Subramanian Swamy’s 13 points urging postponement of NEET & JEE exams

13 valid reasons by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on why JEE/ NEET exams should be postponed

13 valid reasons by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on why JEE/ NEET exams should be postponed
13 valid reasons by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on why JEE/ NEET exams should be postponed

Reiterating his demand, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday came out with 13 points urging for the need to postpone the forthcoming National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) & Joint Entrance Exams (JEE) exams in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He pointed out that due to Lockdown restrictions, it would be a big problem for the transportation of students and their families to reach the examination centers. Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, he also pointed out many logistical problems including food supply, flood situation in many states, far-flung exam centers, which will be a tedious affair for the students to reach, etc.

Here are the 13 points raised by Subramanian Swamy, who is also a noted academician seeking to postpone the NEET & JEE exams:

  1. COVID-19 is increasing rapidly in our country. Rich people are least affected by this. Mostly affected are middle class and lower-middle-class people & these people cannot afford treatment.
  2. Now, more than 50% of cases of COVID are coming from a rural area which worsens the issue of transportation amid lockdown for the poor students to travel.
  3. Since the exam centers are not in every district & in addition many students have also been allotted far off centers. I myself have seen numerous students raising the issue of being allotted centers that are more than 500 KMs away
  4. These students with centers in different cities would have to reach that city at-least a day before which increases their susceptibility of getting infected
  5. Many States have still imposed lockdowns this would increase students’ problem in arranging transport and stay if they reach the center a day before
  6. Given that Public Transport and Trains are already shut down by the State and Central governments, how can we expect the poor students to arrange private vehicles in these conditions and as such, there is a high demand for these. In addition, the parent(s) cannot travel with these very young children which only complicates the situation further
  7. Another big challenge is food. How will these students get safe food during the stay in the city/ town allotted? How can they be sure that they have safe & healthy food in the current COVID situation across the nation?
  8. Many states like Bihar, Assam and other North Eastern States are facing major floods for a while now, which has disrupted their daily life in addition to the pandemic.
  9. It is abhorrent for the agencies to say that SOPs will alleviate these problems and it’s frankly shocking that this SOP is cited as being safe under the current circumstances. These SOPs failed to work in the exams conducted earlier in the year.
  10. It is naïve to justify by saying “when will condition improves to normal”. One cannot risk the lives of students at the cost of conducting an exam under the current situation.
  11. There are a huge number of students or their families who have been infected with COVID-19 & have lost precious time to prepare and be ready, in addition to the inability to attend the exams due to quarantine rules.
  12. In my opinion, it is dangerous & careless to think the students are mentally & physically prepared to take these exams. There are already numerous cases of suicides happening as students are unable to withstand the pressure due to the uncertainty & confusion.
  13. 1000s of students from abroad have to come to India for the examination & the quarantine rules will greatly inconvenience them.

I have written to the PM to postpone the exams and I am sure that he will consider it on these grounds.

On Saturday, Subramanian Swamy wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard suggesting ideally exams can be conducted after the Diwali festival[1].


[1] Subramanian Swamy writes to PM Modi, seeks postponement of JEE, NEET exams beyond DiwaliAug 21, 2020

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  1. Thanks dr. Subramanyam sir.
    By conducting the exam in September 2020 only urban area candidates may be benifited, GOI(NTA) must consider about rural candidates.

    A simply mathematics:

    Total number of candidates for NEET 2020 around 16lac
    Total no of seats (MBBS, BDS VSc AYUSH) 1.6Lac

    It means 10% of chances for getting seat.

    If NTA conducting the entrance then it’s very difficult for rural candidates to appear exam. So chance for getting a seat may be incresed maximum up to 15% to 20% (depends upon number of candidates not appeared because of not there fault)
    So are we justifying for these anticipated absence for entrance exam candidates?

    GOI can cancel the board exam and provide average marks on those cancelled subject, but postponing of entrance exam can spoil students carrier is surprising.

    GOI(NTA) must rethink.

  2. Is there any action taken on the postpone of NEET and JEE examnation please tell us . Is it not about a year of students ,what about there lives in risk . Goverments release advisery that childrens have more chance of infection , we are childrens only not the worroiers to fight without weapons . If any student get infected and list there lives what about their parents . “if lives are not safe then what we do of carreirs ” i request to HMRD ,and Respected PM to re think on this issues of parents and of their childrens . Plesae take an apporopriate decision ,whatever your decision we try to support it .

  3. Then why can’t there be admission on the basis of class 12 marks this year why can’t government think this as an alternative it can be done just for this year and online classes can be start from October this will save the academic year and thoose who want to give exam can give next year instead of getting infection from. Corona virus they can be safe CLASS 12 marks should be seen as a alternative this year

  4. Subramanian Swamy’s 13 points urging postponement of NEET & JEE exams: Done good thing.
    It’s unfortunate that the GOI is behaving as dead as a dodo on this issue and playing with the lives of nearly two million young students.

    Monsoon session of Parliament was postponed due to pandemic!!
    Maharashtra CM Uddhav was given a fresh lease of life by allowing exclusively for him to become MLC and to run his mischievous Governmental administration to fight Pandemic!!
    Bharat Bio tech was forced to tell the people that covid19 vaccine will be released on 15th Aug 2020 (indirectly to be announced by PM from the Red Fort on 15th Aug just like himself running away with Ayodhya Trophy instead of asking President of India to do Pooja thus uniting all dalits and to join mainstream ——BJP missed opportunity).

    If things do not work out Bihar elections may be postponed!!

    Pre-covid our Economy was headed towards South and in the interest of the 130 Crores population GOI clamped nationwide lock-down further pushing the economy towards negative 9 to 15% huge jobless growth a ecord in 45 years and in this connection how come GOI is delaying a decision to postpone the said Exams.

    Sorry to say, PM has become disruptive in quick succession …. DeMo, GST and giving only 4 hours time to announce nationwide lock-down while intimating the country 4 days in advance about Janata Curfew!

    Sorry to say to BJP bhakths that PM does not understand Economics and now Education department too.
    Students all over the country should not be subjected to stress and arrange fiance towards safe travel, boarding and lodging ?

    Pm says “sonch mein badlaow/change the mindset” but when it comes to Economic/education/ on major reforms there is no such claims on change in his mindset happening…..only One Man show!

  5. Yes, these are absolutely correct ways and exam should be conducted after deewali were expecting COVID peak would starts to disline as per the studies which stated it would be at it’s peak by September.

    Government should consider this.

  6. Thank sir humara sath dene ke liye sir plzz neet and jee exam postpone Karva dijiye sir bohut tension ho raha hai plzzz sir help us plzz sir

  7. Thanks sir hamara sath dene ke liye please sir kuch kariye hum bahut pressure me hai please talk mhrd and postpone exam ….


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