Who is stopping J&K State govt from taking strong action against govt employees?

Mehbooba must crack the whip and act on State Govt. employees who indulged in stone pelting & organizing protests

Mehbooba must crack the whip and act on State Govt. employees who indulged in stone pelting & organizing protests
Mehbooba must crack the whip and act on State Govt. employees who indulged in stone pelting & organizing protests

Some employees allegedly involved in organising protests/ stone pelting

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]A[/dropcap]fter cracking its whip against the media houses and blaming the current cycle of unrest in Kashmir on the growing alienation of common masses from the Central govt headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has apparently developed ‘cold feet’ when it comes to taking strong action against the State Govt. employees who have been allegedly found involved in triggering unrest and incidents of stone pelting/ instigating violence against the State Govt.

Highly placed official sources, however, revealed that more than 120 employees figure on the list.

According to a confidential report prepared by the General Administration department of State Govt., “the govt has shortlisted names of govt employees whose role has been established or their involvement has been recorded as proof behind ongoing cycle of violence”. The district wise list was prepared and the exact number of employees who were found involved could not be ascertained immediately.

Highly placed official sources, however, revealed that more than 120 employees figure on the list.

The irony is that instead of acting on the report and sending across a firm message to the ‘radicalised’ employees the State Govt. is trying to go soft against them and avoiding any tug of war especially at a time when situation on ground zero is showing some premature signs of revival.

After the Indian army conducted a surgical strike on the terror launch pads inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir the ongoing cycle of violence across Kashmir Valley has subsided in comparison to early days of violence.

Though the situation remained volatile in different pockets the focus of the State Govt. too has shifted from mob controlling to investigating the allegations and following up on complaints to book the real culprits and restore writ of the State Govt..

Peak working season washed out

Already the peak working season has been completely washed out and besides Tourism industry, all other major sectors have also been adversely hit.

The education of school going children and health of serious patients in need of immediate attention has been compromised during the period in the absence of specialised care. The local businessman and fruit grower and all those people who earn their livelihood by serving tourist population have been suffering the most as tourists virtually ran away from the Kashmir valley to save their lives.

At the same time efforts being made by the State Govt. to restore normalcy at the earliest have been opposed by the hardliners who are still seeking engagement with the Govt of India besides extracting some basic concessions before coming on the dialogue table.

Mehbooba finding herself in a tight spot

Even Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has landed herself in a tight spot and is making passionate appeals to the central BJP leadership to bail her out of the piquant situation and initiate an internal dialogue process to restore normalcy in the Kashmir valley.

The centre govt which is itself embroiled in variety of issues and focusing all its energies on tackling the threat at the borders is clueless on how to handle and reverse the situation.

Ever since the local residents have started defying ‘hartal calendar’ issued by the Hurriyat leaders the State Govt. has become pro active towards restoring order in the worst affected areas and at the same time maintaining a fine balance where it is not seen to be bending its knees and compromising on the core issue towards resolution of Kashmir. Now it remains to be seen whether the State Govt. would go ahead and allow the law to take its course to punish the State Govt. employees or extend ‘healing touch’ policy to these employees by once again shielding them and ignoring their blunders.

On October 2 the State Govt. banned publication of a local newspaper claiming it was disturbing peace and tranquility by way of publishing content that can incite acts of violence. But in the last three months when these employees were found to be involved in triggering unrest the State Govt. could not gather enough courage to book them as per relevant provisions of law and deliver justice.


  1. It is the same reason why no Kashmiri politician praised the Army after successful surgical strikes although the whole country was jubilant ie they don’t want to annoy separatist/terrorists in case some day they gain upper hand and make their life hell afterwards.
    However Mehbooba Mufti deserves to stew in her own juice and get thoroughly discredited; to atone for the unseemly drama enacted before her heading the Govt after her efforts to arm twist the central Govt failed and the state was without a Govt for three months.

    • Excellent comment and I fully agree with you.Also these are the people who robbed,killed and made Kashmiri Pindits refugees are gpying for their sins/violations.


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