Why Barkha Dutt is so angry?

Barkha Dutt's Facebook post - Rant/ Tirade or Diatribe?

Barkha Dutt's Facebook post - Rant/ Tirade or Diatribe?
Barkha Dutt's Facebook post - Rant/ Tirade or Diatribe?

Followers of the iconic Television series Seinfeld could never agree if it was about Nothing or Everything! A similar feeling is what you get when you read Barkha Datt’s post on Facebook.

Two days ago, the ex-NDTV Editor wrote a stinging post aimed at no one (or everyone) that she has been associated with as a journalist. This post hints at the goings on in the inner circles of Lutyens Journalists Club. Even though she did not name anyone, she is expressing her anger on the recent issues. It might be against the “Free Press Debate” gang that surfaced recently after the CBI raid at Prannoy Roy’s home or her anger against “hypocrisy” of some people she was associated with. The fact of the matter is Barkha Dutt was silent on the CBI raid and was not present in the Press Club gang-up of so-called liberal journalists.

“These fake liberals of our media world – and their disingenuous anger is like the secularism of the Congress – bent and abandoned when needed, clutched on to when convenient – I am so done with these frauds and their fulminations,” says Barkha. For the past two days, this mysterious post by Barkha Dutt is a hot topic among the journalists.

Barkha Dutt’s Facebook post that appeared on June 26 is published below:

In recent days I have watched the self righteous outbursts of some I have known professionally and worked with in the media for many years with part amusement, but mostly utter shock- can these people really NOT see through their own humbug and hypocrisy; can they not recall their past actions and statements; can those who didn’t have ONE good word to say about the other till one month ago now pretend to be bonded by ‘friendship’ and ‘principle’?!! I recall conversations with some of these people and how they would run down and bitch out the same folk they are now holding up as exemplary. I also recall moments where principles were actually involved and all these self righteous warriors were more than supplicant, because it was the ‘practical’ thing to do or because they didnt dare to speak up against their newsroom bosses or authority figures!!

I have personally fought against the axing of interviews & stories ( and been ‘punished’ for it by these same people ) and can testify that not ONE of those today proclaiming to stand for anti-establishment free press even OPENED THEIR MOUTHS! It’s really amusing to see the complete lack of self awareness in these people. The one thing I can’t stand in people in fakeness. Done with frauds and their cherry picked ‘positions’. Done with socially pretending to be friendly with those who don’t add value and meaning to my life and those whom I see as hypocrites. New beginnings today, and my friends, you know who you are.

Love to you for staying real in the city of djinns and shadows and so much bark without bite ?. Actually I can deal with bigots much better than fake liberals. With the former you know what you have and what your battle needs to be. As for the latter, they are just so busy feeling superior in their echo chambers, no matter if each one of them would compromise ( and has) if that were the ‘practical’ thing to do or if it “paid their bills” ( and I know for a fact that such compromise attempts have been on for many years and still are, while overtly the preaching and hectoring carries on publicly!) ! These fake liberals of our media world – and their disingenuous anger is like the secularism of the Congress- bent and abandoned when needed, clutched on to when convenient- I am so done with these frauds and their fulminations. They are welcome to stew in their own humbug! Whatever this noise is – its not about Free Press principles. I wish it were, but it so totally aint.

The question is what is brewing and are there any more outbursts in the future?

PDF image of Barkha Dutt’s Facebook post in PDF format is published below:

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  1. Could it be due to some really embarrassing stuff from leaked emails in possession of the Govt? We all didn’t follow on the mail stuff that suddenly vanished from news radars! Anyway, she is a journalist that should not have been & country doean’t need this kind any more!

  2. What about the damage done by Barkha to Indian Politics & also to social fabric? She is not innocent; she is a lion pretending to be an ox

  3. It is simple the bunch of mass murderers of social harmony, masters of lies, appropriators of self proclaimed standards, assigners of false labels, perverted and perennial liars, manipulators of public opinion to favor the select pay masters, puerile perception peddlers, putrefying paraders living in isolated islands of petrified ideology which they proudly proclaim as left liberalism have been leftover by the present generation of better informed youth and elders, literate and illiterate alike because the facts pop up in multitude of social media outlets in real time which exposes the selective amnesia and collective indifference and which makes these folks very visible in notinMyname fear further isolation and punishments for all their misdeeds and misrepresentations, criminal activities etc. So in such scenario there will always be some escapists who do not want to face the consequences of their misdeeds and some turn approvers to opt for lesser punishment and some also seek sympathy through hypocrisy. The list of the uneasy psychological conditions that emerge out of members of criminal misinformation are many . So never support or think they can become sincere overnight.

