Ace Advisor of Lalu and part of PC’s Fantastic Four – P2

The Whistleblower terms Ramesh Abhishek as Lalu's Ace Advisor and a part of the Fantastic Four of PC

The Whistleblower terms Ramesh Abhishek as Lalu's Ace Advisor and a part of the Fantastic Four of PC
The Whistleblower terms Ramesh Abhishek as Lalu's Ace Advisor and a part of the Fantastic Four of PC

Part 1 of this series is titled The Art of serving Politicians and enriching thyself. This is Part 2.

Lalu’s Ace Advisor

The Whistleblower (WB) describes the relationship between several people as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Relationship tree of Ramesh Abhishek Agrawal
Figure 1. Relationship tree of Ramesh Abhishek Agrawal

In the previous episode, I had mentioned how Lalu had appointed Mr S P Tekriwal, the brother of Abhishek’s father-in-law, Bhagwan Das Tekriwal, as the Finance Minister in his Cabinet. According to the whistleblower, this was Lalu’s way of repaying his “ace advisor”[1].

B D Tekriwal had three daughters and one son – Swapna, Shabnam, Seema, and Shishir.

Ramesh is married to Swapna, L K Agrawal to Seema and Shishir is their brother-in-law.

Abuse of power by Ramesh Abhishek (RA)

  1. PGurus has written about how the Supreme Court came down on the dubious decision of merging Financial Technologies India Limited (FTIL) with National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL). The judgment made scathing remarks on why it saw this merger move as a private interest rather than a public interest[2]. A list of 15 questions sent to him on his role as the Chairman of the Forward Markets Commission (FMC) has still not been answered by him[3].
  2. The WB alleges that while RA was hounding Jignesh Shah and his group companies using the state machinery, a commodities broker used to send monies to his daughter, Vaneesa Abhishek Agrawal, substantially in cash and partly in cheque for some legal advice. That was just one instance. Several commodity brokers and mill owners were giving money to not have swift action taken against them and instead train the government’s guns at FTIL, MCX, and Shah. According to the WB, RA is ruthless and does not rest until the enemy is decimated.
  3. The WB says that RA’s co-brother, L K Agrawal also has colorful tastes and allegedly helps RA by using various IRS officers to do dealings. Both their wives are known to be high-flying, jet setting types, staying in five-star hotels and making frequent trips abroad.

Previous complaint by IPS Atul Verma

  1. In 2014, Atul Varma, an officer of Indian Police Service (IPS), who was working with Ramesh Abhishek at Forward Markets Commission (FMC) at Mumbai had filed a complaint with CBI regarding Ramesh using commodities brokers and paying his daughter in her legal practice. He wrote to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Office of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC). In his ‘plaint, he had alleged that Vaneesa was one of the conduits for bribes to RA. The WB writes that in an act of serendipity, two bank accounts of Vaneesa in the ICICI Bank and IDBI Bank, both in the South Bombay branch, were closed. Likewise, RA closed an account in the Cayman Islands, he alleges.

Corruption and Bribery

  1. Swapna Abhishek, wife of Ramesh Abhishek, was also gifted some diamonds worth crores by a commodities broker in Mumbai on or around the second week of March 2016 which were kept by him through his wife in his daughter’s lockers at IDBI Bank, Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai. This must be thoroughly examined, claims the whistleblower.
  2. RA got his daughter married off in 2014, just before the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) had come to power. Several commodities brokers and dubious businessmen were invited for the wedding that will show his linkages, closeness, and dealings with them and an examination of the list of guests and invitees, photographs and videos will evidence it, writes the WB.

Real estate holdings, as alleged by the WB

  1. L K Agrawal, being a tax official, through his friends and networks knew how to manage cash. His Benami properties including with N D Developers Mumbai must be investigated.
  2. Ashish Deora (a builder and businessman belonging to the Aurum Ventures Mumbai group) regularly sends monies to Ramesh Abhishek / Vaneesa Abhishek Agrawal so that he is helped out by Ramesh Abhishek through the use of his position and connections. Deora is presently being investigated by the CBI for various criminal offences including bribing some of the public officials such as a SEBI Appellate Tribunal (SAT).
  3. Deora sends cash every month to Swapna Abhishek and formally provides a petty amount in Vaneesa Abhishek Agrawal’s account in the name of legal consultancy. Both families have taken many trips together and Ashish Deora has also funded some of the foreign trips of Ramesh Abhishek’s family. From their passport details, their multiple trips can be verified. Ashish Deora also holds two benami properties for Ramesh Abhishek and L K Agarwal.

