa Bullshit, shout, realease the presure and Brits rule easily
      5. The GANDHI NEHRU Non VIolece and actually Congis non violence and all BS is for only WHITE SKINS and can be seen even today. FOR NATIVE HEATHEN INDIANS, 5000 HINDU BRAHMINS were murdered by these Inquisition marauding Congi thugs within a year of 47
      5. AND YES I have answers to all questions about Gandhi, nehru and more…So more tomorrow on what was Nehru
      We have more knowledge of Fake Freedom struggle of pygmies, vs REAL Giants..AND SORRY WE ARE STILL NOT FREE..WE GOT ONLY “DOMINION STATUS””

    • It is high time my good sir , that sense prevailed. Look at this person whom you questioned barking like some mad dog frothing. Wish people got the right sense between Hinduism and Hindutva. No religion teaches violence nor promotes. Hindutva is that one idea which has changed the whole perception of a calm and peaceful religion. Hindutva has created an image of Hanuman who always smiles ,one of my favorites gods, into someone angry. What capacity does this person even have to question Mr Raghuram Rajan. He is not respected by a few stooges of Hindutva , but outside indias borders. How dare this person say US import to him, you mean to say he is not Indian because he is intelligent. You still cannot answer benefits of demonetization. I don’t know who runs this page but shame on you. You are the real anti national sir to side with a murderer who gained power by hook or crook which meant swaying religious sentiments. Wake up sir for the sake of India. Stop being a sell out to such people. Be a true Indian if you can. I hope people with sense come together to change the system. So that there could mother be BJP or Congress but the right elected leaders and not criminals like Modi, Pragya and many more.

  6. All these US imported people does nothing. They try to copy US economic practices and public finances which never suitable to India with multi dimensions. Meanwhile these guys push US interests and MNC interests by using Indian funds. Most land to polish their resume and rush back to US to get some other good jobs. Fault is Indian political leadership

  7. The subject of the article is good, but the view on those executives who left prematurely not at all explained. Yet those who appointed them have been castigated. The story would have weighty if each of those who quit were interviewed , however briefly so as to apprise us of the truth.

  8. Thank you for this brilliant article for which I have been waiting since my student days in the sixties of the last century. Yes, a thousand years of slavery does bring a change in the metabolism of a race and, it is for this reason that, even the Left-Liberal-NRI-Nobel-ised intellectuals also have the tendency to proudly refer to and quote from any writings against India/Indian leaders/Hindus published anywhere abroad, including anti-India articles written by Indians!
    To be frank, the slave mentality of our leaders of free India was manifest in the very first prime minister himself through the bias in favour of the British-trained ICS and then, as a legacy, in the weakness for the public school-educated civil servants chiefly of the IAS. This is still continuing, as you yourself have succinctly and obliquely hinted at. The genesis of the excessive bias of all the political parties in favour of the overwhelmingly anglicised, patently anti-people class of civil servants (read:the IAS) is the slave mentality instilled in our DNA and that is why we tend to plead with foreign-trained proud NRIs, having no touch with the Indian mind or values, to be kind enough and descend on the Indian soil and accept the highest jobs in the land. This also shows the ingrained inferiority complex of our leaders and the Indians in general. We are never proud of a child who does very well in studies reading in the “native” institutions and then securing very good jobs in the civil services or universities without any stamp of any foreign university or a “foreign posting”. We must, by dint of our compulsive slave mentality, get a certificate from an insignificant foreign institution to be acknowledged in our own country. After all, Rabindranath came to be acknowledged as a great poet only after he got the Nobel prize! One felt that, after the BJP came to power, this bias for the NRI elements would go. But, sadly speaking, it is impossible to remove a characteristic fro our DNA.

  9. K. Natwar Singh revealed that CIA had and in fact ran the ITALIAN SONIA Govt, and he was a Cabinet Minsiter and in know of things. SONIA as Dr Swamy himself exposed Italian and Vatican OpusDei KGB agent
    AND HE IS NOT FAR OFF THE MARK..But we Hindus and Indians specially forget history so easily. DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER that 16 TOP Nuclear Scientists of India died under suspicious circumstances 2004-14 and this Italian white evil christian demoness did not allow any enquiry into it. First scientist died the very day UPA II took oath

  10. And is it new. It started with the forcing of Nehru on India. Who was a known White skinned Pimp. The infestation of Foreign intelligence in Finance and Financial policies started well back in 1980’s with the CIA-ISI pimp Manmohan Singh (Pakipanjabi treacherous pitviper, who despite his face is the one who brought Panjab terrorism in India, with help of foreign Enemy plant Italian Antonia Maino, leading to killing of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and ITALIAN accession to top- that’s why she put MMS as a grovelling slave with a hideous past-In return for a American Italian White for his pakipanjabi white ass worshipping daughter- The eternal slaves of White skinned beasts)
    PS: Interesting Fact: This evil with wooden face, Pakistani Panjabi MMS was born in GAH, where Osama Bin Laden hid

  11. Sir, The Indian Economy is different from other economies or I can say complicated and hence, the US educated economists perhaps are unable to understand our economy. I recall the suggestion / strong advocate of abolition of Income – Tax. Allow HNIs to invest in India without any questions asked. Give them a free hand to invest in India, simplify rules / regulations and the govt. must be a facilitator for giving a boost to the economy. It is a pity that the Modi / Modi Govt is ignoring the advice / not utilizing the services of Dr. Subramaniam Swamy.

