Why has the Government run out of Steam to fight Corruption?

What is holding PM Modi from acting against corrupt crooks?

Govt run out of Steam to fight Corruption?
Govt run out of Steam to fight Corruption?

People across are smelling the dubious Nexus calling it an unholy partnership among both parties

If the happenings of the last 4 ½ Years is any indication then, a very serious doubt arises about the intention of Modi Govt to fight corruption. Overall it looks as if Modi Govt is running out of steam to fight Corruption!!!

The up-front targeting of honest ED officer Mr. Rajeshwar Singh, submitting an old testimony to the court in a sealed cover by law officers representing GOI ( Govt. of India) and further ordering probe against him is a serious matter of concern. These are all delaying tactics to dilute the cases further investigated by the officer.

The said officer is denied promotion by MoF (Ministry of Finance) officials and for the last 8 months, his personal file has not moved. His promotion is on merit and is targeted because; he had single-handedly taken on the might of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s (PC) son Karti Chidambaram and investigated them with incriminating evidence against them.

The rain man is smart enough to have paid the desired share of the loot to many to buy his freedom

Many ways have been tried out to weaken the case against PC’s son Karti Chidambaram and in between, stories have also been planted to sabotage the case further by calling the investigating officer as tainted. The accused then approached the court stating, that the said tainted officer has probed him, requesting the court to order the probe as Null & Void. This gives a breather to the Former Minister to delay the case, which has already seen 4 years of delay and finally will go into cold storage. It’s a game plan that has been worked out by former Minister in collusion with few top levels Govt officials, present Ministers, who are out to help former Minister walk scot free from corruption cases. Now, a sanction required to prosecute former Minister PC in #AircelMaxis matter is further bottlenecked to prevent a speedy trial.

The rain man is smart enough to have paid the desired share of the loot to many to buy his freedom. Is a deal on to buy immunity with the accumulated corrupt wealth to safeguard him from all corruption cases…?

The delay in pursuing the case is due to diluted evidence, botched up the investigation, harassing and transferring honest officers who are investigating the cases, Govt law officers presenting conflicting views in court for easy bail of accused etc. 

There is an indication that a deal is worked out with an influential person in the present regime to weaken the case and ultimately walk out innocent!!!

People across are smelling the dubious Nexus calling it an unholy partnership among both parties.

What is holding PM Modi from acting against corrupt crooks? Is he under some kind of stress, understanding, compromised or wrong advice from his Ministerial colleague, who shares a good rapport with a former FM?

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  1. When, if at all, did the purported fight start? Awaiting since student days in the 1960s, especially since joining the IRS in 1969, I would really like to know. Having spent 35 years in the IRS, and having handled cases of high value tax evasion and also of corruption (in the income tax deptt during the regime of VP Singh as FM in 1885-86, a weak battle that we eminently lost), I am still trying to trace the beginning of this purported war against corruption–even the one stated to have been commissioned by PM Modi.

    At 74, and remembering well from my early youth the episodes pf Pratap Singh Kairon-DP Singh of MP whose son Brajesh Singh was a powerful NGA insider under Vajpayee)-Serajuddin (Harekrushna Mahtab)-Haridas Mundhra-TTK- LIC scam-Justice Vivian Bose Commission, etc., would be so rewarding and refreshing to know that there at least was a concerted and serious war started against corruption and the corrupt in India at some point of time!

    Shall await a response from the author.

  2. I personally don’t believe Modi is any different from Chidambaram+Jaitley combine. Why else would he be silent to the machinations and manipulations from within the FM to make Karti get away? He is just the same as the rest. Remember his righthand man Amita Shah say on TV that the fight to bring black money from abroad was an “Election JUMLA”?. There is your Cabal out in the open.

  3. We thought that BJP Government will punish culprits of NSEL scam, it seems that top persons are involve in looking public. Goverment could not decide even in their 4.5 year rule.

  4. I am sure our beloved PM of BJP supporters will be chased in 2019. If Mr. Modi does not punish PC, KARTI, VADRA, and many corrupt babus, he will not be free. AJ is always safe. He will argue cases on behalf of BJP leaders and collect fees. This system that is three pillars of democracy, Executive and Legislature – all collectively participating citizens plus media can never make this nation corrupt free. Because no conviction to anyone at all. Five years is along time. Corruption is the slogan of PM Modi.
    Long live India and Long Live Corruption! Long live bad babus who amass wealth at the cost of public. Pakistan has sent its former PM to jail.

  5. Indian govt within & outside parliament are cloaked in secrecy. What happens in North & South block is sheilded in secrecy. The integrity of the bureacracy operating in this north & south blocks is never questioned and these babus are firmly entrenched in their positions without any transfers & power hungry, with most of them “generalists” with no technical acument or policy making skills. There is NOT a single law which is properly drafted or understood in its simplicity. They live in their own world.
    Time to destroy the parliament & its entire bureacracy & start whole process again with technocrats in key positions.
    BJP govt is the biggest failure, they create moroe hype than actual work. Time BJP destroyed itself like Khangress did.

  6. As a citizen of the country,I fail to understand what is preventing Modi to take action against Jai Italy and the caucus.If he does not whatever good he is doing is wasted and before next election he will lose confidence of people.

  7. Day in and day out, our current FM, Mr. Arun Jaitley [AJ], tweets and sends FB posting or media reply to every small to big controversial matters raised by the Congress even some of those are totally unrelated to his area of expertise or truly calls for his rebuttal. How come Mr. AJ keeps mum remaining tight lipped about undue delays, inefficiencies, infighting at the highest level of bureaucracy under his watch with regard to the Aircel-Maxis P. Chidambaram-Karti’s case. Either Modi is aware of what is happening and he is a party to all of it or AJ is solely responsible for stalling this high profile case. Perhaps, these two duos of BJP are NO better than the Congress Elite, birds of the same feather. Look at the way Rob Vadra, Karti C. maim and taunt the BJP, roaming scot free. Objective thinkers would not tolerate listening to Modi’s 2019 PEP talk as a paragon of virtue and a model patriot. Modi if he is truly clean must have the courage to clean up the entire top level executives in the Finance Ministry including Mr. AJ for the serious lapses that is going to cost heavy losses for BJP. AJ should respond to Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s letter to him and release this to the Press if he is truly above board. If he ignores it, that means he is in the rank and file of P. Chiddu, AM. Singhvi, Kapil Sibal and Salman Kurshid, Sashi Tharoor…. doing his grand rounds in the Lutyens Delhi elite – duping and conning the average Indians. Yes, nationalWell wishers – Patriotic Think tanks [who are at arms length from the ruling party should have the guts] like Gurumurthy, Sree Iyer, Nalapat, RV et al should discuss and bring out these lapses and failure within the BJP system which is not good for India.


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