At last crooked, corrupt Chidambaram is jailed

Chidambaram counting the bars in Tihar jail in connection with the INX Media scam

Chidambaram counting the bars in Tihar jail in connection with the INX Media scam
Chidambaram counting the bars in Tihar jail in connection with the INX Media scam

Former Home and Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram tried every trick in the book to stay out of jail but he ran out of options and on Thursday evening, landed in Tihar Jail. For the past two weeks, Chidambaram and his lawyers were mocking the judicial system in India and bullying the Trial court. Many bizarre demands were presented from the Supreme Court to the Trial Court as soon as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested him on August 21.

First, in the Supreme Court, lawyers and Congress leaders Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Singhvi were abusing and maligning the bold High Court Judge Justice Sunil Gaur. Chidambaram’s advocates planted a story that the High Court Judgment was copy-pasted from “a note” given by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). This atrocious allegation was repeated many times till the Solicitor General Tushar Mehta objected and asked them to explain about which “note’ they were talking about. What was worse was that many pliable journalists were simply “swallowing and vomiting” what Congress lawyers lied in the Court.

There was an inordinate delay in settling frivolous petitions filed by Chidambaram. Normally the apex court will allow a maximum of up to 5 to 10 minutes arguments in such cases and it took around five days. There was widespread criticism across the country on the delay and giving lot of time to Chidambaram.  Justice Banumati’s decision to ask CBI to hold Chidambaram in their custody the previous week created many doubts in the minds of the public. Actually Chidambaram’s petition to Supreme Court against remand by the trial court was not proper. Normally and as per custom, these types of complaints had to be filed first in the High Courts. The CBI even filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court against listing this complaint. Anyway, on Thursday, Chidambaram withdrew this petition; minutes after the Supreme Court canceled his request for bail from ED’s arrest.

And we have seen within hours, Chidambaram was seen pleading in the trial court with a curious demand that he is ready to surrender before ED, begging that he should not be sent to Tihar jail. Bullying tactics of Chidambaram and his lawyers did not work with the Special Judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar. It must be remembered that even after Supreme Court’s Judgment in the morning in the INX Media bribery case, another trial Judge O P Saini had audacity to provide anticipatory bail in another case – Aircel Maxis Scam – in the afternoon. These things show the rot in the Judiciary and the power of the corrupt people in our system.

Chidambaram’s corruptions were first exposed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in mid-2011. After his role in 2G Scam and in Aircel Maxis Scam in April 2012[1], Chidambaram was caught in INX Media bribery case. INX Media bribery case was caught by ED’s Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh when he raided Chidambaram’s home and Karti’s companies in December 2014. In the raid, Chidambaram family’s illegal assets in 14 countries and 21 foreign bank accounts were found. PGurus reported these details in an article titled as ‘Chidambara Rahasya’ in March 2017[2].


[1] Swamy claims PC used clout to benfit sonApr 27, 2012, Gopikrishnan’s blog spot

[2] Chidambara Rahasya – Details of huge secret assets & foreign bank accounts of Chidambaram FamilyMar 15, 2017,

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  1. The Judges, Lawyers, Bureaucrats as well as Corrupt Netas Crying Foul opposing the Arrest of Pukka Chor should watch Shyam Benegal’s movie titled Making of the Mahatma outlining the struggles and sacrifices of M.K. Gandhi. Va. Voo. Chidambaram toiled in Indian jail for floating a shipping co against the British Raj. Lost his property, family and died penniless in pre-independent India. Did they sacrifice their lives to open the channels of mega loot to be perpetrated by Chidambaramsin th post- independent era? It is disgusting, nauseating to see how robber so and mafia dons like Karti and PC get elected to loot India and send money out of India. India stink so like a skunk.

  2. BJP with the full majority in house shoo shake up the judiciary system. Indian judiciary is the most corrupt. Now that Kashmir issue has been sorted out now the Judiciary to be surgically cleaned. Thousands of case pending in courts. Doo any know that the courts work the least no. Of hours in a year than any organization.

  3. Sree Iyer avargale, please refrain from calling these scumbags as ‘Leaders’ after the word Congress! Can’t u just ref to them as Congress men?! They’re not ‘leaders ‘!!

  4. Today’s Malayala Manorama has reported SC Judge’s remark (without mentioning any name) that the “note should not have been copied in the judgement”. If no note was existing, how come the remark? Is is just a propaganda?

    • Malayali Mamorama a rag of Xtian Syrian Portuguese Inquisitors, George Family and the Xtians wet dream of return of Inquistion-Conquistador of Italian Raj and Xtian terror in full swing, in the name of their bloodthirsty god of eternal hell

  5. I just read w hose wife being striped by police just because she was suspected of stealing. I, wonder why so much of protection for some who cheat & steal the nation. This shows ordinary people are not equal citizens because they are just vote banks and their dignity is insignificant?

  6. One Thing Is Crystal Clear.Sibal and Singhvi are not Only the Worst Leaders of Congis But are also Third Rate Lawyers.Their Arguements and Tricks in the Case are Just Comical.These Morons are Big Lawyers only Before their Fixed Bench else they are Elderly PAPPUS Only.

    • Bench Fixers, and fixing is done by supplying wine, wealth and women, I have watched many lawyers and judges from close quaters. Singhvi has been exposed as Chamberman, just like the Ration Card AAPtard. The pakipanjabi Sibal has escaped mainly because the media is filled with Pakipanjabi vermin of 47

  7. Leave aside the rest, the world has known the character of the Indian so called senior lawyers how criminal they are to achieve their goals and how cruel they were to articulate their points even to arraign high court lawyers.

  8. Shadow these criminal Judges OP Saini, Banumati, Bopannah & a dozen others who were responsible for shielding Chidambaram & other Scamsters.

    Investigation & Intelligence Agencies should collect data of properties of these criminal Judges to assist ED in attachment of the same.

    The criminals in the Judiciary are becoming more brazen & shamelessly blatant & are unmoved by the Government’s WAR ON CORRUPTION


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