Anti-NEET movement exposes the hypocrisy of many

NEET protest completely hijacked by Left/ DMK and this is the proof

NEET protest completely hijacked by Left/ DMK and this is the proof
DMK leader M K Staling along with A Raja meeting Anitha's father. Picture courtesy The Hindu.

Team PGurus in its previous despatch had mentioned about the family of S Anitha, the scheduled caste girl who committed suicide last week because of her failure to get admission to MBBS course. The family needs compassion and kindness from the society and there are no two opinions on the issue. But the way Anitha’s suicide has been politicised by various political parties in the State speak volumes about their true intentions and mission.

There are many clusters of private schools in Namakkal and Rasipuram offering medical entrance tests at high premiums.

The Left parties, especially the CPI-M and its frontal organisations, which took to the streets immediately after the suicide of Anitha and brought Chennai to a standstill, are supporting the NEET in neighbouring Kerala (Beijing of South India!) and elsewhere in the country. Is it yet another instance of the comrade’s over dependence on dialectic materialism which makes them follow one agenda in Tamil Nadu and another in the remaining parts of the country?

Well, the AIADMK (Amma, PTA) government in Tamil Nadu which is embroiled in internal contradictions and facing an existential crisis, took time off from all controversies and declared a solatium of Rs. Seven Lakhs (Rs. 700,000) to the family of Anitha, her father Shanmugam refused to accept it. The Hindu, reports that “Shanmugam refused to accept the solatium offered by the Government of Tamil Nadu saying he would not receive any compensation from the government until the State was exempted from the ambit of the NEET – the cause for which his daughter had fought until her last breath.”

G Laxmi Priya, District Collector of Ariyalur, who called on the bereaved family, told the Hindu that she met the bereaved family members. “They showed reluctance in accepting the compensation,” the district collector has been quoted by the daily, popularly known as People’s Daily of Chennai, because of its similarities with People’s Daily of Beijing.

7 Lakhs not OK but 10 Lakhs is?

But Shanmugam had no qualms in accepting a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs offered by the DMK. M K Stalin, the working president of the DMK, who visited the bereaved family of Shanmugamhanded over the cheque to the latter who accepted the same.

The professional demonstrators in Tamil Nadu stand exposed vis-a-vis their stance on NEET. Those who oppose NEET also oppose the CBSE syllabus and any reforms in the education sector which are helpful in improving the standard of the students.

The findings by Team PGurus that the managements of private schools in the State and the self-financed colleges are the ones who prop up the agitation have been substantiated. The fact that it is the private schools charging exorbitant fees which would be in trouble once the Navodaya Vidyalayas are allowed in the State is proof of the identity of the groups opposing such schools in Tamil Nadu.

There are many clusters of private schools in Namakkal and Rasipuram offering medical entrance tests at high premiums. “These schools operate like concentration camps where students are tortured with heavy workload under the pretext of preparing them for MBBS admissions. Navodaya Vidyalayas and NEET would sound the death knell of the monopoly enjoyed by these schools and the professional self-financing schools,” said Ramakrishnan Gautaman, director, Vedic Science research Centre, Chennai.

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