Why is Jaitley throwing tantrums at CBI for fixing Chanda Kochhar and other ICICI Bank officers?

Is Jaitley peeved at the PM doing an end run around him and having the CBI file a charge sheet against the ICICI? What is his interest?

Is Jaitley peeved at the PM doing an end run around him and having the CBI file a charge sheet against the ICICI? What is his interest?
Is Jaitley peeved at the PM doing an end run around him and having the CBI file a charge sheet against the ICICI? What is his interest?

For a few weeks, I thought of not writing anything against the former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, due to his delicate state of health, battling Cancer in my country of residence, the United States of America. PGurus have written many critical articles on Jaitley and his policies. After my friends alerted me that he is unwell and undergoing treatment, I thought, I must not be too critical of him.  But after seeing the atrocious and unethical tweets on Friday exploding his anger on the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for registering a First Information Report (FIR) in the ICICI Bank fraud case against Chanda Kochhar and other ICICI Bank staffers, I decided to break my self-imposed silence.

Mr. Jaitley, I don’t need to give you lectures on the responsibilities of you as a Minister, though you are Minister without Portfolios due to your medical condition. Did you not pontificate that people should have “discipline”? Is this your “discipline”?

Mr. Jaitley, you have crossed the line by tweeting against your government (read Prime Minister Narendra Modi) by expressing your anger against the CBI for probing the corrupt persons. More than that, I owe a reply to you because we – PGurus – first exposed this ICICI Bank fraud of Chanda Kochhar and her husband taking bribes from loan allotments, when all media houses were keeping a criminal silence on this issue for over two years.  In March 25, 2018, we exposed this fraud, leading to a response from ICICI Bank and the story was then carried forward by Indian Express and other media houses, ultimately leading to the exit of Chanda Kochhar from the Bank[1].

You can’t have the cake and eat it too!

You have a bad habit of protecting the corrupt. Be it in Chidambaram involved cases or NDTV related cases. In this case, the other accused, Videcon’s Venugopal Dhoot is also your good friend. You cannot let your past friendships come in the way of your work as a Minister. This is not the first time you are talking against CBI and the investigating agencies. When you were resting after your Kidney transplant also you did a similar thing by addressing a Bankers meet via video conference in July 2018. That time you were venting at investigators for fixing bankers in Maharashtra[2].

Your tweets from the Cancer Hospital on January 25, 2019, is unethical and not befitting of a Senior Minister.

Your above tweets have embarrassed the Prime Minister. You don’t need rocket science to understand that the CBI registered an FIR on Modi’s direction and it is common knowledge that you have been blocking several investigations by throwing tantrums till you left India. You should be at least obliged to Modi for accommodating you in the Cabinet, after being trounced in the Lok Sabha election by a majority of around two lakh votes, while a majority of the BJP candidates won during the 2014 wave.

I know why the CBI probe on NDTV is stuck. Your yesterday’s tweet makes it clear. In NDTV case, the ICICI Bank’s founder K V Kamath is involved in providing loans to Prannoy Roy illegally. Now I assume, you have a role in blocking the CBI and ED in probing in NDTV related money laundering and bank frauds case too.

Mr. Jaitley, I don’t need to give you lectures on the responsibilities of you as a Minister, though you are Minister without Portfolios due to your medical condition. Did you not pontificate that people should have “discipline”? Is this your “discipline”?

I see no point in advising you at your age. “Tum Sudhrega Nahi” – the common Hindi adage suits you. My simple, unsolicited advice – concentrate and take care of your health. Let the CBI do its job.


