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Rahul Gandhi’s press conference comes just days after the ED sealed the Young Indian Limited office located in the National Herald building

BJP slams Rahul Gandhi over ‘death of democracy’ remark

BJP hits back, says people of India rejected Rahul Gandhi Reacting to Rahul Gandhi's 'death of democracy' remark, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) slammed the...
A reign of gaffes and embarrassments? Is this what the Biden administration has become? Watch this video - it shows who REALLY runs the United States of America and how ridiculous VP Kamala Harris's lecturing Modi on Democracy looks...

Madam VP Kamala Harris, before lecturing PM Modi on Democracy…

A reign of gaffes and embarrassments? Is this what the Biden administration has become? Watch this video - it shows who REALLY runs the...
Corruption can be curbed only by increasing the probability of being caught and increasing the quantum and speed of punishment

One way to fix the systemic problems with corruption in democracy

A critical analysis of the relationship between democracy and corruption Corruption is the lifeblood that runs politics; it is more in developing countries. The poorer a...
Deepavali Day Act | May every Indian American seize the moment to cherish, celebrate, and come together for promoting an abiding friendship between the two strong democracies

Deepavali Day Act = Deepavali for Democracy

Deepavali Day Act introduced in US Congress to declare festival of lights as federal holiday Nothing can be a greater celebration of democracy than the...
India has to explore a more advanced version of democracy, that can be captioned as Indocracy, to suit its own contexts, challenges & priorities.

India must evolve the idea of Democracy

Does India hold the key to the future of Democracy? A diverse, developing, and democratic India, despite somewhat lackadaisical performance on most parameters of governance...
The entire orientation should be of the partnership between the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary at both the Union of India level and state level

Pillars of democracy should be partners in nation building

These are very interesting times in Indian democracy. With social media also contributing to the fifth estate of the democracy, we see a lot...
The fact-finding committee finds Bengaluru Riots a preplanned conspiracy and not only that Bengaluru Riots or Delhi Riots are just rehearsals for larger co-ordinated conspiracy against our country of which Land Jihad is also a part. Also shares some of the findings of the report which exposes it wasn't a spontaneous attack

Bengaluru Riots – detailed discussion on fact-finding committee report by “Citizens for democracy”

Read the complete report below: CFD.factFindingCommittee.re... by PGurus


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