A letter from two Hindu supporters to Hardcore Bhakts, post-Surgical Strike P1

Difficult questions for the Prime Minister from BJP loyalists on unfulfilled promises

Some difficult questions for the PM
Some difficult questions for the Prime Minister from hardcore supporters

(This letter is written by Kanimozhi and Aparna )

Dear Bhakts,

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]W[/dropcap]e are honest and strong Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters and will continue to be so, but there is no denying that millions of honest BJP’ians are being forced to change parties because of the conduct of BJP and of its Bhakts, both are clearly against its own honest genuine supporters, whenever a concern about BJP’s non-performance on civilizational issues or ignoring promises raised by genuine supporters like us. We can easily be the next victim. We could be abused, trolled and pushed outside like it has been done to million others, but, we still would like to write this letter to the bhakts, to ensure we are heard least once irrespective of the outcome.


It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Modi has not spoken a word about the highly successful and commendable surgical strike. He is maintaining a studied silence. But none can deny Modi’s personal rating has gone up by a few notches. It’s true that some over-enthusiastic BJP workers have put up posters in parts of Uttar Pradesh. These are election times and it is not out of the ordinary that the ticket aspirants have put up posters all across. Such things happen in all parties. Even the most ardent critics of Modi would find the prime minister’s conduct since India’s surgical strikes on terrorists camps across the Line of Control (LoC) nothing but exemplary. Till now, he has maintained a stoic silence that is uncharacteristic of a leader often projected by media as a demagogue.  He has silenced all his critics by the actions he taken against Pakistan and by maintaining a high statesmanship after such an attack. All opposition parties after the initial appreciation have started complaining about Modi because of the realization across the spectrum that Modi’s popularity was soaring sky-high and will remain there for sometime. The BJP also has realized that it has a chance to sweep all the 7 states in which elections are to be held in 2107 and thus, the search for fault-finding has begun. In a calculated move to sow the seeds of doubt, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejariwal and Sanjay Nirupam started demanding proof of the surgical strikes while Rahul Gandhi came up with the derogatory “Khoon ki Dalali” comment, for which he may end up paying his entire political career.

Modi seems to be focused only on development agenda. True, a country the size of India with a large younger population that has been ravaged by Socialist policies, needs development. However, the development of some roads, electricity supply in one of a thousand villages or building a few bridges is not the definition of Development. The solution of real civilization issues is what can be called actual development. At the core of a public party, lies the responsibility to look after its supporters. But, the BJP has adopted pseudo secularism and indirectly laughed at our face. Supporting the pro-Hindu agenda has become a thing of past recollection. Should then, we continue our support?

Our serious worry is that Modi’s personal rating has gone up several notches higher with several election wins and promises of Vikas. With the recent Surgical strike,  Modi’s popularity has risen sky-high and there is concern that he will forget all the promises he made to Hindus, since, it looks like BJP will sweep the upcoming 7 state elections.


[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]n May 2014, we gave our overpowering majority in the elections to BJP. We thought that our era has begun. It is a subject of sadness that this dream couldn’t be actualized, considering years that have gone by since the elections and there is no solid work that proves that BJP has done much for the pro-Hindu agenda. It has given meager regard to our issues. Our Hindu schools are still harassed by RTE, Government is still looting our temple money shamelessly and now courts and NGOs are attacking our local Hindu traditions like Sabarimala, Jallikattu or Shani temple. Even though Modi’s Government lifted the ban on Jallikattu, Supreme Court stayed that decision asking the need of such a festival. In a similar fashion, Supreme Court also questioned the right of Sabarimala and Shani temples on forbidding women from entering any part of the temples. Nothing was done about the anti-national slogans shout at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), no changes to books, nobody sacked. Smriti Irani is another failure associated with BJP government, who prides in her neglect of books given by the UPA. How would our children develop self-esteem if books teach them to be embarrassed about their past?[2] Our problems are undeniably being ignored.

The worse part about this is BJP’s meek behavior after forsaking us. We just got left at becoming a “plank” on which BJP launched itself. They think that we can always be used to bring them victory like we did in 2014. That’s all the purpose we as supporters serve for them.

Allies fear bossy BJPThe primary reason why we face this identity crisis is that BJP is confident that we have nowhere else to go, no other party to turn to. They are assured to have hardcore Hindus as confined vote base who will vote for them because we do not belong anywhere else. But because of the left dominated liberal agenda that is followed by BJP, we become a burden on the government after winning the elections. So, should we keep letting BJP use us and our support for their selfish motives?


