Will Agusta revelations finally wrest Congress Party from the grip of the Family?

If Congress Party were to be thought of as a Corruption station, then every Scam Train that arrives never leaves! The Party has a perception problem


  1. In my school days, I read an English Lesson BLIND DOG written by RK Narayan. In that a Blind Beggar was led by a diligent dog [ which is NOT blind ] in getting him alms from the passers by. The greedy blind beggar, in order to make more money did not give the required rest to the Dog and started taking the dog to all the Main Roads, Streets, by lanes, to get more alms. The Blind beggar did not give the requisite food, milk, water and rest to the dog, although he was getting huge amount of alms because of the efforts of the dog. One day, on seeing the blind beggar avarice for money, one person in the beggar’s locality took pity on the dog and decided to do justice to the dog, unchained the dog and set it free from the custody of blind beggar. After some days, the dog came back again and started serving the Blind beggar, who did not even provide the basic necessity of food & water to the dog. The moral of the story was the dog was NOT blind, whereas its master – the beggar was blind. Despite attaining freedom, the dog came back again and started serving the stingy blind beggar. Thus the Lesson was titled BLIND DOG by RK Narayan.

    The moral of the above story fits into Cong Party,its leaders & followers. After JL Nehru’s death, Shri Gulzarilal Nanda became interim PM and followed by Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji for nearly 3 years. During that period [ 1964-1966 ] atleast Cong Partymen should have abandoned the culture of worshipping NEHRU FAMILY and opted for True Democracy by following the Leader of Merit. Second chance of infusing democracy into Congi party came during 1991-1996 when Shri P V Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister and Congress Party President because of a political accident. Atleast during this second time, they ought to have ingrained and adopted the democratic credentials, which they have NOT done. The Cong party men & women like Narayan Dutt Tiwari, Jiendra Prasad, KC Pant, Arjun Singh, Sharad Pawar, Shankar Rao Chavan, Sitaram Kesari, Shankarsing Vaghela, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, etc were bent upon falling at the feet of Nehru-Gandhi family by paying their obeisance at their feet and implored Sonia Maino Ghandy to take over the reins of Congress party and thus save the disgruntled elements [ Darbari Courtiers of Congi’s first family ] of Congress party from political extinction.

    These Congress Party second line senior leaders and Party workers, despite providence offering them chance TWICE to come out of the shackles of Corrupt & dictatorial Nehru-Gandhi First Family Leadership, could have selected an able leader among them to lead them from the front, whereas they have utterly failed in that effort and were bent upon expressing their unflinching faith & servitude only to the Corrupt Nehru Gandhi Family. Even in 2019, it appears Rahul Ghande Vinci will not be able to steer them out of certain defeat in that case, after Rahul Vinci they will pay their obeisance to Priyanka Vadra and thereafter to her son and daughter in that order. So, the “Blind Dog” title of RK Narayan will fit the Congress party’s second rung leaders and followers aptly. So, they can be respectfully called ADHARANEEYA / VANDANEEYA / PARAMA POOJYA BLIND DOGS. It is because of their utter failure to select one among [ native citizens ] themselves as their leader and work under his stewardship for the development of our Country. Will the Congi Culture ever change?

  2. It’s always a pleasure to read from pgurus. Something serious has started to happen against TDK and stooges. But now it’s time to kick out Congress sympathizers inside PMO and ministries of this govt.

  3. BJP tried to clean up corruption inside the country. It has little leverage on external transactions. Who would it have helped?

    The moral compass of BJP is drastically different from Hindu thought. BJP needs to change its priorities if it hopes to see organic changes in politics.


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