    • Wow.
      List will b v.long.
      Starting with B Di…..R…deep..n so many of the rascals on the ITALIANS PAY ROLE.
      Jai Hind.

      All the V Best 4…2day’s GST GRAND SHOW.
      Forget these Congees…they donot exist in India in any case.
      Mody Mody Mody !!!

  4. सुबह का भूला शाम को घर आ जाए उसे भूला हुआ नही कहते। एक मौका तो मिलना चाहिए सुधरने का। दोष शायद इन लोगों का उतना नही है जितना कि पिछले तीन दशकों की देश की राजनीति का है। ये सब उसी की पैदाइशी हैं।

  5. Best to ignore this out of favour presstitute. She has bn dumped by her own fratenity. Not long bfr she settles down in USA / middle East

  6. I will never fall for Bharkha’s outburst.. She is just trying to act as if she is leaning towards right and is victim of left liberals. But the fact is the fake liberals are losing credibility every day and hence she needs to be on other side temporarily to make a living. Just ignore this rant.

    • Rightly said. I totally agree with you.She is now frantically trying to find a place,but in her heart of hearts she is not what she is trying to portray.

  7. just trying to find her next buttered toast to keep hunger away as the ruling party is here to stay and she needs to cosy up to yhem or rather livk them before too late.no channel maywant or needher rant/look /screams now.shestands exposed,hollow and may be irrelevant and delegated to post 8pm drinks jokes.supporting enemies maynot be fashion anymore andshehasseen writing on the wall sio betterlate than never.need to get into the bus.it was good to hearyour screams

  8. fake liberals?
    siculars like to call themselves “liberal ” in their desperate attempt to dodge being seen as corrupt gaddars.
    so, then question becomes, what’s a fake sickular?
    is there any other kind?

  9. I found Barkha an intelligent girl. Yet When She Went Hammer & Tongs After The Godhra Riots&Pilloring Modi- Iasked her – U Yelling on Effects – Why are U Not Starting fromthe cause of The Riots ie Burning of Karsevaks on The Train at Godhra Station.-Found Her Extremely irritated on This &Blocked me on Twitter -Radia Tapes hung her on the Clothesline&Blatant Dynasty Espousing-ever givin acces only to Cong Eunuchs sibal Chiddu Salman Qureshi ….long list- remember Kargil How she used it&discarded- CLIMBER – Psychatry Term – Padma For What- Espousing Dynasty – Sozzled with her “Popularity” Thought she vwas the empress–scan Twitter-observe the hated fr her- Shes Blocked Tweeples Left Right & Centre . V Sad an Intelligent Girl – BUT SELF DESTRUCT !

  10. I miss this black buffalo beauty & sincerely worry about how she is able to survive without a job, without money, without glamor, without attention, husband may also be pushing into the street to get some job & get some income !!! She has a glamorous hair style, loves to be surrounded with misguided youngsters & talk big amongst them !!!
    I still wonder why everyone is after this buffalo black beauty, for she being a female & human & has right to change her views & reincarnate in this life for better i.e. aspire to be a saint among black pigeons.


  12. This lady is just trying to get back into favour of the new ruling class , by jettisoning her erstwhile compatriots. She had no problem in taking a totally undeserving Padma from the Congress ., by kowtowing to their wants and desires to denigrate and shame Modi . Just another self serving pressistute.

  13. Chandra’s comment appears nearer to fact. Very soon Barakhabegum may shower bursts against ISI, terrorists, separatists, naxalites etc

  14. Another 5 year term for Modi means all these guys will start doing street fighting and mud slinging on each other like silly politicians.

  15. In my experience , women who are very happy and comfortable at homefront behave normally at the workplace and even with their family members.

  16. She understands now that she is exposed. Therefore u turn. When nationalism will stop selling another u turn.
    Question to be asked whether she is joining arnab.

  17. I think now she is paying price for being with them, i would not expect her to become AK and go all out exposing her ex-masters that will not server her purpose, by now she has well understood that she did a mistake and better it would be take a constructive path then take destructive path.

    I would not stop in saying that we saw her in same light, what she sees in those so called “fake liberals of our media world”

  18. “and their disingenuous anger is like the secularism of the Congress- bent and abandoned when needed” did burkha really said this line with “congress” word??
    is delhi lutyens are throwing her under bus ? is Modi really about to act on these presstitutes? seriously while AJ is still FM+DM+ whatever ‘M’ ?

    • Maybe It is because AJ is FM+DM that this internal sabotage is being done?

      seriously weird the amount of distrust and hate people here have for AJ.But the opportunists and the fan boys will still carry on their baseless anger without understand the real game that is being played


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