AMU revokes PhD degree of a student for praising PM Modi

Aligarh Muslim University has once again been embroiled in controversy

Aligarh Muslim University has once again been embroiled in controversy
Aligarh Muslim University has once again been embroiled in controversy

Asked to return degree for praising PM Modi, claims AMU PhD scholar

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has been in facing yet another controversy due to allegations made by one of its student.

The PhD student alleged being denied a PhD degree for praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the media.

The student, seeked PM Modi’s intervention into the matter wherein the varsity asked him to ‘return PhD degree for praising’ PM in media

“AMU asked to return degree in linguistic & get one in Language in Advertising and Marketing (LAM) course instead. It’s happening to me because I praised PM,” Danish Rahim, the student said.

Rahim claimed that he was asked to refrain from doing such things that were against the University culture. “This infers that he associates you (PM Modi) with a right-wing group and hardliner politician, which in my view, is merely a myth. Further, he says that if I repeat the action, action will be taken against me,” Danish Rahim wrote in a letter addressed to the Indian Prime Minister.

He further added, “A notice had been issued to me to deposit my PhD degree back to AMU. Since I took 5 years of hard work to get this reputed degree, how come I can return my degree to AMU that too for parsing the PM of 138 crore Indians. If AMU cancels my PhD degree, my whole career will be at stake.”

AMU spokesperson Prof Shafey Kidway denied the claim saying, “The allegations are totally baseless. He did his MA & PhD in the LAM course of the Department of Linguistics, which also offers PhD degree in Linguistics. Since he did his MA in LAM, he should get PhD degree in LAM”

He added, “By mistake, he was given the PhD degree in Linguistics. The mistake will be rectified. This incident has nothing to do with politics.”

According to the Aligarh Muslim University, Danish Rahim has been asked to return the ‘incorrect degree’ for replacement within 7 days of the issuance of the letter.

“The whole matter was examined and put up before the Vice-Chancellor who has ordered that you deposit the incorrect PhD degree already issued to you in Linguistics so that the correct PhD degree in LAM be issued to you,” the varsity directed.

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