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T Soundararajan seems to have a bigger and deeper agenda than it meets the eye at the first instance

Inequalities in the mission of Equality Labs

In the perfect world, equality is the state or quality of offering “equal” opportunities for all (inclusivity) and respecting individuals with physical, mental, social,...
A Long road to the Public Hearing

May 13th Equality Labs Strikes Again! Ad Hoc HRC Committee on Caste Dissolved

At first glance, the news of the dissolution of the Ad Hoc Committee on Caste, at the Santa Clara Human Rights Commission (SCHRC) seems...
The Resolute Race against biased Equality Labs & Caste Resolutions

The Resolute Race against biased Equality Labs & Caste Resolutions

Most Hindu Americans slept peacefully on the night of 4/29/2021 with no idea of the battle royale in California, as a sinister plot unfolded,...
American Hindus, wake up and stand up to the anti-Hindu and Hinduphobic narratives coming from individuals (like Wahab) and groups

‘WAH ji WAH’ Wahab – A champion of Caste-Jihad

Wah re Wah Wahab!! Dividing California Hindus by advancing caste-jihad Did California State Senator Aisha Wahab, of Afghan origin, have nothing better to use her wisdom,...
Peaceful protest held to reject the attempts from Equality Labs and California lawmakers to speak for Hindu community

Indian Americans send a clear message to California Senate – Drop SB 403 –...

No to SB 403: The voice of the peaceful Hindus heard loud and clear! In a very peaceful protest, around 200-250 people gathered in front...
Ro, both you and the DNP are doing an awesome job! No wonder, people are totally disgruntled with the RNP and want the DNP in administration forever

My New Letter Series – Dear Ro Khan(na), The Death Of Democracy…

Dear Ro Khanna, I completely agree with you. When an opposition leader (of sorts) gets incriminated by a court and is no more in office,...

My New Letter Series – Dear Hindu Americans, Please Vote Democrats To Power! They’re...

Dear Hindu Americans, So what if the Teaneck Democratic Unit (WHO???) called 5 organizations, maybe more, of being Hate Groups? Are they wrong? Let’s get...
At CoHNA, we honor the stand you made to live with dignity, protect your civil rights, and insist that America make good on the promise that all are equal and shall be considered innocent until proven guilty

Being Hindu at work: Googlers stand up to casteist calumny

Being a Hindu professional in North America isn’t always easy. If you were born here, you probably endured years of having your faith misrepresented in...
Everyone deserves a rightful and dignified place in society, and discrimination on any basis must not only be unlawful but socially reprehensible

Part 14: Caste cults at UC Berkeley and San Diego

The previous 13 parts of the article can be accessed here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part...
What started at UC Davis quietly with the invention of ‘perceived caste” as a protected category has now moved to other UC campuses and CSU

Part 13: Silent and Conspiratorial Caste-Cult at UC-Davis

The previous 12 parts of the article can be accessed here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part...


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