[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]here are so many general problems associated with BJP; their ministers are unreachable as always. Even we, the supporters can’t reach them unless we have some approach. MPs from BJP have forgotten all the promises they made and have confined themselves to their own bungalow, cars, and luxury. BJP has lost many Hindu electorates who voted collectively for them, combining people from all economic strata because of their conduct. We are not sure if we should continue supporting a party that doesn’t deserve it…

Middle-class Hindus who voted for BJP wanted some changes at the basic level which was obviously disregarded and now forgotten after winning. We have lost understanding as to why our voices were so strong while campaigning for BJP since after the victory our causes are not promoted at all! We can’t understand PM’s closeness to Sonia Gandhi or his distance from those supporters who were with him at all times. When people disbelieved in the PM, when he had no confidence from the people in his victory, he had us. We are quiet for a long time because of the belief and respect in him. While BJP has clearly used our support as a stepping stone to success, should we continue being used?

Hindus with the view of having more children are made fun of, but why? Muslims are following the same pattern and have outnumbered Hindu population in a lot of areas which will not vote for BJP. 10% of the fishermen in Tamil Nadu were converted by Christian missionaries during last Tsunami. Pope regards India as a bull’s eye for mass conversions. Even after knowing that the Christians have always been the aggressors in our country, BJP is doing nothing to solve it. This conduct of BJP is a betrayal to us.

To be continued… Views personal


[1] http://www.dailyo.in/politics/uri-attack-indian-army-pakistan-narendra-modi-isi-jem-let-ajit-doval/story/1/12992.html

[2] http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/To-make-India-powerful-history-needs-to-be-rewritten-Subramanian-Swamy-says/articleshow/48228228.cms

Kanimozhi is an Indian, a Hindu Nationalist living in the USA Utah since 2002. Single Mother. Engineering Electro-Mechanical Consultant MC Engg. Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. Founder of Kurukshetra2019.com web portal dedicated to Sanatana Dharma. (Devanagari: सनातन धर्म aka Hinduism)followers and passionate, can be reached at http://www.twitter.com/kanimozhi)

Aparna is a Design Engineer. Her interests include History, Politics, Yoga and Cooking. She believes in "KarmanyeVaadhikarasthe...".She tweets as @a_r_j_u_n.


    • Vishnu,

      How does it matter? (that the writer is based out of the US). Remember, the concept of Sanatana Dharma is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The world is one small family). You should be happy that a single mother, who is also a professional engineer has the time to pen this multi-part article. If you have disagreements with the content, by all means, write them and we will publish it.

  1. The artical itself is mischievous. I am a staunch Hindu, but I don’t want any Government to give me any thing special. The need of moment is secularism in true spirit not the sicularism of Congress or regional parties like DMK, CPI/M and worst is SP of UP. Government must stop all preferences on basis of religion to all. Governments may not stop collecting money from religious places but the rule must be applied to all religion s not only to temples.
    Modi Government is not fair to middle class people/ FM Arun Jaitley is hurting middle class old people in big way. Government must not artificially reduce interest rates people who are surviving just on meagre interest income will die hungry or without treatment when their income is going down and costs of living going up. Middle class must not be used as a ATM machine by FM we pay taxes to cover the Government subsidies to so called poor people many of whom earning more than a ordinary Indian employed in a private sector. The taxes paid by us are used to feed so called BPL people or the corrupt industrialists. No doubt previous regime were also doing so but FM under Modi Govt has crossed all the limits.
    On Religious side for a Hindu like me it does not matter if some one remain Hindu or get converted by free consent no one should object but if its done under some lure or pressure it must be checked and checked with iron fist.
    I feel the people Modi Govt is feeding will neither support Him not vote him. Minorities will not support him at any cost. And all those who have remained traditional voters of BJP (middle class) will stay away from his party because the promise of single transaction tax has been forgotten the best thing FM has done GST it self once introduced will be enough to kill BJP’s electoral prospectus totally. In short the good work done by Modi Govt will kill its electoral prospectus in next election and people will vote scamsterd and sickulars in a big way to remove Modi ji from Delhi. So still time for Modi to rethink and sortout the mess he has created inadvertantly.

    • “I am a staunch Hindu, but I don’t want any Government to give me any thing special.” Advocate Sarin ji, you missed the whole point there itself. No one is BEGGING here. Hindus are asking not to take from them and treat them equally like Muslims and Christians in India. Why GOI takes money from ONLY Hindu temples? and treats as a greatest sin to even touch any mosque or church? Ppl like you do more damage causing splinters.