One of Chidambaram’s Fantastic Four

  1. The role of Ramesh Abhishek is listed in great detail in the series on C-Company[4]. He, with Ajay Shah (AS) and K P Krishnan (KP), and their head honcho P. Chidambaram (PC) was the Fantastic Four of the Finance Ministry in India during the UPA period. PC and AS would dictate how FMC should be run and RA would abide by their wishes. With the help of KP, he moved the FMC from the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs to the Ministry of Finance. PC put up the note to the then President Pranab Mukherjee in September 2013. RA became the FMC Chairman in September 2012.
  2. By March/ April 2014, his tenure should have ended and he should have been repatriated back to Bihar. But RA and PC were so close that his term as FMC Chairman was extended an unprecedented five times! This is unheard of in the history of Bureaucratic India. This despite the Bihar government calling him back!
  3. When the NDA government came to power in 2014, RA used his influence with the Odisha lobby and got himself posted to the Cabinet Secretariat as Secretary, Performance Management. When the FMC was merged with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), he was harboring hopes of becoming the Chairman of SEBI. But a timely intervention by Dr. Subramanian Swamy nixed his hopes[5]. Swamy alleged that PC wanted a friend as the Chairman of SEBI so that he can be protected in the investigation of financial scandals that he (PC) is involved in.



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  1. NDTV is still kicking and alive despite all the allegations. Shows that Prannoy Roy and the Lutyens gang are above the law.

  2. Dear Sree Iyer, A worthy, strong Rajya Sabha MP, the spokesperson for BJP could talk to the then ruling UPA Govt. Admin. to get a Judge posting in Chandigarh for a highly deserving Chennai High Court lawyer when he was denied the elevation to be a Judge of the Madras High Court since it was blocked by the Dravidian regime in the South. Across party lines, thus, Netas hold the power to keep the communication channels open to “GET THINGS DONE.” Thus, the existence of the closed door Top-Smart Netas-Bureaucrats-Judiciary continue to operate at all times. we know instances of several high ranking IAS, IPS, IRS Cadre officers who run the Central Admin in Delhi never go back to their provincial cadres but know the tricks to remain in Delhi and get postings too beyond retirement to lead their posh lives at the NCR. Persons covered in the articles such as ‘Unending Saga of …. Frauds…,’ ’21 Secret Bank Accounts of …’, the C-Company, D-Company etc. continue to enjoy, thrive and do well and no foreseeable actions have been taken against any of them This is just the media hype to keep the common man in euphoria and it will ALL fade with time. It is TOUGH to breakdown the glass walls of the Ruling Empire, the NEXUS of NETAS-BUREAUCRATS-JUDICIARY-CORPORATE HONCHOS-MEDIA OUTLETS. Life is a Game. They Play it WELL. Yes, shattering the glass walls and “Enter the Dragon”would lead to Blood Shed and Chaos and no one would go that far.

  3. What about employee of forward markets commission who lost their seniority as a central government employee and posted lower than lowest post in SEBI on account of merger of FMC with SEBI.

    Can somebody help them/ guide them.

  4. Mr Partha, first understand that it was not meant for you .so pls dont post a comment to offend another reader. My comment aimed at efforts by P GURUS to write about the corruption by PC and still he is immune from arrest by getting bails.

  5. But we are very much interested and are expecting more such informative articles to come from Sree Iyer.Till then better you relax.

  6. Dear Sree Iyer, you spend lot time and efforts to write about PC, if your efforts and time go waste what is the use ?? We all are watching if any action will be taken against PC or his son ? for that matter ndtv also. But nothing happens, PC gets more and more bail and immune from arrest. Now whatever you write we readers do not have any interest to read. Thanks and regards, better relax.


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