Forgotten promises

Has the current NDA government forgotten the promises it made in its manifesto?

Has the current NDA government forgotten the promises it made in its manifesto?
Modi government has been slow in acting on the promises it made in its manifesto

Part 1 of this series, A letter from two Hindu supporters to Hardcore Bhakts, post-Surgical Strike can be accessed here.

History repeats itself

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Modi government seems to be following the same pattern as Atal Bihari Vajpayee who wandered away from Hindu ideals and as a result, lost in 2004 to Sonia Gandhi. Is BJP too blind to see that we make the pillar on which they stand? We give them our trust before our vote, but we got tossed in a corner, not even a year after we overwhelmingly voted for them. International issues are being sorted and the stacks of promises made by BJP to its supporters during election campaigning are clearly, forgotten. In light of this, if we vote for them again in UP, Goa, Punjab, Gujarat, won’t they misinterpret our verdict to their pseudo secularism?

Promises in the manifesto but not acted on

One of the biggest blunders (and some may say borderline crime) done by the UPA was in passing the religiously discriminatory RTE (Right to Education) bill, unfortunately supported even by the BJP. Sonia Gandhi wanted to communalize the entire Indian education system. UPA incongruously argued that the provision for admitting 25 percent children from disadvantaged groups and weaker sections in private un-aided (non-minority) schools is an attempt at affirmative action and social integration. If that is so, why give minority institutions alone the right to refuse affirmative action and social integration when they are the ones most in need of it? The problem with the RTE can be summed up thus: when 93 percent of households will have to continue to enroll their children in government schools even after children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections obtain 25 percent of the seats in Pre-school/ Class I in private schools every year” where is the RTE even trying to address this larger issue? This is quixotic. If you can’t fix 93 percent of the system where no worthwhile education is delivered, why focus on the remaining 7 percent? Is this not an attempt to solve the problem from the wrong end? Or an attempt to pretend attempting a solution by shifting it to someone else’s shoulder?

Now except for people from the minority community no one will start education institution in India. When Government aided (financially) minority institutions will not provide reservation under right to education act, but un-aided Majority Institutions need to provide 25% reservation, such as the religiously discriminatory bill, which is against 79% population of the nation should have been thrown out the day BJP assumed power. It is now more than 2 years and there is still no sign of repealing the religiously discriminatory RTE.

Smriti Irani very eloquently spoke on, “How Communists And Congress Party Plant Poison In School Text Books” right there in the Parliament. Our kids are taught nothing but inconceivable deceptive and irrelevant content, with distortion of glorious Indian history. Kids are forced to learn about Burkha Dutt and Sonia Gandhi as the genius and Mother India, ignoring, the best Indian History had.

Please view this important video here.

Other than Smriti Irani’s speech the BJP did nothing to correct the syllabus in history books that preach about Christian missionaries created education! Ritu Rathaur recently tweeted about this issue to the Prime Minister but of course nothing was done about it. BJP doesn’t fret even once when the religion of their followers is ridiculed and a lie is allowed to spread like fire by means of a weapon as subtle as education?

The entire education system has got corrupted
Textbooks need to change
@RituRathaur’s tweet to PM Modi on misrepresentation in History books

Another very important issue was the freedom to temples. Our temples are in need of liberation from government control. The law passed in Madras in the 1920s, by the name of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act had the motive to eliminate corruption and enforce better management in temples. It was of course, only applied to Hindu religious organizations as if this kind of corruption is absent in other religions. The offerings made by the devotee’s amount to more than hundreds of crores every year and all of it goes into government accounts. Even the in-charge officers appointed for this purpose are not necessarily from Hindu background, adding more insult. Worse, in some states, these officers get paid thousands of rupees a month but the priests are totally dependant on the dakshina that is put on the arati plate! That is a pittance! What more can BJP to do prove that it has taken its Hindu supporters for granted? In fact, the incident with the temple administration proves that BJP has tried to degrade Hindus, their own supporters!

Kanimozhi is an Indian, a Hindu Nationalist living in the USA Utah since 2002. Single Mother. Engineering Electro-Mechanical Consultant MC Engg. Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. Founder of web portal dedicated to Sanatana Dharma. (Devanagari: सनातन धर्म aka Hinduism)followers and passionate, can be reached at

Aparna is a Design Engineer. Her interests include History, Politics, Yoga and Cooking. She believes in "KarmanyeVaadhikarasthe...".She tweets as @a_r_j_u_n.


  1. Kids are forced to learn about Burkha Dutt and Sonia Gandhi as the genius and Mother India, ignoring, the best Indian History had.- It is horrifying? Which state they teach this, is it in central schools, which standard? Teesta Setalvaad should not have been permitted to go anywhere near education department.
    All the values are being inverted, and then they complain about rising crime rates.
    About Shivaji Afzal episode:
    Kashiji ki kalaa jaati, Mathura masjid hoti | Shivaji na hote to sunnat hoti sab ki ||” Hindi poet Bhushan.

  2. Modi wants to do something but his advisors are spoiling him.Arun Jaitely has climbed on his shoulder and making mockery of the Pre Poll promises by Modi redundant.When Modi started his poll campaign his voice was loud and clear but now it is like a cat.Modi need to know that ABV done same mistakes by not encouraging Hindus culture and saved Hindus from fanatics of Islam and Christins which made him lose in 2004.Modi is one time wonder and lose in 2019 to same Muslim Christian votes.They had never voted him or his party but he is championing them day and night forgetting his core voters.Hindu wants a safe Hindustan for all BJP RSS VHP leaders and also Hindus in particular.They want Cow slaughter banned,beef export stopped,Ram Janmabhumi,UCC be implemented soon.Income Tax must be abolished and a Expenditure tax be imposed so that the govt will earn more without any troubles to middle class.only 5 to 10 % of people pays Income tax and for that Govt is managing huge Income tax deptt and CBDT.Modi must be got rid of his enemies in his ministry and advisors soon else he is doomed.