  2. Really?
    2014 was not won just cos of hindutva cause.
    Young voters voted modi for development.
    Few voted him , cause they were fed up with Congress scams.
    Many voted him so that he revives black money.
    He brings economy on track.
    He will give back to Pakistan.

    Young voters/ middle class are least bothered whether jallikattu is banned, what they teach in text books, whether sabarimala females r banned. Whether ppl should eat beef.

    You see any Christian s or Muslims they will not vote BJP, same us not true with Hindus.

    What support does BJP have, you give one term to them and expect to do all these.

    Ppl even Hindus are blaming BJP for beef Lynching, for even changing Aurangzeb road. Such shameless Hindus are there.

    There is no media support, and they are waiting every chance to paint BJP as riot mongering in the minds of young who wants Development.

    There are pseudo intellectual s, NGO, international pressures, Christian Nexus who wants to convert. And expect him to do all changes.

    Then there are blaming him for every petty issues.

    The support Congress got to build their ecosystem for 60 years. To brainwash young minds with their narratives for 60 years.
    For Bollywood to brainwash youngsters with their narratives.

    And you want everything to be changed, without spoiling harmony of ppl.

    If Government interferes in SC then they say instead of development Government interfering.

    BJP doesn’t hv right wing support, they don’t hv liberal Hindu support, they dont hv media support, internal party support, international support.

    If he just touch some religion al thing he should do it carefully.
    To change ecosystem of pseudo intellectual s, media, Congress,bollywood brainwash for past 60 years in one term is not easy.
    There is no guarantee that last time who voted will vote nexy term even if BJP takes care of hindutva.
    But if he handles economy well, development,black money, Pakistan, no scams etc he had more chance.

  3. Why Blame Islamic extremism, Sorry this article I strongly feel is starting point of Hindu extremism… All have kept Quite over 65+ years of Congress I’ll doings now in just Two & half years in power seat expect Mr Modi to do reverse gear with a multi religious multi polar multi cultural soceity India Holds. Are these thik tanks ready disband the 100+ ‘s division amongst Hindu soceity first ? Go to villages rather than sitting in USA or elsewhere in cities, see in most temples maintained by particular sect of Hindus , other Hindus either not allowed or socially brought up to Shun away from entering. This can be seen even in Prasadham distribution. Better look in-house correct first before jumping the gun to a Govt for first time did , does discard many ills of 65+ years of Congress ruined India.
    Even authors of this must know we have plurality of languages ; how are they planning to send message across the plural Hindu soceity first . It is easy said than done.

  4. It is impossible for people not living Dharma to protect Dharma. We are fooled by people shouting about Hindu causes during elections, but the fact is that these people have nothing to do with Hinduism. Most of them are criminal and not only indulge in every type of adharmik activity but they even take great pride in boasting about their corruption, sexploitation of college going poor girls, blatant corruption. Just try to find the scale of corruption involved in regulatory bodies, like AICTE, MCI, PCI etc etc. Such has been the degradation of moral character that no step is going to help.
    Even if all of India wake up tomorrow as Hindu by some magic it will not protect Dharma. Duryodhan and Ravan were Hindus themselves. Duryodhana performed several Yajnas.

    Why do people are converting to stupid superstitious ideologies of Chrislamarxits? Because we have not educated them enough, they are not able to see the ridiculous promises, which many in west with proper education are seeing. Engineering or Medical courses do not educate, they provide a means to earn livelihood. I have seen poor women breaking stones with six month old babies in laps at 45-50 degree in bright Sun, and then too contractors not only exploit them physically but do not even pay their dues.

    These mothers will sell their soul gladly, if they can even find a shade for their babies. We do not look at our own failures.

    Who is preventing GOI from making environment conducive to Truth and honesty; putting mobs in the place etc. But it is always our scams are better than your scams. Be it MP or Rajsthan or Maharashtra: BJP leaders are no different from Congress leaders. They are mired in corruptions and coverup, connections and scandals. I left everything in West and went India to teach, but found them as arrogant and corrupt as Congress had ever been; and found myself part of the same system promoting same corruption and harming country more than benefiting it.

    I am all for autonomy in temple management but I also know tremendous corruption in temple managements, I know first hand how the land belonging to temples have been encroached by religious Hindus themselves.
    They announce ban on cow slaughter, but they are not going to enforce it, it is only for political posturing. What about putting in place strict regulations required for animal slaughter, as India is signatory to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Declaration_on_Animal_Welfare, and hygienic conditions required. There are laws in place already, but they are used only for inspectors to make money, which they pass on to political masters, whether they belong to BJP or Congress. If they strictly regulate it, the price will go so high that no one will say that beef is cheap source of protein.

