AAP slips further as dissension in ranks wells up

AAP slips further as dissension in ranks wells up
AAP slips further as dissension in ranks wells up

As AAP slowly sinks with the Jhaadu, is AK singing Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din?

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  1. Delhi chose Kejriwal and have to stay with him. Same is the case with Tamilnadu who wants DMK, Pucca Chor Chidambaram and his prodigal worthless good for nothing crook-corrupt son to win as they sheepishly anoint him to represent TN in the Lok Sabha. Indians want and vote for Corrupt top Crooks very true to the old saying “Edha Raja Dadha Praja”. You deserve to be ruined by over smart Crooks who fool you as you get ever ready to be chamchas and coolies of Antinational warlords.

  2. Kejri is an urban naxalite, his job is to promote chaos & disorder in the present system, same like Maoists.

    Few months back he was dreaming to become CM of Punjab, really disgusting that his campaign was only negative & highly populist.

    With zero performance in Delhi, he still dreams of PM post, what a pity.

  3. Arvind Kejriwal’s answers to all the allegations shown in the above cartoon were given in Delhi
    Assembly this afternoon where he showed , giving live demonstration that EVMs can be manipulated.
    Now , how does the subject of EVM answer the corruption charges against you Mr.Kejriwal ?
    Did I not always say that this man is a fake .


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