Another Bank hit by cyber attack after Bangladesh

Cyber attacks on banks are on the rise.

Brand new cyber attack was made against an unnamed bank
Brand new cyber attack was made against an unnamed bank

BRUSSELS (AP) — A brand new cyber attack was made against an unnamed bank, part of a coordinated effort that follows February’s theft of $101 million the international money transfer supervisor Swift said Friday.

Belgium-based Swift said Friday that attackers had used malware to target a PDF reader at a bank, which it didn’t name, allowing them to tamper with bank documents and to transfer money. It did not say whether any money was taken but encouraged customers to urgently review their security systems.

Swift said forensic experts believe using the malware is “not just one event, but part of a wider and highly adaptive effort targeting banks.”

It underlined the Swift system, which links more than 11,000 banking and securities organizations as well as other clients transferring billions, had each year not been endangered by the malware.

Swift said, “the attackers undoubtedly display a profound and sophisticated knowledge of specific operating controls within the targeted banks.”

It said that know how “may have been obtained from malicious insiders or cyber attacks, or a mix of both.”

In February, $101 million was stolen by the cyber attackers from the Bangladesh central bank’s account.

Bangladeshi investigators say that at least 20 foreigners were involved. They said the defendants were identified after investigators visited the Philippines and Sri Lanka, where the stolen cash was transferred. Sri Lanka returned it to Bangladesh.

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