    No one can destroy to Dharma , Dharma is destroyed when people following dharma indulge in Pakhand and Adambar, value pretence without following Dharmik values and become corrupt and heartless.

  5. I wish Modi showed 10% of consideration to his vote-bank that he showed Sonia Maino when she fell ill. Then His voters will not have felt the angst the authors are feeling

  6. This is an excellent article demanding equality in education by reforming or repealing RTE.

    I sincerely hope that In part 2 authors will cover two other big areas “Hindu temple freedom” and “anti-Hinduness of India’s constitution”. This are massive & unsettling changes and no government(friendly or not) will do it without public pressure via online petitions and mass movement.

  7. Agree, BJP has been going soft on a number of issues and there is frustration among Hindus who voted for Modiji and BJP. If we place ourselves in PM’s shoes, the view might be very different. Now this is a country that has been spoiled to the brink by Congress and its rogue allies for many decades. And they were not alone, they corrupted the entire system with them – police force, bureaucrats, lawyers, laws, tax dept and even the army and forces. Now the entire thing is rot and it is widespread all over India. This was handed over in a silver plate to Modiji. Now we all know some of his own ministers and party men may not be as iron handed, truthful and corrupt free as PM himself. Modiji has a lot of all this baggage to carry. And top of all it is media – completely immoral, corrupt to the core, total disrespect for India and Hindus and blatantly supporting enemies and terrorists, etc. PMs choice is very limited with all this and all these cannot be changed in a month, year or even few years. He has some good colleagues with him and we are seeing effects of their good governance and corruption free environment. I think these are the “easy” actions for this govt. Stronger actions like arresting big shot culprits, taking on Muslim terrorists, building Ram temple, reclaiming Hindu temples, restoring our forces with high morale and with modern equipment, etc need all around support. Even the courts (all courts till highest level) are corrupt to the core today and PM cannot depend on them for unbiased judgments that are good for the country. Social media is helping PM a bit as he need not depend on main stream media who continue to wait for opportunities to demean him. Also, think of the alternatives – if not for Modji, whom do you think we can have our hopes on? No one! We see that PM is working long hours to set things right, we need to solidly stand behind him and support him to the hilt. Don’t lose hope. If there is ONE person who can restore this country to its old glory, it is Modiji.

  8. I agree to dis agree on your hazy explanation of Hindu interests and ‘acchhe din’ promises ‘ of B J P/Modi prior to elections.
    If at all the party and P M aspirant had promised ‘acchhe din ‘ for all and development (of all), which the Govt says that they are making haste slowly.
    Either you supported B J P for your own perception of electoral promises to Hindus(which were non-existent) or you are voicing Hindus’ expectations from this Govt without enumerating them/and the B J P never made.
    However I agree with you that this Govt is failing in bringing ‘acchhe din ‘ to all Indians by persisting with discriminatory provisions to 70 crore people and killing of merit/talent thereby, which cannot be called (non-Hidnu) appeasement by any means.
    I shall wait for the next part of your story before responding further.

    • People voted for Modi. When he said ‘Sabke sath, Sabke vikas’ he meant Hindus too. This was why I campaigned for Modi. Increasing minority Only scholarships to 2000 crores and pure merit scholarships at 70 crores for 80% of population is Jiziya NOT ‘vikas’.

      With Prakash Jadavkar introducing faculty quota in IITs and making them independent will make them another JNU. This admin edu policy is a slow motion train wreck.

  9. Even I am also frustrated with BJP. Why cant they just pen down RTE, its a simple thing to do. But I am assuming may be they want to implement hindu agenda in next election once they elected in 2019. but who knows what happens next?

  10. High time to saffronize all the other two wings namely administrative and judiciary as soon as possible as the time is running short at a very fast pace.

    This is required for cementing legislation in future.

    But sadly enough BJP, RSS and Hindus do eternally suffer with सद्गुण विकृति दोष while in power, whereas alleged Secular Liberal Leftist parties leave the mark on the other two wings of power assertively (rather shamelessly…)

    Article by Kanimojhi and Aparna is no doubt thought provoking by creating furore but I see through element of incitement, since there is a person of weak integrity is behind this agenda.

    Good work. Salutes. And Sorry.


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