65 Guys With An Agenda

Stinging condemnation of the joint memorandum signed by some ex-IAS and ex-IRS officials

Stinging condemnation of the joint memorandum signed by some ex-IAS and ex-IRS officials
Stinging condemnation of the joint memorandum signed by some ex-IAS and ex-IRS officials

65 retired IAS, IRS officials have signed a joint memorandum expressing their deep concern about “growing authoritarianism and majoritarianism” in the country. Their target is obviously PM Modi.

I want to know why these illustrious persons are silent about:

  1. The eviction of 3.5 lakh Hindus at gunpoint from the Kashmir Valley by terrorists. Maybe, in their eyes, Hindus don’t deserve respect and their fundamental rights don’t matter…

  2. Thousands of Muslims recently marched to the Kerala High Court with a view to lynch the two judges who gave a well-reasoned order with regard to the marriage of a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl. Police intervention saved these two brave judges;

  3. A Muslim mob set fire to a police station in Malda in West Bengal because it acted against fake currency transactions;

  4. In Thirur, in the Muslim-majority district of Malappuram, lovers of Malayalam language are not allowed to erect a statue of the father of Malayalam language, Thunchath Ezuthachan, at his birthplace;

  5. There is a huge undercurrent of support among Muslim women for a ban on triple talaq. But, the 65 pseudos keep mum;

  6. The Constitution mandates a ban on cow slaughter. Yet the demand for a ban is an anathema to these ex-babus;

  7. In JNU pro-Pakistan slogans were chanted. That is okay with these signatories?

  8. The army chief is ridiculed by a Congress politician. Not a word of protest from these guys;

  9. They are upset about action against NGOs who receive funds from dubious foreign sources. What is wrong with that action?

  10. They don’t have a word of condemnation about the plunder of the nation through a plethora of scams like the ones relating to coal auction, spectrum allocation, gang rape of Air India so as to benefit private players.

It is the selective targeting of Modi which reveals the agenda the letter writers are trying to promote. By the way, none of them is known to have raised their voice against corruption when they were serving their Congress masters faithfully. The nation has shown repeatedly in all the elections held recently, barring Punjab, that it is with Modi and the BJP. If this is majoritarianism then so be it.

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Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. Jawahar Sircar is behind all these protests by former baby’s.He was CEO of Doordarshan appointed by Sonia gandhi for his deep loyalty to her.Now also his tweets shows his venomous tongue.Govt of India must excavate all his sins now.

  2. Coward impotent govt allows such govt servant who served govt for 35 years in service with unquestionable powers to rebuke Modi govt.Likewise all award holders returned all awards of govt for a minor criminal case.The JNU brand bureaucrats are behind these blasphemy by former govt servant.They were servant of govt of India receiving pensions in lieu of their inglorious services.Govt of India must act now and stop their pensions for obduracy.

  3. As rightly expressed by smeone above post problem lies in the soft approach of government to deal with these corrupt ex babus who were
    Got freedom to loot the country & share with their tolerant masters.Fair
    investigations will reveal the fact that most of their masters are either
    Congi bigwigs or Press barons.they never felt any shame with association
    of anti national forces.Deal them with iron hands & experience the music.

  4. I want to know whether these guys have eased out By Modi Govt as non performers? Or is it part of overall congress and communist agenda to find fault with the development work of Modi? Any way opinion of these people does not matter as public do not care about their views.


  6. There is no such thing as authoritarianism in a democratically elected government. The peoples’ votes will bring these “guys with an agenda” to their senses even in the next general election, and the one after that, and the one after that, and …

    While the intent of this article is a good one, I would try to focus on real journalism to bring out facts rather than to voice opinions on top of others’ opinions. One area that I feel has very rich potential for rich journalism is the history of important court cases (litigation) in India. A lot of the real truth is hidden there – and people know nothing about it, they are blissfully unaware. To inform people of the real stuff is important. The rest will take care of itself. One of the greatest reasons why India has had to suffer the misery of foreign interests in power for such a long time has been that people have been ill informed.

    Meanwhile, let these guys find new ways of misleading people for selfish gains…it will have no consequence if ignored as long as we are invested in building something (instead of always attempting to demolish).

  7. 1.Asking to perform is authorization ,then it’s OK
    2.Asking to be honest is authorization, then it’s OK
    3.Askinh to Deliver is authorization,then it’s OK
    4.Asking to be kind with people is authorization ,then it’s OK
    5.Asking to be accountable is authorization,then it’s OK
    6.Asking to make india global power is authorization, then it’s OK

  8. Very nice article sir ji….
    Hindus have been looked down upon all these years… its time we wake up….else india will become another Pakistan with the increasing atrocities of the minorities. …Both Chris missionaries n khan groups

  9. By now it has become clear that there’s a pattern to this memo/ letter-writing.

    Whenever the opposition run out of ideas, these intelligentsia/ ‘liberals’ will write a memo. This will go on till they run out of steam. It started with the NDTV Presser and they will soon realise they can’t take this any further, and like the previous ‘intolerance’ and ‘award wapsi’ campaigns, this will also hit a ded-end, and stop.

    Modi knows how to handle them. Just ignore.

  10. Swat this mafia babus called IAS/IPS/IRS many of whom have turned first rate crooks swindling public funds left,right and center.My major grouse against Modi has been that he has been too soft and kind to these crooks.Unless these crooks are collared , looted wealth brought back,things will remain the same for most IndiansI hope Modi doesn’t listen to his lutyen wheeler dealer chela in this issue.Faster he kicks him out, better for him.It is also important to give a filip to all honest hardworking IAS/IPS/IRS officials because of whom this country still has a chance.Modi should strengthen their hands by going after crooked babus fattening their posterior on public funds.

  11. there isn’t a scitilla of evidence that exists to back up the claims of autharitaimism or

    I guess these sicko bureaucrats are accustomed to their own arbitrary whimsical corrupt rule that they can not accept the idea of accountability which they label “authoritarianism”. what they need is an investigation into their past corruption. Chances are they sensed that it is closing in. They better run while they can and hide in the haven of the corrupt, aka Britain.

  12. There is a saying “blowing a conch to a deaf person is of no use”. conch sound is supposed to snap out someone from darkness or enlighten them. But these so called (jobless) ex-IAS officers need nothing because their brains are filled with hatred and utter disregard for India.
    They need congress type treatment: and that is send ED/IT/CBI to query their assets. these elites will not learn. ONLY language they understand is: DANDAM (of SAAM, DAANA, BHEDHA, DANDAM )


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