Who Killed Shujaat Bukhari?

According to reports, Bukhari was advised by the Hurriyat not to attend a conference in Dubai. However, he went ahead with his plans which infuriated the Hurriyat.

Who Killed Shujaat Bukhari?

Cartoon based on the observation : https://twitter.com/ashokepandit/status/1007350713008214018


  1. He died for the nation or died supporting peace … died fighting against jihadis… son of nation or son kashmir… = all these talk does NOT matter at all, it has become to much of cliche.

  2. Kashmiris are themselves responsible for their own people being killed by the so called jihadis. Do not know the compulsions of Indian govt for why they are still in talks with the Hurriyat leaders who are better isolated / eliminated from the society like the Russian / Israeli way. Ignore the NHRC & UN for they cannot bring peace in Kashmir. India has to exert itself to bring peace in Kashmir & should not worry about other nation’s opinion.
    BJP govt has been irresponsible in declaring EID ceasefire, when during this period, it should hunt down & kill every proclaimed jihadi

  3. Wow! You are directly accusing the Hurriyat conference! now arent you acting all high,mighty and arrogant,being the investigator, the jury and the Judge all by yourself?Its good, Sree Iyyer that you are backing everything the centre says ,It wont come as a surprise if u start saying that 15 Lakhs had been deposited in each and every indians account but congress looted it without ppls knowledge! Let the law take its course,we are already seeing many dubious cases and charges filed by BJP whos outcomes and results are a big 0!


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