  3. Modijee lost his nerves after coming to Delhi.He seems to be most hypocrite.His drama wont last long.It was Amit Shah whose mind and acts dont show any such nuance.He be replaced as PM to head a Hindu nation.

  4. Only option for all Hindus to form a grand Hindu alliance Party including RSS VHP BAJARANG Dal ABVP Hindu sena shivsena MNS before 2019 and win election with 80℅ Hindu votes as modi compromise with sonia gandhi Rahul Ahmed Patel to remain in power not taking any action to recover all looted money rather sent dreaded IT raids on Indians.Hindus will show modi his nautanki will never work.

    • Bro give him one more term and dn see the magic right now he is working to make sure all black money is out of system out banks are well capitalized and economy is in correct path
      And post dt he will work on improving the society.

      • Black Money are with all Congressman Bureaucrats and Politicians not with people.Why not CBDT CBEC and GOI raided Ahmed Patel Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi PC KS till now.They have amassed huge in last 10 years by bribes and commissions but no recovery from them.Why traders Industrialists be punished for sins of Sonia Gandhi.AJ will be nemesis for Modi.

        Let GOI ban all advertisements to media houses and punish them with Media regulatory authority and check them.
        Confiscate all black money recovered from congressman.Nationalize all black money lying I foreign banks of Indian nationals and ask the country govts to return the same to India.

  5. Agree with USCIRF, DKChauksey…utmost need is to protect the Hindu culture … Aryan Dravidian myth was busted long back , but brainwashed Indians still stick to it. I’m from south india, and do not care of colonial (like Xavier – father or whotsoever) . Our Hindu land has sufficient literature passed on from 1000s of years. E-W&N-S of Indian subcontinent was all one Sanatan land/ Bharata Varsha. We have to reclaim our glory, let sense prevail among some who still argue on divisive lines like Dravidian or aryan. Yes north-south divide came up because of colonial education and further brainwashing for 6 decades through our history books. Before colonials, for instance, KrishnadevaRaya from ktaka, Veerapandyakattabaman/cholas from TN, adisankara from Kerala , kakatiyas from Telangana, Gajapatis from AP, Shivaji from MH, Ranapratap from Rajasthan etc etc from across india promoted and patronised Hindu/Sanatana/Vedic culture. So let all Hindus discard regional affiliations for bringing back glory or at least protecting our fast threatened culture. Pls n Pls.

  6. Congress is the creator of anti-Hindu state.
    BJP is the reluctant sustainer of anti-Hindu state.
    On social media, BJP rank & file is attacking (eg. attacks on authors of this article) NRIs or anyone who demand fulfillment of past promise. Selfish rank & file is eyeing for promotion.

    Congress sacrificed Hinduity at the alter of Secularism and BJP sacrificed Hinduity at the alter of Nationalism. Hindus need to launch a mass movement demanding constitutional equality, civil rights to manage temples and end of RTE inspired segregation of schools on religious line.

  7. A Ritu Rathaur may well make bogus claims about “vedic” associations of Harappan civilisation, but, at least a Kanimozhi should know the following:
    (a) There are suggestive Dravidian associations of Harappa. father Heras , a historian at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, in the fifties proposed that the ubiquitous fish in Harappan seals is actually an astral symbol, looking to the similar-sounding Tamil words , min and meen for star and fish.
    (b) Above all, the “horse that did not neigh” is fatal to any suggestion of a Vedic assocuation of Harappa. Not a single Harappan seal depicts the horse, which is also not native to India.But horseis the most prominent animalin the Rig Veda boasting of 250references versus, only 170 even for the Gau Matha. Indo-Aryan racist enthusiasts among upper caste Hindus like one N S Rajaram, even went so far as to commit forgery with Mackay 453 , a Harappan seal, to computer-enhance the image to make it resemble a horse !
    (c) No definite Dravidian association can be made without more evidence. The difficulty is that the Harappan script is not deciphered as yet. Little is known, though the consensus is that it was written from right to left, probably like the Sumerian script in Iraq which prevailed around the same time. Another tantalising dravidian suggestive linkage is that Brahui is a language spoken by millions in Baluchistana and Afghanistan and it is a dravidian-origin language. This area is close to Harappa and Harappan sites.
    (d) It is true that at some Late Harappan sites like Lothal, some Vedic linkages have been postulated, but these are a full 3 centuries later than the original harappan sites, and could well be a mingling of later migrant Indo-Aryan influences with the Harappan culture.

  8. Modi NEVER had any intentions of respecting prepoll promises made to attract Hindu votes to power. Immediately after moving to 7 RCR he announced: Equal rights are not important, social hamony is = institutionalized APPEASEMENT. Now PM is doing his best to supersede Gandhi as a secular superstar. Hindus have to accept Muslim norms to celebrate their festivals whereas Islamic despotism (rape, terror) have NEVER been admonished. Just 10% of Muslims can veto Durga Puja for 90% Hindus in WB. Whereas ABP had made some hesitant reforms to rid school books of anti-history, Modi has refused to do so. Yet metanlly castrated Modi bhakts are following PM like morons in blind faith and worship. Let BJP lost state elections next year.

  9. If you really want to do something in as far as sanatana Drama is concerned you 3 get rid of the job you do in USA
    And come over to your India.
    We get lot of people to help you. Only sermons Donot make.


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