[1] How Chanda Kochhar was caught in the loan granting frauds, while all shied to take action against herJan 24, 2019, PGurus.com

[2] Mr. Jaitley, what is wrong with you? Gone senile? How dare you criticise CBI & Police for acting against corrupt Bankers? Jul 6, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. what about we say regarding arun jettely who disobey the order of the supreme court regarding the pension issue of RRB ( Regional rural bank) by faulty gazette notification violating the order of the supreme court by virtue of their power. This is the shameful in Indian history where the order of supreme court is violated.As a result 5000 people had already died due to financial crisis in all over India. Most striking aspect is that that this Faulty gazette notification is also passed by the Board of directors of Each RRB due to fear of finance minister.The order of the supreme court ie 1 . Date of effect are being violated by this Finance dept ie by ARUN jetly. Not only this he is not agree to pay arrear pension as per order of supreme court order

  2. Let AJ clarify. All are getting the message that keep the Bankers safe & away from investigation. Shri Marathe BOM CMD & 2 Officers have already been relieved free by Pune Court though their name existed in CHARGESHEET.

  3. Fantastic. This is how articles should be. Clearly indicating the crime and the person behind it.
    Mainstream media behave like puppies waiting for biscuits.
    You have clearly ripped this guy apart and this is the need of the hour.
    We need journalists who can be candid and be blunt, catching peoples collar and question them for their accountability.
    Well done. Made my day.

  4. If Mr. Jaitley is not in line with the actions of the Government he should not be in the Cabinet. He should quit. He cannot try to talk as Super Prime Minister. May be he wants to show himself as Pranab Mukherjee in Manhohan Singh Govenrment or like Rahul Gandhi daring to tear of Cabinet decision of Manmohan Singh. Further if he is fit enough to remote control affairs in GoI while being in US on medical treatment, questions get raised ., about his being in US for what purpose. Trying to derail Modi at the
    xi hour ? (when budget was to be presented) and yet raising vendetta issues in couched language. Looks like Chidambaram’s shadow in Narendra Bhai\s cabinet.

  5. Mr. Sri Iyer sir, Your response to this crook parading in a wolf’s cloak is most welcome. Yet his exit from the FM position appears very dicey and the damage to Modi’s 2019 victory seems obvious unless some drastic steps are taken.

  6. First of all, many congratulations Mr Sree Iyer. You can take a bow for the way you have authored this article. I wish somebody take this to AJ and ask him some shame provoking questions in a public meet. This is like playing Jallikattu and winning. Kudos to such a brave article and mentioning his name all over the place. Hopefully AJ will not recover at all and will be a minister with no portofolio till he dies.For the sake of Bharath mata, let him not recover at all.
    His tweets shows a guy with no moral shame and party values.

  7. It is self evident that it is the rich and powerful that are protected be they innocent or corrupt by lawyers allegedly administering Justice by abiding by the Law . The innocent and the innocent poor are regularily at the bottom of the pile. This happens worldwide but is rather too conspicuous and abrasive in India.
    A lot of the people dont know and /or dont care about what is going on in the echlons of power- it is one way of managing democracy. Hence the miracle of democracy , dynasty and dynastic democracy survives to give paradoxical and confounding results. If what you have written it essentially correct, it is the reason many of the people of India feel there isnt much to choose between politicians of different political leanings. There are just too many politicians like these. Crafty unprincipled lawyers are often in it together, having ignored or forgotten the difference between right and wrong, the legal and the illegal and the more nebulous constructs of morality and immorality, Justice and injustice.

  8. AJ is a minister without portfolio. AJ should look after his poor health instead of tweeting on agencies. On corruption issue PM is smart while AJ is smarter.PM is not interested in removing AJ.
    BJP’s motto: “Party with a difference” is out in full glare under certain leaders and ministers!
    PM and AJ are feeling the heat of Dynasty’s vast influence and international network and it is probable that a neat burial is intended on majority of the mega scams through AJ. Bringing back fugitives such as Mallya is only to tell us that BJP lead NDA government “tried” its best on high profile sensitive corruption cases but for “bails” given for over six times by the Indian judiciary and circumstances beyond PM’s control, cases did not proceed as “expected” by a section of voters during PM’s first term!!
    Now that two crores BJP supporters in the country are campaigning now for ‘second term” for Modi, corruption cases can be looked after by AJ with his bosom Cong-I team and CLOSE ALL CASES as “lack of evidences”at the END in the 2nd term! Further Nehru-Gandhi’s dynasty will ensure and see to it that UPA 1& 2 mega scams will be buried with Vande Mataram Bharat Maata Ki Jai BJP’s OWN Hands under the thick NDA government Soiled machinery full of earth worms eating and digesting scams in the womb of time!! Thus India that is Bharat becomes “corruption free” under BJP during its 2nd term! Public memory is short. Hence, voters mindset will be “moved out” from mega scams to Modi mantra infra development and maha-thugs will be allowed to enjoy their as usual luxurious life styles in the country and abroad while family oriented politics will thrive and prosper under the NOSE of BJP in many ways!!

