With Rajiv Malhotra on Facebook its practices and the recent Data breach

The Facebook Security Breach Exposes Accounts of 50 Million Users is a sobering moment for sites like PGurus.com and authors like Rajiv Malhotra who are heavily reliant on Social Media for getting the message out. An engrossing discussion on what FB needs to do


  1. when ever i post on face book the real- issue post from your web i found that post removed from my wall or they say it is not community standards and so

  2. I am not accepting the authoritarian way in which the Face Book is displaying that more news feed will be displayed only if you add more friends in your Facebook account. The social media cannot be so authoritarian in policy making. Advertisers think that they will have more reach. Surely not. It depends upon the decision of Facebook. More people will leave Facebook, if they are going to follow this method.

  3. Thanks Rajeev ji and Sree ji for opening up topics on Facebook. It’s become a nuisance to keep blocking so many fradulent page likes. Hope Facebook does something to rectify this.

    Facebook’s hawkish policies are the reasons for itself being misused or hacked.

    For example, any new feature introduced by Facebook will have a default setting which will suit only them. Only smart users can enable or disable the feature.

    And many times the location of these tags will be shuffled beyond normal logic.

    Facebook’s logic defies normal acceptable standards. For example, the questions framed for making us accept or reject any feature will appear to confuse you whose intent one can get only upon second reading.

    Auto video play is enabled by default and one has to search its ‘privacy’ settings to disable it. Similarly auto sound in videos. Compare these features in say Google plus or Youtube, they will be disabled by default and willing users can enable them.

    A gentleman approach is missing in Facebook. Naturally, it gets capitalized by hackers and those with michievous money.


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