  12. Indians still, including educated Indians, STILL Talk of Antonia Edvige Maino as Sonia GandhiJEE, Raul Vinci and Italian import as RAHUL GandhiJEE, Bianca Vinci and her Scottish husband Vadra AS PriyankaJEE..Its a BIOLOGICAL FACT, that DNA effects are carried for 7 generations. THEY ARE ITALIAN WHITE XTIAN PIGS and still most STUPID INDIANS including the journos here want Italian trash to rule..ALL VICIOUS VILE ATTACKS ON MODIJI including abuse is arising from the WHITE FASCIST, KLANNIST, WHITE SUPREMACIST DERANGED MINDSET OF “WHITE MAN BURDEN AND CIVILIZING MISSION”which these evil, white skinned Draculas are taught by bloodthirsty cannibalistic genocidal Church and White education system.MOUTH IS OF STREETDOGS but words are ANTONIA, who cannot digest the fact that brown heathens dared to kick out the White filthy ass. NETAJI KICKED THE WHITE BRIT ASS DESKINNING THEM, only then Brits fled, but gave power to its created Bastards.DNA EFFECT OF NEHRU GENES

  13. Its wrong of author to brush Viral Acharya and Urijit Patel as flop. It seems authour has no touch about Indian politics. Urijit and Viral Acharya left for Govt pirates like working conditions where as Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian were choosen by Goons to help them personally !!! Who will resign these days anyway ? Only people who cant be party to crimes of Finance ministry or PMO will quit. All know how Alok Verma was hounded , IRS Srivastav is falsely fired ,EDs Rajeshwar Rao is almost out by Fin ministry and PMO office .In todays world good proffessionals want graceful exit and enjoy what they do best . Its always better to distance filthy scumbags than matyr for no reason !

  14. was the indian economy, employment, msme were so prosper from 1947 to 2002, till Indian educated economists were managing/advising

    • Yes better than what you WHITE ASS LICKING Xtian traitors think. For you people everything from White skins is always best

  15. At last an ‘enlightening’ & ‘awakening’ article.

    But, as Team Gurus believe, the ‘import syndrome’ didn’t start from 3R but well before 3R.
    Yes. The traitor Nehru is, in fact, an ‘Infiltrator PM’ – well programmed to continue the ‘Looting spree’ that was happening during the previous 2 centuries.

    Swaminathan who destroyed Indian Farming in the name of Green Revolution – is one of the notable rascals – second only to Nehru. Millions of farmers committed suicide because of this scoundrel. Just to satisfy his personal greed, he sold the blood of millions of farmers to the US brigands.

    The next notable example of ‘Import Syndrome’ is the swindler called Verghes Kurien – who was instrumental in propagating the second biggest fraud on India by the West – White Revolution
    Indian Farming & Indian Health System today stand totally devastated due to the combined effects of Green & White Revolutions.
    Infiltrators like the traitor Rajan came very late in the picture


    Economy is not a game of Numbers. GDP, CAD, FER are useless, meaningless terms which these Drawing Room Economists & Financial Wizards (frauds) employ to mislead the masses.

    Till 1947 we were slaves of the British.
    Today we are slaves of MNC Pharmas, MNC Fertilizer, Seed, Pesticide Manufacturers, MNC Dairies

    Infiltrators right from Nehru to Arvind Subramanyam & Panagariyas are dutifully carrying out the Agenda of their US Bosses

    • Sir, straight SHARP and TO THE POINT. But you forgot another most vicious IMPORT..ITALIAN BARDANCER SONIA. Also you forgot the Import from Madina Maulana AZAD “Maulana Sayyid Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyuddin Ahmed bin Khairuddin Al-Hussaini Azad” BORN IN MADINA..FIRST EDUCATION MINISTER, who after MacCaulay destroyed and destroying Indian eduction still
      2. ANOTHER IMPORT, THE SO CALLED HISTORY DOYEN– ROMILLLLLA THAPAR- AN IMPORT OF PAKISTAN-Pakipanjabin- Pakistani imported Panjabis have NOTHING in common with Indian Panjabis, except language. They are a mixed breed of keeps of Brits, Turks, Mughals, originally Iranian Greeks who slithered in with Arab invasion..THEIR GENETICS is 99% BRIT-TURK. They were with Aurangzeb in the vicious killing of Guru Gobind Singhs sons and changed their names and religion, to save themselves from the wrath of NALWA the brave Sikh General of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who pulverized these invaders to smithrens.. SHE WAS JUST A BA that too in SOCIOLOGY, when she was “awarded”contract to write Indian History..Her Masters came very late in 80s and Honourary Doctorate in 2008-9 at age of 83 years.
      ALSO TO NOTE SHE AND HER BIL KARAN THAPAR belong to the IMPORTED family of KUNJ BIHARI THAPAR who presented a SAROPA and Rs 1.7 Lakh (Today’s Rs 17 crore atleast) to Gen Dyer a day after Jallianwala Masscare for the immense bravery by White skinned deranged Dracula
      NEHRU was a BRIT INTELLIGENCE AGENT and a White skin evil created BSTD. Its surprising that till 1967 Blacks, Browns..were allowed to be lynched publicly “LEGALLY”by US AND BRITISH AND IN FACT ALL WHITE EU countries LAWS if they dared have relationship with White women.. How Nehru was allowed to f.k Lady Mountbatten??? a Royalty?? EVEN TODAY NO NON WHITE is allowed to enter any DULE, EARL, or ROYAL FAMS IN ENTIRE EU.


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