  9. This man Arun Jaitley should ask to resign as member of Rajya Sabha. Can’t win a election and trying to protect corrupt people.

  10. Even that Shakuni of Mahabharat had some Principles this one could Teach few things to the Original Shakuni the Fine art of Cunningness and Trechary.

  11. Minimum expected from AJ is not to speak against his own government. Let truth come out. CBI has just taken its first step on erred banking officials. There are many murky things done by many bankers. ICICI is no exception. No rightfully minded person should criticize. Hope AJ issues correction to his tweets and deletes it.

  12. Merits of the case notwithstanding, Mr. Jaitley should have avoided such intemperate tweets. This tweet, as well as the recent “government not permanent” warning by Congress’ Anand Sharma miffed by CBI raid on Hooda’s premises, amply demonstrates why the conviction rate is poor. Barring of CBI by Mamta and Naidu is another instance of the calibre of narrow-mined politicians India has. All politicians have totally destroyed the credibility of such a important democratic institution. BJP, if it weants to be different from other parties, should censure Mr. Jaitley, for this.

  13. you have not understood the tweet of mr jaitley correctly he is not against fir against chanda kocher based on evidence but he is against statement of cbi to include k v kamath and others without evidence which will dampen and delay the case against chanda kochar and other acused against whom cbi has got evidence arun jaitley understood the intention of cbi so he warned them that he understood their intention so be alert dont damage the case against chanda kochar and others against whom cbi has evidence

    • Jaitley is Minister. Illegal for him to speak against CBI which is under PM. If he has a problem he can speak to PM or write a confidential note. This is attrociaous from Jaitley’s part.

  14. Very well researched and written. Real warriors of Barath. It’s Devine destiny we have good people like you to expose these born crooks like Nadukkottai Chatty Chidambaram. I won’t be supprised if he does a drama of assassination on himself to divert the attention of the public on his crimes.

  15. Mr. Sree Iyer

    You have hit nail on the head. Thanks for expressing our feelings. Hope this will serve the purpose.. Keep up the good work.
    Request you to highlight once again the pending Bill No.226/2016 seeking amendment of Article 15 and 25 to 30 of Indian Constitution to extend the religious, educational and cultural rights stipulated therein to every community, whether majority or minority. This bill was intended to treat Hindus at par with other communities without depriving the minority of their rights. You can also highlight this when you appear in TV News show on Temple loot.
    Request you to also highlight fake news manufacturers repeatedly.

    • That is what the focus should be. The western politician rarely discuss corruption, nor is their politics tied to issues of corruption. The designated agencies do the case work. If it gets too hot for the ruling party, they pull the levers and bury the issue.

      Shree Iyer, a US resident, should think twice about his focus. In the wider scheme of things, these aren’t important issues. I would urge him to leave it to CBI and concentrate on securing freedom for dharma. Let the civilizational issues dominate the dialogue.

  16. My God… mr Iyer walks all over AJ… The game is over Mr Jaitley.. Now we understood the reason behind the anger on your face when you were on your way to attend the BJP Parliamentary meeting in May 2014 to elect the leader. Now we understood who is the Sakuni mentioned by Dr Swamy in hios tweets and speeches… You let Mr Modi down, AJ. You should go…


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